The Mythical Thigh Boob

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The Mythical Thigh Boob

Postby Kathleen » 04 Jun 2014, 17:19 ... mpaign=all

There's more than one way to skin a skin salesman. Or grease a shin.
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Re: The Mythical Thigh Boob

Postby Lurkon » 04 Jun 2014, 17:29

I feel like even if you can't, for some reason, fly to England for an episode of Feed Dump, you should try to coerce Brad into filming something about it for you guys. It's not like you haven't done that before. :)

Also, your Shady Back-alley Salesman was very good in this episode Kathleen.
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Re: The Mythical Thigh Boob

Postby Flewellyn » 04 Jun 2014, 19:44

I'VE GOT IT! The skin graft salesman stole all of that skin to sell as shin padding to the shin-kickers at the Cotswold Olimpicks!

And the grease was going to be used for pole greasing, because trying to climb a greased pole is another one of those quaint rural "sports".

It all fits together!
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Re: The Mythical Thigh Boob

Postby My pseudonym is Ix » 05 Jun 2014, 00:44

I actually know the rules of the Cotswold Olympicks World Shin-Kicking championships- they are incredibly complicated. The matches are officiated by a referee called a stickler (I have yet to confirm that this is the origin of the phrase 'a stickler for the rules), and both participants bury their heads in one another's shoulders and kick at the shins until one person falls over. However, in the interests of this not going on for 12,000 years, you are also allowed to trip your opponent once sufficiently weakened by kicking, but you aren't allowed to just throw them to the ground or it counts as a shot against you- best of three shots. Whether a throw was legal or not is decided by the stickler, but the distinction is mostly arbitrary and has been the subject of much controversy.

As of 2008, there were in fact restrictions on shoes (no reinforcements), but nobody ever obeyed them so the rules may have been changed since. As mentioned, participants typically stuff hay down the front of their trousers and, as not mentioned, wear white aprons all the while for no obvious reason. If you're interested, they usually stick the highlights of each year's championship up on YouTube, at least last time I checked.

Yeah, this is what we like to do for fun :)

(Reason I know all this: the BBC's current Chief Sports Writer came second in the 2008 championships and jointly wrote a book about this and other world championship experiences that year. He and the workmate he did all this with were also runners up at the world egg-throwing championships, dropped out in the semi-finals of the world Stilton-rolling championships, got to the finals of the World Snail-Racing Championships and he himself ultimately won the World Ubogu Championships, based on a game they'd made up the previous year. It's a good book- 'We Could Be Heroes', fyi)
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Re: The Mythical Thigh Boob

Postby empath » 08 Jun 2014, 08:54

Bio-diesel fuel.
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Re: The Mythical Thigh Boob

Postby Pimpin J » 08 Jun 2014, 20:47

I did like that hat :wink:

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