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Getting into modern, need advice

Posted: 05 Jun 2016, 16:27
by Booster
Good day all, I'm thinking of trying to trade into Modern for the first time. After looking at different decks, specifically for decks where I already have a lot of the expensive pieces (that also look fun to play), I think want to put together G/B elves. I found a deck list I liked, and after making some adjustments to cheapen the mana base, I ended up with this ... ern-elves/

The changes I made to the mana base were

Swapped 2 Cavern of Souls for 2 Ancient Ziggurats. I already own 2 Caverns, and the Ziggurats seemed like a good budget alterative.

Swapped 4 Gilt-Leaf Palaces for 4 Llanowar wastes

The original deck list called for 2 Horizon Canopys, and they didn't look that important, so I swapped them for a second Windswept Heath (which I have) and a second Overgrown tomb (which I don't have).

These changes have reduced the cost of the pieces I need for the mana base from $400 to $50, but do they seem like reasonable changes? What other suggestions do you guys have (about the mana base or about the deck in general)

Thanks in advance!

Re: Getting into modern, need advice

Posted: 05 Jun 2016, 20:15
by chetoos
1 of craterhoof behemoth is probably really expensive, they were a lot cheaper when they came out, but it'd give you a really nice finisher if your Ezuri died. They cost the same roughly as one of your CoCos, so you could take that out for it.

Re: Getting into modern, need advice

Posted: 08 Jun 2016, 07:05
by Asthanius
Pendelhaven is fine to have instead of a basic Forest, but keep in mind that if you're relying on only one creature and a Pendelhaven, you're probably going to lose. This deck wants as many creatures on the board as possible.

I know it seems counter-intuitive, but a couple copies of Lead the Stampede is usually better for this deck than four copies of Collected Company, since it can get more creatures and you usually have an abundance of mana.

Finally, one piece of advice: When you sideboard, be very careful with what you take out. Do you want to take out creatures or instants/sorceries? That's for you to decide based on the matchup.