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Feed Dump 287 - Spidersman

Posted: 27 Jan 2017, 13:44
by Kathleen
This week on Feed Dump week hear about a rogue beer, some crossed wires and some extremely dubious advice from Australia.

Re: Feed Dump 287 - Spidersman

Posted: 28 Jan 2017, 07:47
by BenMarc
Corpse-Man, Corpse-Man,
Does whatever a corpse can.
Rots slowly, over time.
Covered in dirt, dust, and grime.
Look out!
Here lies the Corpse-Man.

Is he dead? Listen bud,
He's been drained of all his blood.
Can he decay in the ground?
Just look under that burial mound.
Hey there!
There rests the Corpse-Man.

In the chill of night,
At the scene of a crime.
The coroner
Says he's been dead quite some time.

Corpse-Man, Corpse-Man,
Friendly neighborhood Corpse-Man.
Wealth and fame,
Willed to his son.
Murdered viciously
With a gun.

To him,
Death is a great big bang-up.
Wherever there's a hang up,
You'll find the Corpse-Man!