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Magic at PAX East 2016

Posted: 05 Apr 2016, 17:09
by square1
I haven't seen anything from the LRR crew saying they'd be coming this year, but regardless hopefully other people will be going. :-)

I pulled together a draft set of my favorite limited block, Invasion/ Planeshift/ Apocalypse, if anyone's interested in sharing a bit of nostalgia with me. Hopefully Wizards will take us back to Dominaria one of these years.

Re: Magic at PAX East 2016

Posted: 06 Apr 2016, 11:37
by square1
Schedule just came out and no MTG panel at PAX East this year? :(

Re: Magic at PAX East 2016

Posted: 13 Apr 2016, 12:49
by wartjr2373
From the schedule, I can see that Graham, Kathleen, Ian and Beej will be at PAX East this year. Maybe more. Maybe not.

Re: Magic at PAX East 2016

Posted: 14 Apr 2016, 11:48
by KeiranLC
As much as I hate to say it, I'm not too surprised there's no MTG panel. They're preferring to time those right before big releases now, and Shadows over Innistrad has already come out. Basically everything we'd normally see out of something like that occurred on that big GP weekend shortly before preview season. :(

That being said, I'm going to PAX East and I'm looking to play against at least one person in the LRR crew (I think my best chance of winning is Beej. :p ) and play in a lot of Limited events.

Re: Magic at PAX East 2016

Posted: 15 Apr 2016, 06:40
by square1
I think the scheduling on the guide could be wrong, since Kathleen posted on Twitter saying she wouldn't be at East. It sounds like Graham and James are going to be there for the Overwatch event. Hopefully being on different sides in this epic rivalry has not destroyed their friendship. ;)

I would have loved to have done the escape rooms they did at the GPs. :(

Anyway, very much looking forward to next weekend :)