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Re: MTG Getting To Know You

Postby Lemegeton » 04 Jul 2013, 10:01

i mainly play paper magic but will do the occasional mtgo draft if cant get to my store. been playing since avacyn restored but i have only been taking magic seriously since gatecrash. i play constructed every friday at fnm and draft every second wednesday. i play on cockatrice a lot to test decks and practice drafting new sets.
i despise control decks and much prefer creature decks. Jund creature based decks are my current wheelhouse.
I have always felt priced out of the top tier of constructed but have lately focused on improving my draft game to consistently win boosters to give me cards to trade for my standard deck. shows like LR and The magic show on youtube have helped me immensely and have won packs at my last 4 drafts.

i am planning to start hitting some GP's later this year.
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Re: MTG Getting To Know You

Postby prsntypething » 13 Jul 2013, 12:31

Been playing at a casual level fro nearly 10 years exclusively paper and now largely commander.
Have a crap-ton of edh decks, almost all green in some way.

Love tribal tokens, big stomps, and silly impractical combos. (Not infinite)

Don't play MTGO mostly cause I'm worried if I did I won't be seen by anyone for like a month.
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Re: MTG Getting To Know You

Postby cuddlyblade » 13 Jul 2013, 16:35

I first started playing during Innistrad when some friends turned up one day with some cheap intro decks they had picked up at a local store. First decks I ever owned were the Phyrexia vs the coalition duel decks. The Phyrexia deck was awesome and probably lead to black being my favorite colour and the coalition deck was ..... well the less said about that the better.

I mostly play causal but have played some draft and sealed and would like to branch out but not exactly sure how to do that. Would like to make a commander deck at some point as it seems like fun.

When it comes to actually playing i'm there to have fun. I don't care about winning or loosing as long as it's fun. For this reason I have playing/playing against control or super long combo deck that leave me sitting there for 10 min doing nothing while you tap cards. I have my most fun playing when the games are super close. I get very little fun from steamrolling somebody else or by being steamrolled by them.
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