EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

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EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby Omega Lairon » 17 Jul 2016, 03:10

I silently debated whether this topic was strictly necessary or not - a lot of EMN pre-re discussion has already found a home in the general and/or sealed topics. But hey, I figure it's basically a tradition at this point and maybe it'll help keep things all in one place. *shrug*

So anyways, I went in for two events and what ended up being the majority of the day.

Promo: Hanweir Battlements
Rares: Odric, Lunarch Marshall, Wolf of Devil's Breach, Noosegraf Mob, Stormkirk Condemned, Impetuous Devils (foil), Coax from the Blind Eternities, Summary Dismissal
Shinies: Nope (other than Devils, listed above)
Melds: Graf Rats
Double-face cards: Vildin-Pack Outcast || Dronepack Kindred, Hermit of the Natterknolls || Lone Wolf of the Natterknolls, Ulvenwald Captive || Ulvenwald Abomination, Kessig Prowler || Sinuous Predator, Pious Evangel || Wayward Disciple,

Ended up going 2(*)-2-0 (* 1 automatic win from bye) running a pretty decent B/R aggro thing with a madness sub-theme and splashing for Odric. Ultimately though, Odric himself was a bit of a non-entity - I only once had the opportunity to play him out, and while he enabled some pretty ridiculous lifelink shenanigans, he didn't stick around too long. Noosegraf Mob did most of the heavy lifting, alongside such names as Farbog Revenant, Liliana's Elite, and Deranged Whelp. Other notable plays involve getting a guy (I think the revenant) to simultaneously wield both a Murderer's Axe and a Thirsting Axe, and in a different game, discarding the Thirsty Axe to equip Murder Axe.

Promo: Soul Separator
Rares: Wharf Infiltrator, Nephalia Moondrakes, Harmless Offering, Triskaidekaphobia, Collective Effort, Thalia's Lancers
Shinies: Duskwatch Recruiter || Krallenhorde Howler
Melds: Graf Rats
Double-face cards: Ulvenwald Captive || Ulvenwald Abomination, Kessig Prowler || Sinuous Predator, Lone Rider || It That Rides as One, Aberrant Researcher || Perfected Form, Gatstaf Arsonists || Gatstaf Ravagers

So... 0-3-0 (dropped after R3... I'd had more than my fill of being s*** on at that point). Not to dwell on it, but I think I might have tried to get too cutsey with a U/G clues deck while all my opponents had just opened stupid amounts of aggro. Had some good components of it too, with both Ulvenwald Mysteries and Trail of Evidence to generate clues, no shortage of counterspells to trigger the latter (which always seemed to be too situational or exactly one mana away from being cast-able), and a Bloodbriar to grow fat off the results. Sadly though, like I say, it just wasn't the right event for that particular style of play. Also, I keep forgetting that I'm utterly hopeless at playing blue anyway.


As is tradition, I ripped open the prize boosters for no value. Notable contents follow:

Click to Expand
Rares: Identity Thief, Selfless Spirit, Collective Effort, Heron's Grace Champion, Elder Deep-Fiend, Ulrich of the Krallenhorde || Ulrich, Uncontested Alpha, Mausoleum Wanderer, Eldritch Evolution
Shinies: Nope
Melds: Graf Rats (x2)
Double-face cards: Cryptolith Fragment || Aurora of Emrakul (x2), Extricator of Sin || Extricator of Flesh, Ulvenwald Captive || Ulvenwald Abomination, Smoldering Werewolf || Erupting Dreadwolf, Curious Homunculus || Voracious Reader

...but anyways, enough about my day, how'd y'all do?

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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby Artirian_Legacy » 17 Jul 2016, 05:25

I fared rather poorly. Pool was really tricky and I probably should have played a different deck that was probably in there.

Won round 1, then lost the next 4. Ended the day with a bye in round 6, so that was annoying. 2-4 overall, but I consider it 1-4; my worst performance yet

Overall, I was actually mostly pleased with the deck. As I mentioned, I probably should have played BR instead of BU splashing G for Tireless Tracker, but I went to time on deckbuilding just trying to figure out what colors were good enough. Definitely needed more 4-drops

The only unpleasant parts of the day was when I accidentally forgot to counter a guy's Midnight Scavengers, then him being kind of unpleasant about me asking to counter it once he'd targeted the one creature in his yard. He said I could call a judge, but I knew he'd just ask if this guy would allow me to go back and do that. I lost as a direct result, and it left a bad taste. Worse actual loss was just not getting to 3 while also not hitting black. Once he got me to 1 I was able to commit seppuku with a Succumb to Temptation though.

