TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

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TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby Graham » 28 Sep 2015, 11:07

Hot off the prerelease, Ian, Graham, Cam and Kathleen share their first Battle for Zedikar impressions.
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby theycallmejokke » 28 Sep 2015, 12:07

Having only visited Zedikar during mtgo's RoE flashback drafts, thus having never really played around with allies, and landfall I'm really looking forward BfZ! It simply can't get on mtgo fast enough.

Loved you guys good/bad beats stories, Ian is a monster. :D
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby ferretbadger84 » 28 Sep 2015, 14:59

My LGS ran out of supplies before I got to the prerelease so I wasn't able to play. :(
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby BenMarc » 28 Sep 2015, 17:00

@0:55 Dammit Kathleen, that was the perfect opportunity to put up a silly picture! You dropped the ball!
Paul would've put up a picture of something funny. Like The Cheese Stands Alone.

...Okay, you almost make up for it with the appropriately-timed Journey of Discovery. Almost.

TIL Graham is really bad at remembering what cards do. That, or I'm just really good at remembering what cards do.
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby WalkingOnStrings » 29 Sep 2015, 08:36

Did Cam fall asleep for a little bit between 40:00 and 43:00?

Working too hard there buddy :P
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby AmosMoses » 29 Sep 2015, 22:53

I opened a foil Ulamog and obviously put in in the deck. The only time I got to resolve it my opponent stole it with turn against and decked me with it.

Bad beats.

Still, I went 3-3 in the end so I'm happy
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Re: TTC 103 - BFZ Prerelease

Postby ZZ9PluralZAlpha » 30 Sep 2015, 10:18

I put together the same deck (I think) as Cam: Grixis do nothing, since I mainly opened eldrazi (small, mid and large) and some funky spells in those colours. I went one and three, the one being the by in the last round. Won one solitary game out of eight. It did not feel good.

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