Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

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Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Omega Lairon » 11 Jul 2015, 01:59

I mean, we have the limited thread, and the Origins spoiler thread, but this seems to fall somewhere between the two... so now we have this thread also. As it says on the tin - your results from any/all pre-releases you went to, and/or any cool stories in general, good pulls, bad plays. If it happened at an Origins pre-release, tell us about it here.

I had a pretty unimpressive day: 2-6 from 2 events. Some of that was just getting my bearings with cards and combos, and some was just the pure level of filth managed by a few opponents. S'all good though, just the way the game goes sometimes.

EVENT 1: Chandra / Red
Promo: Exquisite Firecraft
Rares: Battlefield Forge, Tragic Arrogance, (another) Exquisite Firecraft, Embermaw Hellion, Abbot of Keral Keep, Orbs of Warding
Remarks: I picked up enough decent R/W cards to go with plan A (Boros Burn). The deck performed well enough once it got rolling, but tended to stumble against blue players (naturally).

EVENT 2: Nissa / Green
Promo: Honored Hierarch
Rares: Priest of the Blood Rite, Swift Reckoning [F], Consul's Lieutenant [F], Relic Seeker, Hixus Prison Warden, Nivix Barrier [F], Embermaw Hellion, Abbot of Keral Keep, Orbs of Warding
Remarks: R/W was the clear winner of this pool too, but I had already played it earlier, so I forced B/G "mostly elves". Results were... mixed, to say the least. The deck never seemed to have clear direction, and suffered against players with more focus.

Rares: Alhammarret's Archive, Infinite Obliteration, Sigiled Starfish [F], Shivan Reef, Outland Colossus, Grasp of the Hieromancer [F], Kothophed Soul Hoarder, Flameshadow Conjuring, Boggart Brute [F], (another) Infinite Obliteration, Mountain [F] (seriously!?), Caves of Koilos

Closing remarks:

* The bonus booster rares sorta sum up the whole day - fine, but ultimately a little disappointing. Like, I felt like the only person there who *didn't* pull a 'walker. Still, there's a few fine cards in the bunch.

* Sphinx's Tutelage can lrrEFF right off and die forever

* I'm very much looking forward to playing Origins on MTGO in a few weeks, mostly because it'll be a nice change of pace from DTK, DTK, DTK, DTK, DTK...

* Seriously, lrrEFF Sphinx's Tutelage.

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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Tinfish » 11 Jul 2015, 04:29

I didn't get to play because my LGS had been cleaned out of prerelease boxes at the midnight event on Friday night. Still rather disappointed about that. Considering giving up on paper MTG and getting the online version.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Kapol » 11 Jul 2015, 04:39

I'm going to include my draft before hand, as I consider that part of my 'prerelease experience' honestly. I pretty much went right from that into the release.

I ended up drafting an insane R/G deck of (mostly) Theros. I was the only person in red at my table, and it showed hard. There were 5 in green, but I still got solid cards, including two Nesian Asps, the 5/5 that becomes a 10/10 and cards about the graveyard, and voyaging satyr. And the red was nuts. Four strong burn spells, a bunch of good creatures... it's likely one of the best decks I drafted in a while.

Ended up going 4-0 for the night. I didn't lose a single game, which felt awesome.

Ended up picking green due to wanting to get a Nissa. Had been really torn between red and green. Glad I did. In my box was a shiny new Nissa promo waiting for me. I was stoked.

I ended up playing W/G with two of the 1/3 renounce fliers for 3, two charging griffens, and a few other solid cards I'll likely name later. I also played Throwing Knife, which I wouldn't have touched without Limited Resources. Turns out, it's really good, especially with evasion. The was mostly based around fliers and solid ground creatures, with Nissa as a way to keep fuel going.

Talking about her after playing her is weird. I wasn't sure I liked here generally. But at least for limited, she's powerful. The three loyalty worried me, but I never had it be an issue. She never died before the game ended (always in my favor). Her +1 drawing a card is pretty huge, though the ramp is largely irrelevant at that point. The token is nice, as a 4/4 for basically 3 that also takes away an attack seems good enough alone. Though not making multiples is disappointing. I even got to ultimate her against an opponent who had me locked down with that F***ing 4/6 vigilance that taps a creature during your beginning of combat step. He scooped from the 6 6/6 trample lands.

I ended up going 6-0, which felt cool. Though going into the last round, I was the only undefeated, and all but two people out of like thirty wanted to call it there, including the owner. But because of those two people, we ended up having to stay for the last round. A lot of people were pissed.

Ended up getting 12 packs and an intro pack (went with elves, because it's the best I think). Out of the 14 total packs, I got... nothing. The instant that stops creatures entering without being cast was the best thing out of 14 packs. Not a single mythic, either. It really sucks because I had been considering about just getting another 12 and doing a draft. I feel like a fool for not. Though I knew this is when price/demand is at it's height.

Final thoughts:

I ended up going 10-0 over two events. That... feels really good honestly. Especially since my sealed deck didn't really have any bomb uncommons like a lot of others did or super good rares beyond Nissa. I'm not entirely sure how I pulled it off. But either way, I had some fun, even if it lasted a bit too long. 12 hours of Magic is too much Magic in a row though. The only real disappointed was my awful prize packs. And Nissa makes up for... just about everything really.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Antitonic » 11 Jul 2015, 05:58

I did alright. I planned on doing 4 events, but due to health issues, only ended up doing 2.

