TTC - Playing with Khans

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TTC - Playing with Khans

Postby Graham » 12 Oct 2014, 10:44

The crew gives some early impressions of Khans draft, Cam explains our local Sealed League, and Alex talks about some KTK cards making waves in Highlander.
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Re: TTC - Playing with Khans

Postby Eric the Orange » 12 Oct 2014, 22:55

I'm not a "set reviewer" but Kahns seems very powerful.
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Re: TTC - Playing with Khans

Postby Silvertunga » 13 Oct 2014, 05:53

I meant to register and post this after the last TTC when the viability of the morph deck and the card Trail of Mystery was discussed, but I forgot. Since it came up this time too, I'll just post it now :)

Trail of Mystery is indeed very good. It fixes all the mana, and the bonus when flipping up a creature makes even bad morphs kill pretty much any blocker. And attacking with a face-down Efreet gives 5 surprise damage (or in one of my games 7) which would have been nasty enough even without the additional trigger.

I got to play the following deck at an FNM, and I did drop one match against a very aggressive deck after a mull to five.

Picture link!

(Let's hope the image works)
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Re: TTC - Playing with Khans

Postby madman_oreo » 13 Oct 2014, 20:42

Re:suspension field: the sultai seem to use that weird ax thing, just check out the art for sultai flayer and sultai ascendancy, whatever those shiny things are, their too bright to get any details on them

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