Describe your last tabletop session

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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby chetoos » 22 Aug 2015, 05:56

Well, it wasn't my last, but in my last session I did run the one-shot module for my party. Anyway, a while back, I was playing a one-on-one session with my GM where I was a soul knife deadly fist, trying to get back these emeralds which this guy had stolen for a ritual to summon back this evil guy. When I reached the guy's headquarters, the ritual finished, but then the dragon spirit who beat the evil guy a long time ago buffed me out the ass, and, since I won initiative, I rushed in with my quick runner's shirt and full attacked the evil guy. He didn't last the full round.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby MotorWaffle » 27 Sep 2015, 19:26

This is either the most brilliant or dumbest moment I've had in tabletop gaming so far.
Our characters were drugged and thrown into these cages (with our equipment) for some kind of fighting arena. Don't ask why we got to keep our gear, I don't know. I guess the DM knew we had nothing that would help us escape. Or so he thought.
I thought so first for awhile. I'm a knight, with a hammer, but wailing on the bars wasn't doing much. It didn't help that in 15 rolls I did not get one that broke double digits. I looked through my inventory while the others were trying various things and that's when brilliance/stupidity struck.
"I'm going to use my artisan kit to repair the cage."
"...what?" asked the DM.
"If I fail the roll to repair, does it not get the broken condition?"
I'm sure there are 1,000 reasons this should not have worked. But when the time came for me to fail, I rolled a 2. I failed to repair the cage, and instead broke it, thus freeing myself.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby JTHDevelops » 09 Nov 2015, 19:33

The System is Godmachine. The Chronicle is one of my brother's own devising.

All of the Player Characters are disembodied souls with amnesia who are, by means of technomancy, stuffed into mortal bodies to act as secret agents, known as Assets.

We are sent on a mission to Duquesne University, to investigate the disappearance of 100 cadavers from the medical department and some strange electronic abnormalities.

The key players here are Assets Work (played by me) and Steam (played by our buddy, Andy.)
Work is a 25 year old, male body, skilled in medicine and assassination. He is also a bit of a stoner.
Steam is 20-something ubernerd with minimal combat expertise, but a plethora of computer and technical knowledge. She is also a heart-breakingly hot lesbian.

So, we are bumbling around Duquesne, trying to find /any/ information on what may be causing these disturbances and what has happened to the bodies. The course of our investigations have lead us to know that the cadavers have been turned into zombies, and that they are being used to replace the janitorial staff which the Head of Facilities had fired over a labor dispute. At this point, we are thinking that a local necromancer, with whom we've had previous dealings, by the name of Bonesnap, may be the culprit.

One evening, after a nearly fruitless day of research, Steam and Work decide to follow up on their respective, dismal leads.
First: Steam had, previously, made contact with Vampire called Gabby. She calls gabby up that evening, and asks her over to discuss our current problems, and how Gabby may be able to help us. They meet in Steam's dorm room, alone, and Gabby offers to help, provided that Steam is willing to help Gabby. You see, Gabby was quite hungry that night... Long story, short, Steam woke up, the following evening, as a vampire.

But that's not the best of the evening.

That same day, Work had discovered fragmented evidence of a secret society on campus that meets monthly, on the Full Moon, in a quite hidden location. This apparent satanic cult was, supposedly, involved in many dark rituals and spells. (Now would be a good time to tell the reader that Work discovered this information as a result of a Dramatic Failure roll on an investigation. The God Machine action system is described here.) So Work goes to the "cult" meeting, and quickly discovers that the whole thing is basically an excuse for pervy, old professors to have kinky sex with dumb freshmen. Work, not being one to miss an opportunity, goes with the flow.

This is the point where I should explain what happens, in this chronicle, when a PC does something stupid. Hawk (my brother) makes you roll on the Luck Table. It's a chart with varying degrees of bad stuff, ranging from "Great Luck: No Consequences" to "Terrible Luck: Dire Consequences", which he then uses to determine how badly to punish such stupidity.

I had to make a Luck Roll.
Soon thereafter Work noticed that it burned when he peed. Work had contracted Chlamydia.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby bv310 » 03 Dec 2015, 09:40

Playing a 5e one-shot with a friend and some people from a forum he mods (Critical Role forum, so we're all familiar with DnD). Level 6 characters, all in a small village for different reasons. Wake up one morning, vines have overrun half of the town and strangled a bunch of people in their beds. We go out in to the woods to find the source of the overgrowth.


- Definitely-not-Indiana-Jones, a Female Human Ranger/Professor of Archaeology

- Definitely-not-Green-Arrow, a loner Human Ranger with a love of threatening everything

- Dwarf Bard who was raised on pirate ships. Short temper, foul mouth, likes to solve problems by punching them in the face or viciously mocking them.

- (Me) Half-Elf Warlock of Undying Light. Neurotically afraid of the dark, deathly afraid of snakes, hates undead with a passion.

Highlights include:

- Everyone hitting a patch of hallucinogenic mushroom spores. 3 of us hit our WIS saves, Green Arrow doesn't, and shoots the Bard in the ass because he thought she was covered in poisonous snakes, and that was his solution to the problem.

- Accidentally tripping a trap that caused the vines that were everywhere to pop to life and start trying to strangle everyone. The other three hit STR saves and take off. I miss my first two saves, and survive by Pact Weaponing a Chakram to free a hand, and breaking out on my Save-or-Die STR Save.

- Stopping at every single fork in the road to leave Light-cantrip enchanted rocks behind.

- Using said Light-enhanced rocks to check every single clearing for traps, while complaining that no one thought to buy chickens for that purpose

- Getting into a fight with the BBEG Evil Centaur Druid because our Bard gets bored and starts mouthing off.

- The Bard killing said BBEG with Vicious Mockery, then stabilizing him, healing him slightly, hogtying his legs to his arms, and trying to interrogate him about the source of the evil vines.

- BBEG breaking out, getting whipped to death by Indiana Jones

- Repeatedly casting Sacred Flame on a Cursed tree because no one wanted to get close to it, after an incident with an exploding tree earlier.

Needless to say, we're making a weekly campaign out of it. The group worked far too well together to not do it.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby Khador » 30 Mar 2016, 01:28

Okay, the game is a a home-brew setting in D&D 5ed, think Bloodbourn meet witcher style world.

The party (Champion, Battle master, Old One Warlock, Beast master Ranger, Assassin Rouge, Lore Bard) are the young bright eyed youths trying to save the world from the monsters in the ancient mansions and forests.

The last session they were trying to break into a cursed fortress, During which they meet the mostly deadly enemy......"The Banister"....the actual freaking banister to the veranda.

So the flow of the game was like this:

1st The party splits into two teams, team one: Both fighters, Bard and warlock, try the servants entrance. Team Two, the Ranger and Rouge, sneak up onto the roof.

2nd: Team one makes it into the basement finding a couple of burnt bodies. Team two see down into a large green house to find a moving shape.

3rd: Team one moves to first floor to find a collection of old clothes and garments discarded in shredded piles in the corner and began the to explore the first floor. Team two were trying to find a way down to the gardens, spotting a Veranda near to there current location on the roof.

4th: Team one had found there way through a dinning room to a set of large wooden doors (Think French windows style thing) leading to the gardens. Team two at this point tried to jump to the Veranda. Cue two monumental botches, which resulted in the Ranger under shooting the bar by a small amount to get his foot caught in the metal bars and took some damage as he nearly broke his ankle. The rouge overshooting the mark and only managing to catch himself by grabbing the rangers waist (Contributing to the damage)

5th: Team on now shocked by the sudden scream and the appearance of flaying legs look up to team two and start to laugh themselves silly. Team two, the ranger tries to help the rouge up failing both rolls to getting his already tangled foot even more damaged and now placing him a position where he will need help to remove it. The rouge tried to remove himself from the position only to botch the athletics check and has now managed to get themselves tangled up in there own hood and cloak.

6th: Team one try to get involved, the fighters start top pull the rangers arm, only stopped after the horrendous crack sound coming from the rangers foot and the scream when they work they may have nearly ripped his foot off, the warlock trying to use mage hand to untangle the rouge only to mess up and put all the weight on the rouges neck effectively hanging/strangling the rouge under its own weight.

