Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

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Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

Postby tbug » 05 Aug 2019, 15:45

Blake-R-LWW-1 Intro (August 5)

You’ve enjoyed your time in Sector JMM, but when the Computer tells you you’re moving then you move. Your new dorm room is EAA-192. It takes a couple hours to get to the new Sector, but once there your HUD takes you into an enormous property with a sign reading “Yeast Production Facility P4RA-DI5E.” The yeast production has all halted, and new construction is taking place everywhere. It is very cold.

You find your dorm room against an actual Sector wall, which bears a grey sticker: “insulation pending.” It can’t happen too soon—you can easily see your breath.

The door opens and a citizen who seems to be made of goo slurps through it. He has a strong aroma, but it’s difficult to place. Your HUD identifies the new arrival as Bjorn-R-MEG-5. You quickly put your stuff on the only remaining unoccupied lower bunk, but he slithers over to one of the others which he has clearly already claimed.

“Hey, you must be a new roommate. Blake-R, huh? