Amonkhet Nicknames

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Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby Ladsworld » 09 Apr 2017, 16:27

Here we go again!
Gideon of the Trials - Platinum Chad
Hazoret the Fervent - Hazoret the Pervert (of course)
Prowling Serpopard - Longcat
Painful Lesson - Learning is Fun!
Lay Bare the Heart - Flavor fail against Heart of Kirran and Gonti's Aether Heart
Cast Out - "Out of this house!"
Miasma Mummy - Turns out dead things stink
Mighty Leap - Leap of Faith
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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby theycallmejokke » 10 Apr 2017, 05:43

I've got a few.

Vizier of the Menagerie - Snek friend
Censor - Shut up!
Liliana's Expertise - Zombie song
Painful Lesson - Cheating
Regal Caracal - Kat King
Pouncing Cheetah - Strictly better flash cat
Dune Beetle - Dung Beetle
In Oketra's Name - Mummies assemble!
Sacred Cat - Mittens

Thought of a couple more.

Miasma Mummy - Halitosis mummy
Giant Spider - Old Friend
Honored Hydra - Pet Hydra
Colossapede - Big Bug, BB for short
Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons - Cleo
Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun - Tut
Oracle’s Vault - Oketra’s second Monument

Can't sleep here is some more.

Oketra the True - Gideon's Waifu
Kefnet the Mindful - Clever Polly
Limits of Solidarity - Dog fight
Neheb, the Worthy - Cowmander
Fling - Fleeting Flight

And even more.

Nest of Scarabs - Nest of NOPE (NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE)
Splendid Agony - Hurt me daddy!
Spidery Grasp - Spider hug
Glorybringer - *Remember if your glory ever comes with a burning sensation see your local vizir for advise.
Mouth /to/ Feed - Gob /to/ Grub
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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby chetoos » 10 Apr 2017, 15:55

Unburden - "Please sir, may I have some more?"
Censor - Seduction of the innocent and the comic's code authority
Cruel Reality - "Oh, right... bolas plane."
Pull From Tomorrow - Specter's revelation
Neheb, the worthy - Commander players rejoice.
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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby Ladsworld » 19 Apr 2017, 17:51

Oktera the True - *notices your 1/1 warrior creatures* OwO what's this?
Bontu the Glorified - Viscera Spear
Rhonas the Indomitable - godsnek
Vizier of the Meangerie - Inexplicable a Cleric (Seriously, why is this a Cleric and not a Druid or a Shaman?)
Vizier of Many Faces - THIS IS A CLERIC TOO?
Vizier of Tumbling Sands - I'm more upset about this than I should be.
Vizier of Remedies - At least this one makes sense.
Vizier of Deferment - MOVING ON
Honored Hydra - Roar of the Pet
Dread Wanderer - Hey Alex, this goes into your Zombie Highlander deck!
Soul-Scar Mage - Monastery Slowspear
Electrify - It's name is Carl
Fan Bearer - "Just have a lay down for a moment"
Sparring Mummy - Printer Twin
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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby Phi » 20 Apr 2017, 02:22

Compulsory Rest - GO. TO. SLEEP.
Gideon of the Trials - Trial version of chad available for 30 days
Gust Walker - Soon to be Dust Walker
Impeccable Timing - Now with 100% less cat
Sacred Cat - Scared Cat
Trueheart Duelist - Impractical Knife 2: Egyptian Boogaloo (reference to the Jeskai Student nickname)

Angler Drake - Mist Raven, now with scales and a cute hat
Compelling Argument - Not a very compelling argument to play this card
Drake Haven - You cycled into the wrong neighborhood
Floodwaters - Cycle the sewage
Hieroglyphic Illumination - LED to draw
Slither Blade - Flavour text typo

Bontu the Glorified - Crocodile Aristocrat
Splendid Agony - Masochism, brought to you by Nicol Bolas

Deem Worthy - This might hurt a bit
Heart-Piercer Manticore - Are we really embalming this? But... why?
Sweltering Suns - Weather of the Gods

Colossapede - Collossabeef
Giant Spider - Alpha Predator
Gift of Paradise - You might want to keep the receipt for this one
Haze of Pollen - No! Flowers! My one weakness!
Manglehorn - Heart (of Kiran) Mangler
Rhonas the Indomitable - Rhonas the Swoll
Vizier of the Menagerie - Is it wearing pants? Oh.

Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun - Damnit, Vizier of Strawberries ("Tut" means strawberry in Hebrew, and in Israel Tutankhamun is known as King Tut, so "Strawberry King". It is a far fetch but I find it funny)

Hazoret’s Monument - Red always has to be special, doesn't it?
Throne of the God-Pharaoh - Uncomfortable Chair

Cycle of dual lands with really stretching names
Canyon Slough - Dirty Rocks
Fetid Pools - Dirty Water
Irrigated Farmland - Wet Farm
Scattered Groves - Sand Trees
Sheltered Thicket - Grassy Rock
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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby RadioshackRaider » 20 Apr 2017, 11:53

Gideon of the Trials = Chad the Frat Pledge.
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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby azninja888 » 22 Apr 2017, 11:27

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Re: Amonkhet Nicknames

Postby Endegraf » 24 Apr 2017, 15:01

Approach of the Second Sun - I can win this, I just need seven more turns.
Heaven to Earth - Board wipe is a two step process. -or- Remember to wipe top to bottom.
Bounty of the Luxa - Advantage // (to) Ramp
For the dual cycle lands, they are all bicycle lands, but specifically, Tundra Bike, Underground Bike, Badlands Bike, Taiga Bike, and Savannah Bike. (And each one is more versatile than a mountain bike!)
Start to Finish - We have two job openings, one temp, one long term.
Angel of Sanctions - No, you can't have it back yet.
Sandwurm Convergence - Worm Sign -or- It's Arrakis, what do you expect?
Greater Sandwurm - Shai-Hulud -or- Maker
Glorious End - I thought this was Egypt? (Rather than Sparta)
Harsh Mentor - So.... I'm thinking Vintage Enchantments?
By Force - Kaladesh was last set.
Hieroglyphic Illumination - Cycle the advantage!
Final Reward - As a reward, why don't you sit this one out?
Compulsory Rest - I don't make the rules.
Wander in Death - Gona get something.
In Oketra's Name - All in on Zombies.
Reduce // Rumble - Pure Tempo.
Cut // Ribbon - Removal // Dome.
Cascading Cataracts - Strictly better Crystal Quarry.
Cradle of the Accursed - Land // Zombie.
Gate to the Afterlife - ...And we already have a sequel in the works.
Throne of the God-Pharaoh - Ramp // Lethal

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