7th The Battle master, gives the champion a leg up, who successful climbs up onto the Veranda, he proceeds to undo the cloak and the rouge falls to the first floor to be caught by the warlock and bard (Cure wounds are applied) Next the Champion decides that there is only one way to get the ranger out and that is to amputate, so to get the leverage to bring his axe down for a good clean cut, he stands on the banister corner overlooking the foot in question. (You can see it coming) Goes for a swing and gets a 1, he is given a athletics roll and gets a 2, falls ace of kettle back towards the garden and takes some damage from landing onto an old clay pot plant.

8th: The Bard, Rouge and Warlock give both the fighters a leg up and they begin to wrestle with the foot and banister, eventually so much damage is done to this banister and veranda that it is detached and comes crashing down, dealing damage to the Bard, rouge and Warlock and putting the ranger too Zero hit points

Cure wounds are applied to everyone and the battles after this escapade have not been anywhere near as dramatic as this.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby MotorWaffle » 13 May 2016, 19:23

My Lord of the Rings Campaign had a moment in it's last session that made the whole thing worth it to the DM (me).
The party had received incredible gifts from the generous Annatar. The used them throughout their adventure, and after caving in a mine that had tunneled into a goblin den, gave one to the dwarven elder (they had to roll a will check for this but weren't told why).
This proved an awful, awful decision as when they returned the elder had gone mad with power and had declared war on his own brothers. After subduing him with the help of Galadriel, one of the players made this gem of a comment:
"Man, it would be crazy if that guy who's been helping us this whole time was like, Sauron or something."
I couldn't help it, I burst out into maniacal laughter.
"Galadriel tells you to look into her eyes. You see clearly before you, your first meeting Annatar again, only now he's shrouded in darkness, with a maniacal glint in his eyes. Galadriel reappears before you, looking striken. 'So that's how Sauron plans to find the hidden kingdom...' she muses. Not through force, but through gifts."
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby PlasmaCow » 15 May 2016, 07:48

Dark Heresy session today:
Our team was down to three, one of whom was unconscious from flamer damage, we've clambered into our car to try and go back into hiding. The Big BadTM arrives in a gunship that hovers over us. He's standing on the ramp about to start gloating about something, I interject by firing on full-auto at him, twice (20 rounds), about half hit, doing enough damage to almost kill him, he then topples off the ramp of the gunship and smashes his skull on the tarmac.
In revenge his pilot turns the gunship around and opens fire on our car (while we frantically try and get the engine working. Knocks the other PC unconscious, leaving just mine to try and think of a way out. desperately looking through my character sheet for inspiration and lamenting my lack of grenades to throw at the engine intake - I suddenly realise, "hey, my bolas is basically a set of metal balls on a chain, that ought to do some damage!"
So it gets lobbed at the engine intake, successfully hits and goes in.
Engine explodes in a fiery fashion, burning the pilot alive and causing the gunship to crash to the ground in flames nearby.

And so ended that campaign! :D
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby eostby » 19 May 2016, 21:25

So, my group had a session of Call of Cthulhu today. My character managed to get killed through basically no fault of his own (one of the others may have read the Necronomicon, gone crazy, and killed him with his own gun), so I rolled up a replacement at home afterwards. Since the group was last headed towards Arkham, I decided my new character would be from nearby to make things easier. Given that my new guy is big on Size and Strength, I made him a boxer. Conveniently, a town in the county that Arkham happens to be in is West Newbury, Massachusetts. I decided to name my boxer Jonathon Senna. I regret nothing.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby Prospero101 » 06 Jun 2016, 08:04

So after a long, long, loooooooong Vampire: The Requiem campaign finally came to an end, my small group is embarking on a fascinating new adventure: One-Shot Roulette! Every session I'm going to be taking my group through a radically different one-shot using the Savage Worlds or World of Darkness systems.

Our first session was entitled "Fuhgeddaboutit!" Our players were two mobsters, ordered by their boss to dispose of a troublesome accountant in the desert outside Las Vegas. Highlights include stumbling into a gas-station stickup, driving through a gauntlet of mob snipers, and almost accidentally handing over the accountant to two undercover FBI agents.
It's all over but the crying. And the taxes.