First one was Red. With a full compliment of burn spells and goblins,I fielded a mostly tight-run deck with an unfortunate blue splash that ended up being wastes of cards. Promo was Exquisite Firecraft. Nothing really interesting out of the prizes.

Second one was White, which became W/G, half for actual deck support, and half because of pulling Nissa. Promo was Gideon. Renown does some work, Elemental token spawning does more. Pulled Liliana from the prizes.

Picked up an unexciting Black pack before the super fatigue hit me. At that point, I'd been up for close to 30 hours. All sorts of nausea and other fun things really rather insisted that I dropped. Promo was Graveblade Marauder, nothing exciting from the prizes.

Next time I'm in the store, I'll pick up the Blue pack and prizes I missed out on (seeing as I paid for them :P) and see how the cards fare for that.

Out of what I played, I ended up 12-6, the official record will state 12-22, which sucks but what can you do.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Phi » 11 Jul 2015, 08:15

Color: Green
Promo: Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen
Rares: Dark Petition, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Nissa's Revelation, Helm of the Gods, Battlefield Forge, Shivan Reef
The pool: the pool was generally not amazing. I opened quite a few unplayables and almost no black, and the rares were mostly disappointing. Green had enough cards mostly thanks to to the seeded booster, but I had very little to choose from for all other colors, with white having the most playables, so I went G / W.
The deck: The deck had a fairly low top end (with Sentinel of the Eternal Watch and Skysnare Spider being my bombs. However, nearly half of my creatures were very solid renown cards, which pulled most of the deck's weight. It was light on removal and evasion, but heavy on vigilance.
The matches:The deck won at least one game in every match (usually the second one), and loses were mainly due to land problems (not enough, or too much), or with the game being very close.
Final score: 2-4. Generally disappointing but.. live and learn.
Link to the deck: ... se-110715/
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby the_lone_bard » 11 Jul 2015, 08:41

I got the midnight pre-release Friday. Went Black, pulled a promo Languish. I was so close to going Red because dat dergern. First non seeded pack, pull dat dergern.

Wound up building a W/B/U enchant deck. Never got colour screwed, and only got mana screwed once. Lost all 3 games I played and got the bye final round. Deck performed way better than I thought. Game 1, crush opponent game 1, game 2 Lilli hits the field from an opening hand and sits there, soon as she flips Pacifism bonds. Game went long and he ground me out. Game 3, Lilli opening handed, sits there, ults, 5 turns after her ult I finally draw a creature, meanwhile he's sitting there the entire time with his 0/4 ox doing nothing, that game was just silly, can't do much against Lilli's ult though when it basically happens before the game actually starts.

Game 2, lost game 1 to Lucky 7's, the green 6/5 worm and the red 6/5 with a ping abillity, all at the same time. Game 2, Chandra off the opening hand, control the hell out of the game and grind out a win. Game 3, Chandra opening hand, dead by turn 8.

Game 3, my counter, the slow grindy enchant deck VS G/B aggro going as wide as it can.

Still, of all 9 games I played, 8 were ended within 5 life. The lilli game I simply didn't get to touch him, since neverending creatures.

I'm also henceforth naming this set the unsplashable rares set. 9 rares for the night, 7 with a dual symbol in their cost.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby DomesticSleepers » 11 Jul 2015, 20:30

I went to two events: one on the midnight of release, and the second which ended just an hour or so ago. Went with Green both times, and did much better than I expected to do.

First event saw me play a G/B deck whose only rare was Avenger of Zendikar, but which had enough uncommon and common value to see me through the night undefeated. Zendikar's Roil surprised me by being much better than I had expected, but the real stars of the deck were just green creatures and black kill spells.

Second event saw me playing G/U after opening a Jace and discovering that while my green was extremely solid (3 Timberpack Wolves being an all-star), my other colors had almost no playable things. Blue provided a scyfish, Jace, and some lovely bounce spells, while Green just punched everything to the ground. Jace surprised me by being much better than he looked -- turns out a free loot every turn for a few turns followed by disrupting your opponent's attacks and blocks is pretty solid, if unexciting, and casting Anchor to the AEther two turns in a row is pretty backbreaking.

Final result: 7-0. Notable rares: Liliana, Day's End, Jace(?), and Sword of the Animist.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby eostby » 11 Jul 2015, 20:34

Color: Red
Promo: Chandra's Ignition
Other rares: 2x Gilt-Leaf WInnower, 2x Sword of the Animist, Chandra's Parents, Evolutionary Leap, Gideon's Phalanx (foil)
Final record (8 players): 0-3 (1-6 in games)
Day's major highlight: Opening a foil Alchemist's Vial (because sweet art in foil is sweet)

Actually my worst prerelease result ever (just narrowly behind M15, where I got a last round bye because 1 person dropped after round 1), and even though I thought I had a pool deep enough to build two decent decks, neither one really did much when it counted. I won my opening game of the tournament, then proceeded to do nothing the rest of the day. My primary deck was Ru artifacts, while most game 2s and my only game 3 saw a BG "Elves-ish" deck. After showing my pool to another player after the event, he said he probably would have tried to make a R/B deck out of it. Maybe he's right, but when my best board sweepers wouldn't have done anything against at least two of my opponents (on this note, the number of Elves being run was insane), I'm not convinced.

Then, as a capper to this, my rare in my lone prize pack was (wait for it) MY THIRD FREAKING SWORD OF THE ANIMIST. Apparently, this card is worth a few bucks; otherwise I might have ripped them in half. Other cards that I opened more than two of: Bone to Ash....and that's it. I was hyped as hell for Origins going into this; now I'm torn on if I even want to play the release draft. Just a demoralizing day of Magic.

Pool: ... ollection/
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby JWiley129 » 11 Jul 2015, 23:51

I did 2 Prereleases: First Red, then Black.

In the first one I went 3-1 losing to Disciple of the Ring (I officially hate that card). My Promo was Abbot of Kheral Keep and I played RG aggro with Zendikar Incarnate and I got double Orbs of Warding (lrrFRUMP), Honored Hierarch, Scab-Clan Berserker, Dwynen, Gilt-Leaf Daen, Battlefield Forge, and another rare I forgot.

In the second one I went 4-0 with Graveblade maurader as my promo and my rares being Sigil of the Empty Throne, Vryn Wingmare, Chandra's Ignition, Hixus, foil Evolutionary Leap, Shivan Reef, and Yavimaya Coast. So I went BW Enchantments and had the sickest turn of cast Weight of the Underworld with 2x Blightcaster and Sigil in play. It was pretty sweet.

That said, I'm excited to Draft this set and do more with it. My LGS is also going to do a PPTQ at some point with this Sealed format, so I'm all excited to try it out!
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Lynks » 12 Jul 2015, 03:47

Color: Green

Promo: Nissa (Wooo!)

Rares: Animist's awakening, Herald of the Pantheon, Tragic Arrogance, Sigil of the empty Throne, Pia and Kirin Nalar x2 Bonus: Soulblade Djiin, Kothophed, Soul hoarder, Flameshadow Conjuring, Graveblade Marauder

The deck: Given the rares, there was a ton of support for both the renown deck and the Sigil deck, so rather than make a choice i decided to cram them together and make a green-white deck with renown in the early game and enchantments and angels in the late game. Just so the entire deck wasn't durdly, i had a curve topper in 2 skysnare spiders. I was pretty happy with how it turned out as these were both decks i wanted to make later on.

The matches: Game 1 I had a bye but a couple of other people had dropped too so I played a casual game (which now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure was against Omega Lairon :P ) In this game I had the greatest moment of my pre-release which meant i didn't care how well anything else went;
-with sigil of the empty throne on the board, play nissa, play a land transforming nissa, minus 2 nissa for the elemental, enchant the elemental with knightly honour netting a 2/2 knight, a 6/6 vigilance elemental, a 4/4 angel and a planeswalker!

Game 2 I got stomped by a blue-red burn deck that had two ravaging blazes, which were cast against me in both games for at least 7 with a swathe of fliers to hold the board down while i got burned out. there wasn't a lot I could do against the deck but it was pretty fun anyway.

Game 3 I seem to have forgotten what my opponent was playing and the game was generally kind of forgettable but I made it through with citadel castellan, war oracle and rogues passage.

Game 4 was against a blue black deck running mage ring responder that I just had no way to deal with and ended up losing to mage ring in both of the games that I lost, although I managed to eek out a victory in one round. There was several miserable castings of tragic arrogance to kill a lilliana which was immediately followed by the responder both times

Final score: 2-2. not fantastic but I had a lot of fun with the deck, I got what I wanted and I got to live a few silly dreams. With 2 evolving wilds, animists awakening, nissa and 2 nissa's pilgrimages i pretty much always had vomited 12-15 lands onto the board by the time it was over and had removed all the forests from the deck which was kinda funny.

I initially only planned to enter one flight but decided to hang around for another with a friend because we had so much fun the first time round.

Color: Red (stock was limited and fully half the flight ended up playing red)

Promo: Abbot of Keral Keep (awww, although it looks sick in the foiling)

Rares: Scab clan Berserker, Displacement wave x2, Hangarback Walker, Harbinger of the Tides, Orbs of Warding Bonus: embermaw Hellion, Sword of the Animist, Shivan Reef, Kytheon's Irregulars

The deck: Given the three gearcrafters, a whirler rogue, ghirapur aether grid, a foundry of the consuls and the rares I was pretty clearly playing blue red thopters, with a bit of bounce support (i also had a few lightning javelins and a chandra's fury). I really wished I had one of the Pia and Kirin's from the previous pool but oh well. I thought the deck was pretty sweet, not really what i wanted to be playing but it was certainly effective

The games: Game 1 was a pretty unfortunate experience, not because i didn't do well, but I felt bad for how harshly I won- I was versing a white green blue renown/ fliers deck but I hardly got to see any of it. I won 2-0 without losing a single point of life- their mana seemed to be not too great and I got some early gear crafters down then I just had a kill spell or counterspell whenever he played anything.

Game 2 was a real struggle against a white green black deck with another mage ring responder. Again, i didn't really have any way to deal with it and so I was using my two displacement waves to bounce my harbinger so I could cast it again, bouncing the mage ring to get another turn. In the final round I got real fed up with the responder and sideboarded in two forests and 2 caterpillars to deal with it but despite my valiant and foolish sideboard tech i ended up losing to the responder anyway (got the forest, not the caterpillar.

Game 3 was against the store owner playing lightning quick so he could manage the store. He was running a fantastic white-green elves deck with Kytheon's irregulars just for value and golly is that card hard to deal with- my thopters just couldn't handle the tapping and while I managed to eek out a win due to a surprise chandra's fury wiping most of his threats and displacement waves giving me enough time to draw the final lightning javelin for 3 to the dome I ended up losing the other two games after really close fights (both below 5 life)

Final score: 1-2, my friend had to run and I was feeling a little tired after 7 round of magic so I decided to drop, not because i wasn't doing well or not having fun (despite my score being lackluster I had a blast) but because my friend was my ride and I felt I'd extracted enough joy to not bother making other arrangements.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby VectorZero » 12 Jul 2015, 05:40

3 events for an overall 6-6, but went 0-4, 3-1, 3-1.

Midnight: Blue, promo Jace. Terrible pool, i think. A few decent cards in every colour and no support. Tried to go blue black control. Basically every game went nearly to time but I lost 2-0 every time, not sure I even dealt any damage. Was seriously thinking of walking away but I'd prepaid.

5am: Black. promo despoiler of souls. Made a good B/R deck and although I lost the first match fairly closely to a good player, went 3-1 and was generally in control. Decent burn, good black removal, decent creatures.

10am: White, promo Vryn wingmare. This was a beautiful deck. Not a bad card to be played. Tons of removal, efficient beaters, nice flyers, such a good deck. Lost in the finals to a very good WG deck after having to mull to 5 first game (nearly won off the back of a blood-cursed knight kitted out with grasp of the hieromancer but beaten by kytheon's irregulars) and never saw a swamp in my mull to 6 game 2 and died with a grip of black cards. I did get a 5 for 1 off Tragic Arrogance but couldn't take advantage.

Overall was fun, but not outstanding. The flavour and theme is nice, but the cards are rarely amazing.

Kinda got a bit tilty mid way through. My opponent was obviously less experienced but clearly knew his way around the game. He wasn't paying attention to timing rules, frequently drawing, playing a land, then untapping. I had checked he was aware of the turn order, pointed it out, reminded him to untap his lands a few times, no big deal. Then, towards the end of the match, he made a bad decision on my double block (got the maths wrong, didn't realise both my guys would survive) and tried to cast a pump spell on his guy after we'd gone to damage (and we'd clearly gone to damage since he said something to the effect of 'they all die'). He accepted that it was too late when I pointed it out but didn't untap the lands. Passed the turn, i swung in with my guys and he pointed to the tapped land and said "I haven't used that mana" and tried to cast a pump spell. I didn't let him have it, since the mana would have emptied long ago, and his creature died. If he'd not been so slack previously, or if he'd said that he forgot to untap rather than the mana hadn't been used, maybe. Or maybe if he'd tapped the renowned Honoured Hierarch that was blocking my dude...
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Booster » 12 Jul 2015, 07:05

I need to tell you guys about this absolutely sick filth.
I have done 2 prereleases so far, I went 2-2 at the first with Green-White, 3-2 at the second with Black-Red, so respectable records. No prizes, but I'm happy with how I did.

In my first prerelease though, I opened the promo Nissa. Running her with two Zendikar's roils was pretty fun actually.

in my second preprelease pack, I opened the promo well as regular Chandra and Gideon. It was absurd, 2 packs, 4/5 planes walkers, 2 of the promos. I was then able to trade a Goblin Piledriver for the Jace, and now I have a complete set of Super Friends :D
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby RadioshackRaider » 12 Jul 2015, 10:10

Did 2 Pre-releases, came second both times, but I'll get to how I managed that later. Friday Midnight I chose Black and opened a Kothophed as my promo. I was certainly happy about that as I really wanted him. I played Black/ Green as that was what my pool supported best. I had 8 pieces removal plus 3 of the 2/3 renown 1 Deathtoucher, so lots of removal. my creatures are why I played green and I had an Animist's Awakening plus A Zendikar's Roil, so when I got to do that, it was fun. I had a slight Enchantemnt sub-theme with Blightcaster plus 2 Weight of the Underworld, 2 Mantle of Webs and an Infernal Scarring, so my plan was mostly kill the things then beat face. Kotho turned up once and I was winning, so I'll reerve judgement on him. Seems sweet though. I also opened a Demonic Pact, which made me happy, but I didn't play it

Saturday Afternoon I chose red and Played Blue/ Red artifacts. I got a promo Chandra who showed up once and died there and then. I also opened her Mum and dad and a Alhemmarret and Talent of the Telepath. I also got a bunch of the thopter makers and a Thopter land and Rogues Passage. I started as Jeskai but quickly moved out as the white never showed up and it was only a splash. I just through in some more red spells and creatures. I was never going up against fliers so it was just a sweep in against my opponants. I only lost my last round because I screwed then flooded.

In total I got 5 prize packs that weekend, 2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday. Seems low right? That's because Friday had 4 players and Saturday had 5. The lowest ever turn out to a pre-release my LGS has ever gotten. Combined with the Monday night drafts that are sanctioned as FNM, the owner is mighty pissed. He threw in an extra pack per player on Saturday so we all just decided to keep the 3 packs each and four of us drafted. I played a Blue/ Black aggro deck with 3 of the 1/1 blue flier and 2 Bonded Construct with a bunch of removal and a curve that cut out at 5. Also came second in that draft.

All in all, I enjoyed playing the events, I'm just cursing the low players. I had sweet decks and I wish I got to play them against people who were much more experienced at the game (I'd been playing the longest out of all the people at the events, including the actual Judge on Saturdya and our stand-in on Friday).
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby fantôme » 12 Jul 2015, 10:18

First ever sealed event, went 3-2 (with very close games on the two losses), so pretty happy.

Went with Liliana, ended up building Boros (miserable black pool).

Relic Seeker & 2x Sword of the Animist put in solid work. 2x Fiery Conclusion saved me a bunch of times. Thopters from 3x Gearcrafter saved me a bunch more. Rogue's Passage and Volcanic Rambler were extremely handy late game. But my stars were 3x Iroas's Champion, which put in soooo much work.

Most interesting games:
Guy who on a number of occasions pulled the Necromantic Summons + Erebos's Titan combo, Fiery Temper'd it away every time. Despite all three games he resolved (but didn't get to flip - thankyou Akroan Jailer) Liliana and all three games Necro Summoned (with spell mastery) my Champion, I somehow won.
Final game opponent was r/g and both he & I were going absolutely ham with pump effects. Lost that game, but it was awesome.

Promo card was Sad Crocodile, otherwise didn't pull anything spectacular - but happy with my deck and how I played it, had a lot of fun.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Omega00024 » 12 Jul 2015, 12:50

My origins prerelease was really fun and interesting, probably more so than the past 4 I've attended.
I went White and opened a promo Kytheon, and a few packs later I opened Nissa. I was pretty solidly in G/W and the rest of the deck was pretty normal except that I splashed black off of a Cave of Koilos and Evolving Wilds for Read the Bones, Unholy Hunger (5 mana kill spell), and Reave Soul. Naturally with a card pool like this I went round attendance. In terms of wins I went *cough*2-3*cough*.

Round 1 went my way, with me out removal-ing a Rakdos deck with Avaricious Dragon. Suppression Bonds, Swift Reckoning, Unholy Hunger, Tragic Arrogance, and others all basically let my elementals from Zendikar's Roil storm through without issue.

Round 2 was not so kind. I absolutely wrecked my opponent in game 1 with both walkers, but game 2 I never got past 3 mana, and game 3 I survived pretty well on a mull to 5 (because my deck loved to give me 1 land hands), but just couldn't get there. My opponent here had a pretty sick W/B flyers deck, and while it may not be the greatest counter, Calculated Dismissal definitely dashed my hopes, and I just ran out of fliers.

Round 3 went much the same, with me crushing it in round 1 with a turn 1 Kytheon, stumbling on 2 lands in game 2, and losing in a hard fought game 3. I managed to get a solid board and swing in for lethal, only for Hixus to ruin everything and blow me out. Solid R/W deck that just could force by the damage I couldn't.

Round 4 was another 3 match loss, but this was the closest of all 3 rounds. Round 1 my opponent matched me card for card and killed me in the air, but I did much the same in game 2. Game 3 went to turns, and on the 4th of 5 possible turns, he took out my last blocker to take me to 0. My opponent was running a green white deck with Hangarback Walker, which basically dodged every removal card I had except Suppression Bonds, which I never drew.

Round 5 finally saw things turn around for me. Game 1 I was burned out really quickly by my opponent running another R/B deck, but game 2 I bowled him over with Gideon and game 3 I won with Nissa.

Outstanding Cards:
Swift Reckoning, Tragic Arrogance, Patron of the Valiant, and Zendikar's Roil were all great for me, as I had sort of expected. Anointer of Heroes, Stalwart Aven, Read the Bones, and Enshrouding Mists were all cards I thought would be subpar but were all excellent. I think my biggest disappointment came from Pharika's Disciple, who was a good blocker but can't block fliers (there were A LOT of fliers running around).

Despite running a losing record, I had a blast in playing the games, and I think if my deck had another chance, it might've had a better showing. This prerelease definitely has me eager to try out the other cards in the set, and I can't wait to play more.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Kapol » 12 Jul 2015, 18:39

Ended up going to another prerelease. This time, I went 4-1, losing to a Hellion that adds a damage from red source helping a Chandra's Fury become a one-sided board wipe.

Decided to go green again. I was secretly hoping to live the hashtag dream of equipping a Sword of the Animist to Nissa. I got half the equasion. I managed to pull another promo Nissa somehow. I also got Managorger Hydra and the 6/5 green mythic that gets a 3-drop non-legend. Going that 6/5 turn 6, tutoring out the Hydra, and continuing the game isn't fair for opponents.

