Alpha Prime

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Alpha Prime

Postby Kathleen » 02 Mar 2015, 16:43 ... mpaign=all

No really, this is truly terrible. Enjoy!
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Re: Alpha Prime

Postby Bebop Man » 02 Mar 2015, 18:27

Cracked at Paul's "Or maybe not. We don't know". :)
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Re: Alpha Prime

Postby Bratmon » 02 Mar 2015, 20:31

I already watched this cutscene once! If I watch it again, I'll die of entertainment poisoning.
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Re: Alpha Prime

Postby phlip » 03 Mar 2015, 03:41

I disagree strongly with the stinger.

It's, like, $50 too much.
While no one overhear you quickly tell me not cow cow.
but how about watch phone?


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