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Aether Revolt Spoilers

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 04:44
by fantôme
Players of all formats: talk about what you're hyped for.

So far,

Disallow. Spoiled a while ago, but that is a sexy counterspell. Making room for it in my Standard Spirits and CanLander decks.

Revolt mechanic. Aristocrats-ish archetype in limited maybe?

Gremlin tokens. Gremlin tokens!

Re: Aether Revolt Spoilers

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 08:24
by Jonci
From the spoilers so far, looks like vehicles are going to be even more of a thing. Aeronaut Admiral and Siege Modification, along with some sweet new vehicles. I can see Untethered Express running away with a game.

Re: Aether Revolt Spoilers

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 15:11
by Aeralis
I'm just excited to get one step closer to a Pimp My Ride deck.

Re: Aether Revolt Spoilers

Posted: 03 Jan 2017, 18:13
by chetoos

I was thinking about fun with thopters, and this deck idea popped into my head. I'm curious if anyone here has suggestions based on current spoilers/standard stuff. I was thinking of swapping the marvels for Saheelis, but didn't know if they'd play any better/worse

Re: Aether Revolt Spoilers

Posted: 06 Jan 2017, 07:52
by Jonci
I'm looking forward to sliding Mechanized Production into my Nekusar commander deck and seeing how it runs. Let's go copy my Howling Mines or Font of Mythos or Teferi's Puzzle Box, and see my opponents tilt from so many triggers. Maybe just copy Lightning Greeves and make my whole team untouchable. Or just copy Sol Rings and ramp until I win by having a Sol Ring on each finger.