I also had my favorite play not only of the weekend, but likely the last few months. My opponent was at 11. He has the 2/2 tree spirit that has pseudo-flying without being able to block fliers, the 4/6 sentinel with vigilance that taps something down, and a 2/3 deathtouch. I had two Elvish Visionaries, Knight of the Pilgrim's Road, the Bellower (6/5 tutor) that had also brought out mana-gorger hydra. I just did that the last turn, and had a +1/+1 from my opponent casting the 2/3.

I look at my hand, and at my mana. I cast Grasp of the Hieromancer on my Knight, making it a 4/3 that taps stuff down. My opponent has, like, 2 mana leftover and a couple cards in hand, so I'm a bit worried. But hopefully he falls for the bait of tapping down the 4/3 instead of the 6/5 or hydra.

Thankfully, he does. He taps down my 4/3. I attack with the rest of my creatures. He blocks the 2/3 deathtouch on my 6/5, the 2/2 Orchard Spirit on my 1/1 visionary, and the 4/6 on my hydra (who has 2 counters now thanks to Grasp). He takes 1 from the Visionary.

After blocks, I cast Titanic growth on the hydra. It gets a +1/+1 counter. It's a 8/8.
I cast Enshrouding Mist on my hydra to give it +1/+1. It's a 10/10.
I cast Might Of The Masses on my hydra. I control 5 creatures. It gets +5/+5 and another creature. It's a 16/16.

Opponent takes 1 from my Visionary, and 10 from my 16/16 hydra. Just enough for game. Though, looking back, I could have just cast the three pump on the visionary. For some reason, I was focused on the idea that it HAD to be on the hydra, though. I had exactly six mana too, three of each. So it worked perfectly for being able to pay for all four spells in one turn.

Also, pulled a foil Demonic Pact from my prize packs. That was cool
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby ElFuzzy » 13 Jul 2015, 06:24

I went 2/2 with a blue white skies build. the rounds I won I rolled and the rounds I lost I got rolled. Did much better than my usual pre releases. Regardless I got lucky on pulls and opened both Jace and Nissa; only played the Jace.

I found that Guardians of Meletis are great against the W/R Renown. I also got to run the LRR promo and it turned a game around more than once.

I think my deck was split between U/W control and U/W tempo and it really depended on what my opening hand was that determined how it played that match.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby The P3 » 13 Jul 2015, 20:07

Showed up late like a stupid; missed the first match of four while I built my deck.
Chose Green. Bought green sleeves for maximum hype. The card pool was... interesting. White and green had lots of threats and a fair bit of draw spells, but very little good utility. Blue, black, and red had decent utility, but almost no bombs.

Rares: Hixus, Knight of the White Orchid, Alhammarret, Animist's Awakening, Evolutionary Leap x2 (one was my promo foil), Shivan Reef, Woodland Bellower (foil!).

I decided to go with GW smashy, thinking that nothing could possibly beat my bigger creatures and sick green card advantage. Turns out that removal and deathtouch beat bigger creatures in the early game, and biggest creatures beat them late game. My only removal was Wild Instincts, which meant little-to-nothing against those damn flying+deathtouch things, and left me with a still difficult time against a number of bigger creatures (relevantly, Kothophed and Priest of the Blood Rite).

Match 1: UB Control. Ate dirt and shat spectacular misplays. 0-2 loss.
Match 2: WB Aggro. Ate dirt and choked on it. Removal crushed me. 0-2 loss.
Match 3: WB Aggro. Ate dirt and died. Used Evolutionary Leap aggressively game 1, ran out of creatures in my deck when I might otherwise have stabilized. Sideboarded poorly, then kept a bad hand game 2 and died before casting a threat. 0-2 loss.

Final Record: 0-3. Won vomit.

In retrospect, I probably could have done better if I'd gone with a BR sligh-but-not-really deck or a UB control deck, but I can't say for sure. For all my horrendous failure, I actually had quite a lot of fun. Evolutionary Leap is a very fun card to play, if nothing else.

Having remembered that Cam liked the UR Thopters deck, I chose the Red pack this time. Much better pool this time, with a clearer optimal plan. Blue had not much going for it, and green and white had even less. Black had both good aggression and removal, and red was straight-up stacked.

Rares: Displacement Wave, Chandra's Ignition, Embermaw Hellion (promo), Molten Vortex, Scab-Clan Berserker, Hangarback Walker, Llanowar Wastes.

Built a 16-land R/b Aggro deck, featuring quite a few thopters (three Gearcrafters, a Thopter Engineer, and the Hangarback Walker) and loads removal (a Lightning Javelin, a Ravaging Blaze, a Touch of Moonglove, two Weight of the Underworld, the Molten Vortex and Chandra's Ignition). Fixing was aided by two Evolving Wilds. I had difficulty building the deck, but realized that having a hard time cutting down from 30 non-lands was a good sign.

Match 1: GW Midrange. I kept an incredibly fast hand, while opponent after mulling to 5. Beat them handily game 1. Game 2, they kept a slow hand, then accidentally fetched a Plains with an Evolving Wilds when they meant to get a Forest. I grind through their creatures with removal and keep flunging. 2-0 win. (After match 3, he was happy to tell me that he'd mulliganed more aggressively and won his 2nd and 3rd matches. Not sure how he did in match 4.)

Match 2: GR Stompy. Game 1, opponent kept a one-land hand and lost having only played two forests and an Honored Heirarch. Game 2, I fly over their defences with a pile of thopters and win without too much difficulty. 2-0 win.

