Scenic nsburg - a Fiasco playset for Qwerpline

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Scenic nsburg - a Fiasco playset for Qwerpline

Postby jppeters » 09 Sep 2017, 00:39

Hello all! I just made a Fiasco playset for Qwerpline, which you can find here.

Fiasco is a GM-less roleplaying game for 3-5 players. For a fantastic example of a Fiasco session, watch the three-parter Tabletop did (Act One, Act Two, and the Setup). Fiasco thrives when characters are ambitious, short-sighted, and full of hubris, and I felt that the citizens of nsburg would fit right in.

It's very much a first draft, so if anyone's played Fiasco before and has comments on how to improve the playset, I'd love to hear it.

(Mods, let me know if this is the right forum for stuff like this. The Qwerpline forum seems to just for episode discussion, and I didn't want to put something like this in General.)

EDIT: Scribd makes it hard to download PDFs after a certain amount of time, so I've reuploaded the playset: ... g-reupload

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