Promo: Stromkirk Condemned (with 3 other vampires in the pool)
Rares: Stromkirk Condemned (hate this guy), Tireless Tracker, Silverfur Partisan, To the Slaughter (foil), Coax from the Blind Eternities, Soul Separator, Providence (foil, but still vomit), Impetuous Devils
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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby Kapol » 17 Jul 2016, 13:45

Did excellent overall. Final record over the course of three three-round events was 7-0-2. The draws being intentional due to payout being based on record. Two events were 2HG, one was normal. Managed to win both of the draw games we played out as well, so I feel like it was a 9-0 day. Got to play a sweet U/R spells deck while my teammate played an awesome U/G Emerge deck for one event. My teammate also got promo Emrakul in the solo event, and cast her once every match.

Ended up getting 24 prize packs. But I decided to get credit instead, as my luck with prize packs is usually bad. I picked up a D&D Module, an awesome box for storing decks and dice, and a drink with my $72 in credit.

Only things I didn't like was one player who felt like a dick and one round going over 20 minutes past time for 2HG.

I could go into -much- more detail if people want. But that was a huge wall of text, so I wasn't sure I should.
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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby RadioshackRaider » 17 Jul 2016, 17:24

Done two Pre-res, paid for my brother to do them as well and kinda whiffed on anything good. Two mythics across 4 pools. 1 Emrakul and one Decimator of the Provinces. I came third in both events with not great decks. Day one was a U/W fliers deck essentially. It just didn't have any bombs. I also had a solid G/B deck in the pool, but I felt like the U/W one was better. Day two I went R/B, wishing I could have played Jund with the Decimator, but I just couldn't play it. Lost My last match to not drawing a Mountain game two until my last turn. Favourite plays of the event were destroying the only Melded card in the two events, which was Hanweir, the Writhing Township. Done it instant speed before it got to attack. The other was Play Voldaren Pariah, sac three guys to it without sacking my Gavony Unhalloweds, wipe my opps board and crack in for 10. That was sweet. I also traded a foil Splendid Reclaimation for a Pre-release copy. I also ended up with 2 Pre-release copies of Stitcher's Graf.
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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby Phi » 18 Jul 2016, 00:37

I went 2-3. My rares were:

Promo Dark Salvation
Gisela, the Broken Blade
Hanweir Garrison
Thalia, Heretic Cathar
Bedlam Revelar (Foil)
Geier Reach Bandit
Niblis of Frost
Port Town
Ulvenwald Observer
Assembled Alphas

I had a very fun but rather inconsistent Mardu deck. I ended up selling 5 cards to cover the entrance fee, so I consider it a victory :)
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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby HmFons » 18 Jul 2016, 02:51

Midnight on friday I went 1-1-2 with a decent UB Zombie deck. Dark Salvation, Graf Harvest were the MVP's of that deck.

Saturday evening I went 2-3 with a good WB Deck. Thalia's Lancers to look for Odri, combined with a bunch of keywords from my white beaters. I got to ultimate my Lilliana promo twice, which was also nice. In addition to the zombies from another Dark Salvation.

There was a surprising amount of Mythics going around on saturday I felt. My neighbour and I both had Lilliana as our promo, he also pulled Tamiyo. My mate had Emrakul as promo and there were several going around the store. My prize pack had Emmy as wel.

Overal I'm happy with the weekend. Got a bunch of cards I wanted (including Harmmless Offering), played a bunch of Magic and met some new peeps.
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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby cuddlyblade » 18 Jul 2016, 08:17

First prerelease I had been to since the second block of Theros. Went to a midnight Friday one. Opened Avacyn, Bruna and Mirrorwing Dragon. Went with W/R aggro. Went 4-1 which I felt good about.
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Re: EMN Prerelease, how'd you do?

Postby Randus2003 » 29 Jul 2016, 16:54

whelp, Spooky Moon finely hit mtgo which means I finally get to do a pre-release or 2 and I just finished my 1st 1 at 3-2 with GB delirium....plus side got my packs for sealed league.

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