Match 3: UB Control. My opponent informs me that he's just recently started playing MtG again after several years, so he might be slow. I should note that I am also a rather slow player. I keep a hand of land and thopters. They swiftly destroy every creature I play with power greater than one and push through a fair amount of damage. He gets out a Sigiled Starfish, slowing my clock and adding quite a lot of time in scrying. For several turns, the game can be described as me swinging for two per turn with thopters while we trade each other removal for groundlings. As I start to feel confident with 13 life to his 7, he casts Liliana, stopping my clock dead. I managed to kill her after holding back my own attacks to hold off Liliana, then baiting her into blocking a 1/x creature by flunging, then casting Chandra's Ignition on a 2/2 to finish her off. At this point, my life total is 7 to his 13. I was eventually able to grind out a win for his lack of sufficient blockers. While we're shuffling our decks for game 2, the organizer calls time. A profoundly grindy and durdley match/game, one much more exciting than my previous two. 1-0 win.

Match 4: BG Aggro. Game 1, we traded flunges and removal until our life totals are dangerously low. With my life total at 5 and his at 4, my boardstate can't punch through his. I cast Goblin Glorychaser to chump block and Read the Bones, hoping to dig my way out at the last moment. I see a Mountain and Molten Vortex, and keep both. Opponent swings out, forcing me to trade every creature on the board. He casts Rabid Bloodsucker, putting himself at 2 life and me at 1. Molten Vortex wins me the game. Game 2, I keep a relatively slow hand. I eat a mess of early aggro before putting down a Boggart Brute just to trade it off as a blocker. Again, we trade aggro and removal for some time. He eventually bring me down to 1 life before I stabilize on the back of Embermaw Hellion followed by Chandra's Ignition, followed by Gold-Forged Sentinel. I manage to bring him down to 6 health before he could get enough creatures on the battlefield to get to me. I pulled through with a Ravaging Blaze with Spell Mastery active. 2-0 win.

Final Record: 4-0. Won 10 packs and sweet redemption for my first event. And I had those green sleeves from earlier on my red and black deck, so I totally technically Junded 'em out.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Antitonic » 14 Jul 2015, 00:26

As an add-on to my previous trip report, I picked up my 4th prerelease pack that I missed getting due to nearly passing out and not breathing. Technically it was just 10 packs (6 for the pack, and 4 for the prizes), as the store was out of official packs. So I missed getting a promo, but I pulled another Gideon and another Liliana, so there's that at least :P
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby LastBreath » 14 Jul 2015, 17:30

I went 4-0 with green white deck. No spectacular pulls, but the deck won me the event.

Deck List
2 Nissa's Revelations
1 Managorger HydrA
1 Vryn Wingmar
1 Skysnare Spider
1 Swift Reckoning
2 Stalwart Aven
2 Suppression Bonds
2 Titanic Growth
2 Nissa's Pilgrimage
1 Topan Freeblade
1 Celestial Flare
1 Mighty Leap
1 Might of the Masses
1 Leaf Gilder
1 Llanowar Empath
1 Yeva's Forcemage
1 Wilds Instincts
1 Evolving Wilds
11 Forest
6 Plains

Match 1 was against a "Jund" deck mostly a red deck splash green and black. This person ended up going 3-1 and took Second place.

Match 2 was against Blue Black mill deck. He didn't get much in the first game. Honestly I couldn't tell it was a mill deck until game two where he actually got great draws and got me. Game three was a amusing I boarded in Reclaim to get a bomb back, but......he used Talent of the Telepath and hit the reclaim so he used Talent twice, and he locked down my Managorger. Besides the Talent of the Telepath resolving twice the other player didnt get very good draws.

Match 3 Black Green elves over in two games pretty boring.

Match 4 Mono-white over in two games but Managorger got locked down in game two useless 30/30

with a 4-0 record ended up with 7 packs pulled a Chandra and had a great day
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby WickedBoy6 » 14 Jul 2015, 23:16

I ended up playing in three events over the weekend. Did the midnight pre-release with a sick BR deck full of burn, with promo Chandra Fire of Kaladesh, a pair of Firecrafts, a pair of Shadows of the Past, a Dark Petition, Kothophed, and Chandra's Ignition, which did a boardwipe and a 12 damage swing to win my second match. FYI, Shadows of the Past is clutch. Straight up money in limited. Went 3-1, losing to a UR Thopter deck, of all things, in round Three, but came back strong in Four.

Second day, did a Two-Headed Giant with my girlfriend. We also went 3-1 with a Jund pairing - Me piloting mono-red with sick amounts of burn and aggro, including another pair of Firecrafts, four Lightning Javelins, four Akroan Sergeants, and a pair of Goblin Fodders, my girlfriend running BG removal and elves - and our only loss was to a pair of friends of ours piloting a similar-constructed Abzan pairing with the best removal of the set: Tragic Arrogance. Totally blew us out in round Two, but we came back.

