TTC 120 - Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers Part 1

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TTC 120 - Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers Part 1

Postby Graham » 08 Mar 2016, 14:29

Shadows Over Innistrad spoiler season has begun! Join James, Graham and Cameron as they look at what the set has to offer thus far.
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Re: TTC 120 - Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers Part 1

Postby Mperg76 » 08 Mar 2016, 17:26

Jace in the study with a pipe wrench.
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Re: TTC 120 - Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers Part 1

Postby OneirosGolem » 08 Mar 2016, 20:07

So first: I really appreciate the off-hand comment just before the crack-a-pack about "not going too far back in time". Because it's a recent set. That's also about tiiiiiime traaavel!!

Overall with Shadows over Innistrad I'm a little nervous about how much Wizards is rewarding discard. I may just be a bit stodgy about this but I still kind of prefer my drawbacks (having to discard a card) to remain drawbacks instead of enabling really powerful effects. But then, maybe Wizards has also just toned down how much you can do with a madness cost.

With regards to Emrakul / Eldrazi: I find the point that we're seeing extra eyes and occasionally limbs on existant creatures (rather than just as entirely new entities) to be interesting. Maybe Nahiri isn't trying to lure Emrakul to Innistrad: maybe she's trying to recreate the Eldrazi that were recently killed just after her plane was ravaged/processed to within inches of existence. There's potential for her to know a lot more about the Eldrazi than Ugin, given the spirit dragon's 1000+ year power nap.
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Re: TTC 120 - Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers Part 1

Postby Yaxley » 11 Mar 2016, 14:35

I was fifteen minutes into the vidcast before I noticed Penelope/Spoopifer wearing the Cameron mask. Why? Why would you do such a thing?
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Re: TTC 120 - Shadows Over Innistrad Spoilers Part 1

Postby theycallmejokke » 11 Mar 2016, 15:01

I wasn't playing when original Innistrad block was a thing, and so have only visted the plane of Innistrad in I think maybe two or three flashback drafts on Mtgo.
Still while I have no actual nostalgia for the plane I am really stoked to get to visted it properly this time around.
Wizards have made a good effort hyping it up.
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