CheckPoint 211 - The Final Word

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CheckPoint 211 - The Final Word

Postby Graham » 07 Dec 2015, 18:32

As well as Graham's exhaustive opinion of the FF7 Remake, stories on Steam, Total War: Warhammer, The Witcher 3, and PS2 titles on PS4.
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Re: CheckPoint 211 - The Final Word

Postby theycallmejokke » 08 Dec 2015, 03:20

I'm so annoyed by the The Total War-hammer Chaos DLC bull honky, the game looks super sweet, but then they just had to go and pull a thing like that.
I was in the chat during the recording of this CheckPoint, and didn't dare to comment on it from fear that once I started typing I wouldn't be able to hold back all my bile and vitriol.

Personally I have no stake in the FF7 Remake/Reboot/Re-deedee-dom-dee-du, or what ever Square Enix end up making, BUT as some one who have also had a game developer disappoint me my thoughts are with you FF7 fans.
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Re: CheckPoint 211 - The Final Word

Postby Imat » 08 Dec 2015, 12:59

I am right there with you on FF7 Graham. I wanted classic FF7 with modern graphics/technology, not a modern game set in, and loosely tied to, classic FF7. I'm clearly exaggerating, I'm sure they'll keep a lot of the original in there, but the combat was honestly one of the best parts of FF7. I understood it. I knew how to use it, how to work with it. Materia is one of the best systems I've used in an FF game. I'm a fan of the combat system in general. So when I saw the preview video, and saw the battle system they ended up with, I was disheartened. Now I hear from you that they plan on changing the actual game itself, changing the story I grew up with all those years ago... This isn't what I wanted.
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Re: CheckPoint 211 - The Final Word

Postby Geisterkarle » 10 Dec 2015, 11:42

I support everything you said about FF7! Nice touch with the "do-over"!
The only good thing about it, I will wait for a PC release. So I will know, if I even have to do that!

Also about the "coming up" in your video and the disappearing notes: Have you watched Tetris Grandmaster 3? ... .be&t=4240
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Re: CheckPoint 211 - The Final Word

Postby CamelKnackRambleHort » 13 Dec 2015, 09:20

I am personally happy with the final fantasy remake. FF7 still holds up well, I don't think we need a ff3 style remake. But that would have been nice, I think they could have guaranteed quality if they had stuck with a more basic remake.

I guess I am more interested with this announcement, but less sure of it's quality. Looks good though.

Also, I like the term do-over for this type of thing, maybe we can call it a redo so it fits in with all the other REs?
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