We got our win back from them on Day 3, though, with the girl and I once again piloting Jund. This time, she went Mono-green with three Rhox Maulers, four Might of the Masses, a Managorger Hydra and Gaea's Revenge. I, meanwhile, went back to my singles roots with BR, again with an Ignition and Kothophed, but along with numerous black flyers and four Unholy Hungers. Went 3-0-1, drawing at the end since it was late, and it seemed better to go for the guaranteed 15 than trying to go for the risky 20/10. All in all, damn good showings. Even better than the pair of 2-2s I had during my pair of Fate Reforged prereleases.
Credit to Foxmar
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby HalfBadger » 15 Jul 2015, 08:40

I participated in two events.

Event 1: Red/White, a lot of good 2 and 3 drops overwhelmed most of my opponents with some 4+ drops and removal for support.
Went 4-0, with only one round going to 3rd game.

Event 2: White/Blue, decent curve with a lot of removal/interactive cards.
3-0-1, first round went to time.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Puls3evo » 16 Jul 2015, 12:06

I managed to get a day off on Sunday (very rare for me, as I am required to be available for Weekends and holidays), and managed to play in two events.

Event 1: Sealed Pre-release, White.

I didn't know what box I wanted until I got to the store. I flipped between Red and White the entire drive, and decided that a lot of people were going to go Red, so I would be different. I was not disappointed and pulled a Wg deck complete with Nissa. My promo was Tragic Arrogance, which I only drew once in 4 matches and used it as a single target killer.

10 Plains
6 Forest
1 Rogue's Passage
2 Anointer of Champions - I needed more evasion to make this better.
1 Might of the Masses - Probably better in a token deck, but I got +3 out of it normally.
2 Knight of the White Orchid - Synergy with Nissa
1 Celestial Flare - I always sideboarded another in.
2 Topan Freeblade - Solid
2 Titanic Growth - Finishers
2 Mighty Leap - Enablers
2 Stalwart Aven - Close to MVP
1 Citadel Castellan - Put in so much work.
1 Valeron Wardens - I net about 8-9 cards during the event. Worth it.
1 Nissa, Vastwood Seer - Nice to filter lands out, but underwhelming overall.
1 Wild Instincts - I drew and played it once. Good card, though.
1 Ampryn Tactician - This is not a curve out card, it's an opportunity card.
1 Llanowar Empath - Good filter, never got a creature.
1 Heavy Infanty - Works well to set up bad blocks.
1 Patron of the Valiant - LR got this card wrong, it's a much more savage beating in a Renown deck if you have dudes online.
1 Tragic Arrogance

Overall I went 2-2, but M3G3 I flooded and I thought I could beat my opponent who sided into a thopter deck game 2 and didn't side out. I never drew an answer :-(. Highlights: I didn't do anything really impressive or jaw-dropping. I am just very glad that this event went a lot better than my DTK pre-release where I paided to not play Magic in any of my games.

Event 2: 2 Headed Giant, UW Control paired with RG aggro.

Funny story, I played in this event for free! I wasn't even planning on playing, because my friends didn't want to. However, when one of them went to grab food before we were going to start EDH (like I said, it's rare I get a weekend day off so I wanted to milk it), the store owner asked if I wanted to play for free with a guy that bought in by himself because they ran out of random soloists. I said sure, explained to my friends (who apparently got really tired all of a sudden and left) and sat down to quickly make a deck.

Now, playing for free meant that I didn't get to keep either of the boxes, but I would get prize support. I didn't care, I just wanted to play. This does mean however that I don't remember the exact composition of my deck. I do remember that I planned for my partner to do all the damage while I protected him with control spells and fliers. We ended up 2-2 (again).

Highlights: Game 1, Board state: Opponent has 2 thopters, the blue 1/2 flyer that makes thopters, some 2/2s and the 4/5 hellion. We have a thopter, the 1/2 flyer, and the 7/7 golem that on attacking his a creature for 7. On our turn, I Displacment Wave for 4 (bounce all creature with CMC <= X), partner swings and kills the hellion and hits for 7. Brutal.

Game 3: Partner has Chandra out turn 3, and I can't play a creature cause I only have 2 mana. Opponent casts Weight of the Underworld, I Negate it. Chandra goes on to deal a net 8 damage over the rest of the game, but it's a highlight because that was the first counterspell I've ever cast (I'm an aggro player at heart, and I loathe blue with a passion).

At the end of the night, I ended up with 4 total prize packs, and I pulled another Nissa out of the 2HG packs, which I gave to my partner because he's the one who actually paid for it XD.

Closing thoughts: I really like this set, and can't wait to draft it online and play with it in the Sealed league.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby Atifexe » 16 Jul 2015, 15:28

I took part in YJ's Sunday Two-Headed Giant event with my girlfriend. Four rounds, one game matches. Each team had a shared pool for deckbuilding, and I thought we'd put together some decent decks. Four straight losses later, we walked away with one "thanks for coming out"pack, given to my girlfriend for attending her first ever Magic event. Flooding, bad mulligans, and opponents perfectly curving out were the stumbling blocks that most hampered us, and I think things would have been different if we were playing best of three.
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Re: Magic Origins Pre-release. How'd you do?

Postby WickedBoy6 » 16 Jul 2015, 15:42

That's the way the Two-Headed Giant was set up for our rounds. Sudden death, one game per round, four rounds. It's weird to just play one game instead of best-out-of-three, but given the nature of how long Two-Headed Giant goes anyway, probably best it's kept short.
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