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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby chetoos » 07 Jun 2016, 14:18

One of my players captured a Sacristan Kyton from a Dominion of the Black cave and is going to deliver them to a town of Erastil worshipers for her to be redeemed to good.
My Youtube Channel. Currently, I have a daily series where I play games that I like. Right now, it's Double Dragon Advance. I also have a weekly series where I play as the Archenemy from Duels 2012
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby chetoos » 27 Jun 2016, 06:24

An update from the Iron Gods campaign that I'm running: My party has discovered that mind control is super useful. First, they used it to take over a drug den that supplies the king with addictive fluids, then they went to a black market for technology run by a man with 6 bodyguards. The book didn't give me any pics for them, so I used shirtless 80's action stars like stallone and Van Damme. The only explanation I gave was that he's been lonely since his wife left.

Anyway, at the black market, a leader in the Technic League came to try and steal the item he wanted to sell, and her two champions were Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, so we had a hilarious battle where Vin Diesel was knocked unconscious and out of rage by Arnold Schwarzenegger, left at 1 HP from death, and Dwayne Johnson was mind controlled to go tackle the Technic League captain, after she had her head explode by one of my overzealous players. It was a good day.
My Youtube Channel. Currently, I have a daily series where I play games that I like. Right now, it's Double Dragon Advance. I also have a weekly series where I play as the Archenemy from Duels 2012
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby RoboNixon » 09 Aug 2016, 18:02

I'm not sure if my DM stole this idea, but it was pretty fun. Our group came upon the well named village of Neverwinterforesttownland, under the control of an evil sheriff. We were approached by 4 villagers trying to smuggle goods in to feed the poor townsfolk. They asked for our help dealing with the wicked sheriff, who had the power to switch bodies.

Suddenly, we were playing the "Sherriff of Nottingham" tabletop bluffing game inside our D&D session. The townsfolk said that whomever could bring in the most contraband would get a +1 Con ring. It incentivized us to try and win, but was a fun break to take turns RPing as the sinister sheriff and the various weirdos bringing in goods. Sadly, my dwarven fighter Bumblebeard did not win (stupid bard won), but it was a great time anyway.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby ElFuzzy » 11 Oct 2016, 16:43

I had a lot of fun in my last DnD campaign, and I tried to tweet about what happened that night if I remembered. Here are the ones I managed to do:

The other one I recently remembered was simply telling our proprietor that we were blasted into the ethereal plane for a little while, then after some wandering, exited as Lizardman Gods.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby unluckydesperado » 12 Dec 2016, 09:16

So actually had some character roleplaying in my last Earthdawn game. Was going against the actual setting and trying to introduce the Big Bad who I kinda modeled after Bill Cipher from gravity falls.

They went to a dream world and met with him and started getting clues about their past lives and the main plot finally reared it's head. Forcing them to wonder who they are and what deals they made before hand. So Spent the rest of the session trying to either act like nothing happened or understand more about the Horrors and the lost decades
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby Richard_ermen » 15 Feb 2017, 08:53

My last rp-session was actually during our long-running Vampire 1630 campaign, where we are stuck in some sort of timehell in 1647 because the GM won´t advance or timeskip ...and it was the most boring session to date. 5 grown-ups sitting around the table, the GM in between and because everyone has secrets, they want to keep to themselves but complain at the same time that no one comes to visit them. That was...not-fun.

Let me rather tell you about the Pathfinder session I ran a few days before that. Its playing on a typical generic-fantasy world, where the premise is "World Domination", inspired by Mount & Blades.

The main group of players are made up of some hobgoblins who went out of their way to adventure and plunder, which ended in them being cursed by the dwarven god of iron with some sort of iron-eating curse. This in turn they brought to their clans homestead, where it soon became apparent that it was almost virulent in its cursed-ness.

Fearing the repercussions should they be found out by the local shamans meant fleeing again, this time to a nearby human city, where they bought up everything they could to build up a distant settlement away from civilization with some of the plunder they stole previously and fled again as the hobgoblin horde began to wash against the cities walls.

Now, some time later, they´ve since founded their still nameless settlement and heard of a civil war that began in a southern kingdom and had refugees join their camp, while being periodically raided by giant apes on raptors, anyway, some time later, after they had lost the curse thanks to working for a miserly dwarven runesmith and some timetravel into the distant future of 1000 years (they tried to free Cthulhu, we don´t talk about it), they got word that some giant horde of hobgoblin refugees was slowly burning themselves through their territory and they found out that it was their fault, because those were the remnants of their old clan fleeing from the now long-lost homestead after the males vanished in a suicidal attack on the human city.

This led to some great roleplay, because the for and against was awesome and generally meant people had to take a stand because the horde outnumbers the settlement 5 to 1 with its 1000 people coming in. Great moment of roleplay all around and some very interesting arguments. And all of that because I rolled a random event on the monthly event table.... :?
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby glitchiee18 » 09 Apr 2017, 00:01

This happen in a game a few months ago but I thought was pretty hilarious and interesting. we had only had about two games before we meet up with a shop merchant that seemed to swing both ways. and was fixated on my character whom at the time was just a Generic wizard (was still learning everything) as we are walking the shop he owns, my other party members starts talking to him trying to get a deal and see whats going on but the merchant didn't care about anything my party member was saying, and threaten to pull a level that would either pull up all his weapon stock, or fill the floor with spikes, fearing that we would all get impaled i started talking to him about what we could purchase and who we needed to talk to about a prior quest. as we are leaving the merchant gives me a wink and says he would love to share a glass of wine with me, giving my character the shivers, Turns out this merchant was a mini-boss in a underground area on the out skirt of town, and was still very found of me, and still wanted to share a glass of wine with me, and at this point i accepted and i cant exatly recall what happen but i think i was cursed and the rest of my party was ambushed
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby glitchiee18 » 13 Apr 2017, 10:05

In a Session a few months ago me and my sister was playing, she was a druid and i was a wizard, of course my sister is obsessed with having animal companions, She eventually got a fairy dragon that could morph into any creatures, with my sister being a druid she could morph into the fairy dragon, and thus became anything she wanted (of course the Dm limisted it to some options) but it was funny to see her morph into the fairy dragon to morph into a bear.
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Re: Describe your last tabletop session

Postby AdmiralMemo » 09 Nov 2021, 10:41

So, I recently got into my first D&D campaign. Last session was Session 4, but I'll give you a recap of the general gist of it and Session 3, because it's necessary. So, we're playing Acquisitions Incorporated. Session 1, all the PCs (except 1 that we met in Session 2) got there and went through a test dungeon to become interns. Session 2 took us to a town to start our quest and meet the final PC. So our party is Gil (full name too long to remember), a L5 NPC elf wizard run by the DM who is kind of our "guide" and "chaperone" for the thing. The rest of us are L2s. There's Nova, his fiery daughter, elf ranger. She doesn't want to be here, but daddy's making her come along for whatever reasons. I forget the names of the 2 other PCs, but we have a human wizard and a human fighter. Then there's me, a gnome artificer named Tagon Bitcoin. (The DM told me that gnome names are whimsical at times, so I was like "Alright, full speed ahead.") I have high intelligence and low strength, but I also have sub-average wisdom. (This will be important later.) Our quest is pretty simple to explain: an old human man had a fortune when he was younger and hid a significant chunk of it in a dungeon he had built, for safe-keeping. Now he's old and he wants it back, but he's in no condition to retrieve it, so he'll give a cut of the fortune to folks he'll hire to get it back. He will help us as much as he can with his memory, but his memory is pretty bad at this point, so he doesn't remember ALL of the traps and such, and he can't come with us because he's pretty old and frail. So Session 3 is all about exploring the dungeon and trying to figure out where he hid this fortune. We do a bit of exploring, and pretty thoroughly have NO idea where we're going, and we come across a large room with the skeleton of a naga in it. Every one of us is kind of leery about it... except the fighter, who decides that it's harmless because it's just a skeleton. He goes up and tries to break a tooth off it. He... succeeds, which was impressive, but the process of touching it animates it and we have to fight a bone naga, which takes up the rest of Session 3.

So at the start of Session 4, we're all pretty exhausted after fighting that and most want to rest a bit. I start exploring the immediate surroundings, and find that once you head out of the large room the naga was in, you can go south into a corridor which eventually makes a U-turn and heads back north next to the room, and I find a door with 3 magical locks on it. I tell everyone about it and they come to check it out. I try to pick the locks, with no success, and Nova decides that she wants to try to attack the door with force. I'm like "Go ahead, sure." when I notice our fighter has wandered off. I go back to the naga room and find him inspecting the west wall. In a stroke of rare brilliance, he's thought "Well, if the door's here, that means this part of the wall is BEHIND the door, so why don't we just bust through the stone and not worry about the door?" So he ends up EVENTUALLY just busting through the stone wall and we come to the room that was on the other side of the door. It's ornately-decorated, and the main things of note are the chest on the north wall, 2 suits of armor with swords flanking the chest, and a carpet in the center of the room. I take one look at this room and I'm like "I don't trust this." I ask if anyone's got Detect Magic, and our human wizard does, so he casts it and finds that all the things I've noted are magical. It makes the rest of us pretty suspicious... of course, except the fighter, who effectively repeats his naga stunt when he tries to steal one of the swords from the suits of armor. They activate and we're in a fight again...

So we've got an animated suit of armor, a flying scimitar, and a suit of armor holding one of those scimitars, all attacking us. I cast Arcane Weapon on my blacksmith hammer to infuse it with electricity and wail on the one with the sword. It does a good chunk of damage, but these things have very high health, and his counter-attack takes away 2/3 of my health. I'm like "Oh crap"... (Sub-average wisdom, remember.) So while everyone else is taking their turns (I was pretty high on the initiative roll), I start trying to cook up a plan. I start thinking "Alright, I'm Chaotic Good... let's spark some chaos." So when it gets back to me, I tell the DM "I take 2 steps back, grab the rug on the floor, and throw it over the suit of armor that's attacking me." This makes all the rest of the players simultaneously say "You're going to WHAT?!" and makes the DM go "ohKAAAAAAAAY..." I had remembered that the wizard said that the carpet was magic, so I was like "Let's see what happens." Turns out it was a "Carpet of Smothering" and I needed to make a contested strength check to overpower it, which I succeed, and the carpet goes over top of the suit and starts trying to smother it. This has COMPLETELY altered how this fight was going to go. Fighter's still trying to take the sword for himself, even with the sword itself trying to resist. Nova's trying to fight the other suit. Our L5, who was in the other room, hears the commotion and runs in like a British policeman with "Wot's all this, then?" and I've run behind him for safety. Nova and the L2 wizard keep fighting the swordless suit. Fighter keeps making his strength checks and effectively wields the resistant sword against the other suit. The carpet doesn't have very good "friend or foe" detection and keeps trying to smother that suit. That suit's sword breaks free and goes after the L5. I'm just sitting in the corner laughing and trying to figure out what I could do, making a few ineffectual attacks at the new sword.

So on the same combat turn, the swordless suit dies, the free sword dies, and the other suit manages to free itself from the carpet, which falls to the floor. So Nova decides to pivot her focus and go against the other suit... unfortunately stepping on the carpet in the process. The carpet tries to smother her JUST as the wizard had thrown a fireball at it. So now our Ranger is trapped in a flaming rug that's actively trying to smother her. The second suit goes down to the fighter's hit, and our L5 decides to cast some sort of holy magic at the rug. At this point, I'm like "The heck with this!" and I bolt our of the room, going down the hallway around the corner to catch my breath, because if our L5 is willing to just blatantly hurt his own daughter, I don't want to get hit in any cross-fire, with health that low. Nova manages to get free of the carpet, a little bit of fighting ensues, and the carpet is defeated. I take a health potion and all we've got left is the obstinate sword in Fighter's hands, which he shoves straight into the floor. It resists a bit, but the DM at this point decides that, with all its friends gone, the sword has finally acclimated to the Fighter's hands and Fighter now owns a magic flying scimitar.

So we do a bit of recovery stuff and healing, and then Fighter decides that he wants to check out the chest... and that's where the session ended, because my character was like "Nooooooooo!"

If Fighter causes us to have THREE sessions in a row where we have to fight stuff because he got greedy and cocky, I might be a little bit annoyed. :-D
Graham wrote:The point is: Nyeh nyeh nyeh. I'm an old man.
LRRcast wrote:Paul: That does not answer that question at all.
James: Who cares about that question? That's a good answer.


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