AKH Pre-release - how'd you do?

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AKH Pre-release - how'd you do?

Postby Omega Lairon » 23 Apr 2017, 02:11

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It's the topic for that thing. Do the thing, then talk about the thing.

(personal side note, pre-releases are becoming an increasingly bittersweet event. As I was playing today, I realised that this event was literally the only MTG [yes, even digitally!] I'd had time to be able to play since AER pre-re... and that's kinda sad).

I figured I'd ignore pretty much my entire MTG playing history and try my hardest to "force" blue. Something something "master your weaknesses or your weaknesses will master you". Fortunately, the pool was good enough to support some decent blue stuff, so it made my ill-advised plan much easier to run with.

1-2-0 (dropped after round 3)

Now as is (recent) tradition with my pre-re topics, I feel like I need to point out that the results don't necessarily reflect either A: how much I enjoyed the event (very much so!), or B: the actual closeness of the matches (resonably! Give or take a blow-out game... but that happens). The drop was purely time constraint related... it was a tough call, I really wanted to keep playing, but boring life stuff comes first.

So... blue, obviously. I had a fair assortment of critters and spells to pick from in that alone, but I decided to throw white into the mix too. The combination of two very nice WU multicolour dudes (Temmet and Aven Wind Guide), as well as the very handily on-message Oketra's Monument gave me a clear gameplan - flood the fierld with mummies, then give 'em all wings.

.......Also Gideon. So... yeah, there was NO universe in which I pulled a 'walker and didn't at least splash for 'em.

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PROMO: Gideon's Intervention (heh... no.)
RARES: Gideon of The Trials, Canyon Slough, Hazoret's Favor, Mouth//Feed, Cut//Ribbons, Temmet Vizier of Naktamun, Vizier of the Menagerie (honestly forgot about him...)

...oh, and that Gideon I keep going on about?

SHINIES: Gideon of the Trials (lrrSACK lrrSACK lrrGOAT), Scribe of the Mindful
DOUBLE CARDS: Mouth//Feed, Cut//Ribbons, Start//Finish, Destined//Lead


RARES: Plague Belcher, Prowling Serpopard
DOUBLE CARDS: Spring//Mind

AND a special bonus feature... my extra prize packs from way back in AER. Stupid store policy (grumble grumble)

RARES: Sram's Expertise, Whir of Invention

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Re: AKH Pre-release - how'd you do?

Postby Phi » 23 Apr 2017, 06:06

I went 2-2 with a mediocre BG deck. It didn't have as many creatures as I would like, or even a single bomb and the pool was fairly weak (no value whatsoever), but it was fun to play. Seems very bomb-heavy though, so not having one made me feel that I am in a great disadvantage.
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Re: AKH Pre-release - how'd you do?

Postby eostby » 23 Apr 2017, 14:01

Note, this is probably gonna be a bit wordy, so....TL;DR: Went 3-0 and still left utterly dissatisfied.

First things first, I played quite a few games of CanLander leading up to midnight, and that was fun. Then came midnight, and pack distribution. Get seated, begin opening packs. My promo was Channeler Initiate, which is kinda nice. Proceed to open arguably my worst sealed pool since the Journey into Nyx prerelease (was forced into RW Beats by lack of other options then, UW Beats by lack of options this time). Listen as two other people at my table open Invocations (one of them also opened foil Gideon), and two others open Gods. Make cuts and prepare deck while rumors of a triple God pool, as well as another Invocation (not the same as the God pool), float around. Check deck one last time, and note that I am playing none of the 7 rares I opened (no mythics whatsoever, a foil Pull from Tomorrow is my only on-color rare and I don't even consider playing it). Prepare myself to be utterly disappointed by the next three rounds.

Round 1: vs. BG Cycling

Hold my own for most of game one, until Sandwurm Convergence hits. Stave off death for two turns, but not nearly long enough. Game two I begin the Fan Bearer aggro plan which my deck somehow likes. Game three is more of the same, and somehow the deck I was pretty sure was unplayable is 1-0.

Round 2: vs. BR Value ft. Glorybringer

Game one goes to me after a bit of a board stall solely on the back of flyers (and countering promo Glorybringer, which I was pretty sure I couldn't beat otherwise). Game two goes T1 Fan Bearer, T2 2 Cartouche of Solidarity, T3 Cartouche of Knowledge while opponent is stuck on no red mana. There's a bit more after that, but that's the highlight. 2-0. I'm officially confused. How is this happening?

Round 3 vs. Naya Good Stuff

I've blanked most of this match out (other than getting actual value out of both parts of Embalmer's Tools), but it came down to game 3, and me finally playing Aven Wind Guide for the first time all night. Vigilant beats in the air eventually take the day, and my first ever undefeated prerelease comes entirely in spite of the quality of my pool.

In prize packs, I get Hapatra, Harsh Mentor, and Vizier of Many Faces (arguably my best pulls of the entire evening). I then hear that yet another Invocation has been opened, but at this point I'm mostly numb with resignation about those (given that I have never yet opened anything from the Masterpiece Series, and am becoming more doubtful by the set that I actually will).

Usually, I feel good about the set regardless of how I did at the prerelease, but something about this one just didn't feel right. I can't tell if my continued disappointment with Masterpieces and the quality of my pool's rares is seriously clouding my judgment on this, but if I don't play another game of Amonkhet limited, I'm not sure I'll be unhappy about that.
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Re: AKH Pre-release - how'd you do?

Postby Artirian_Legacy » 24 Apr 2017, 10:38

I was both happy and annoyed with my pool. Ended up going 3-2, and got my first actual prize payout ever.

The deck practically built itself, to be honest. Opened 2 Reagal Caracal and 2 Vizier of the Menagerie alongside plenty of playables in both W/G. Removal suite was 3 Cartouche of Strength and a single Impeccable Timing, which I really wish had been something better, but oh well. Had an Oketra's Monument and wound up playing like 18 creatures.

Round 1 was probably the most fun I had the whole day. Game 1 we had a massive board stall due to neither of us being able to make any hugely profitable attacks. Oketra's Monument probably spat out about 10 Warriors and I got a ton of value off a Vizier of the Menagerie. Eventually got out Honored Crop-Captain (splashed red for it) and was able to finally get through. He survived, but had nothing left after that turn, and I finished him. Game 2 he took because I had a slow start, and game 3 I lost because he blew me out with Destined to Lead. Killed my only creatures and I couldn't build back in time.

Rounds 2-4 weren't particularly exciting. Played against an opponent who made a lot of mistakes, another who had bad draws, and then overwhelmed the other.

Round 5 was what was really disappointing. I had to mulligan into mediocre hands and just never really got there.

Wound up with 3 prize packs and notable pulls were a Harsh Mentor and a foil Spring to Mind
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