Knife Time!

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Knife Time!

Postby Graham » 01 Apr 2015, 17:25

There are many situations where it's acceptable to call 911. When we shot this episode we gave Kathleen a knife, so this seems like as good a time as any.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby MowDownJoe » 01 Apr 2015, 17:39

I always do enjoy panelist Kathleen. But yeah, that knife bit was creepy...
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby nekoshadow » 01 Apr 2015, 19:51

That picture used for the snapshot of Kathleen with the knife is just...scary. I want a desktop sized copy.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby pokute » 01 Apr 2015, 20:14

That double-thumbs-up-Canadian-heritage is magnificent :D
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Gildan_Bladeborn » 01 Apr 2015, 21:47

... huh. I can honestly say that I was not expecting to hear about local news via Feed Dump, and yet that story about Akron and the stabbing therein happened, so yeah, that was weird. If your next Feed Dump has stories from my actual hometown, I may need to start paying more attention to local news.

Also small pronunciation niggle: the second syllable of Akron is actually an "un" sound (like the second syllable of "button"). Not that I particularly care if you get it wrong, I'm just pedantic and hearing Graham say it prompted me to confirm whether the way I pronounce it was correct or not (because phonetically that would be how I'd say it) and it turned out I was spot on.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby AdmiralMemo » 02 Apr 2015, 01:18

I love the Graham Dumps... :) Also, the return of the PROPER ending... "There may be better sources for news, but..."

Kathleen always says "of news" for some reason.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby TheGreatMoof » 02 Apr 2015, 08:10

$3 dollar beer at a bar? Unless he was drinking watered-down Coors Lite or year-old Pabst Blue Ribbon, that is an incredible price.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Jenelmo » 02 Apr 2015, 09:40

The only place i can get $3 beer is at the bar at school
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Master Gunner » 02 Apr 2015, 10:26

I have trouble getting $3 beer at the liquor store!
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Kapol » 02 Apr 2015, 23:53

Kathleen's spoiler was both going too far, and not entirely accurate. I am offended. *insert Kappa face here*

Also... was this shot on the green-screen, or am I going insane?
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby 7SecondsLeft » 03 Apr 2015, 00:56

Kapol wrote:Also... was this shot on the green-screen, or am I going insane?

You can see the reflection of the green screen in Kathleen's glasses, so I guess they built a real set in front of the garage door.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Can't Wear Hats » 03 Apr 2015, 02:26

Kapol wrote:Also... was this shot on the green-screen, or am I going insane?

Debunked by Graham on-stream yesterday. This episode was filmed with a much shallower field-of-view than usual which is why the background looks different.
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Moussefilledkitten » 06 Apr 2015, 12:33

Wait, wasn't the true final boss of Persona 4 Izanami? I question if Kathleen has really played the game. :)
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Re: Knife Time!

Postby Kathleen » 08 Apr 2015, 00:11

Moussefilledkitten wrote:Wait, wasn't the true final boss of Persona 4 Izanami? I question if Kathleen has really played the game. :)

That would be the TRUE SPOILER.

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