Abzan Beastmaster, I dub thee, dog confidant

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Abzan Beastmaster, I dub thee, dog confidant

Postby kelderan » 07 Jan 2015, 14:26

We all love Magic card nicknames around here, right? I think Dog Confidant works well for this guy. Also, finally my big butts deck is coming together! Thoughts?

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Re: Abzan Beastmaster, I dub thee, dog confidant

Postby korvys » 07 Jan 2015, 14:36

That's really good. Card drawing, has a staff like the art on the first one, I like it.
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Re: Abzan Beastmaster, I dub thee, dog confidant

Postby BlueChloroplast » 30 Jan 2015, 02:12

It took me a bit to get the dark confidant pun, I was looking for the "I like big butts" decklist in your link. I want to make a deck with Meandering Towershell. I was thinking a big butts deck or a commander deck for the fun interations (and turdle mcdurdle is finally in the red zone, and Alice is being attacked instead of Bob who I said last turn, hahahah) also people can steal him, attack and get him permanently (you lured him with lettuce?). Is was also the LRR spoiler card and I drew a normal and a foil one in the same pack.

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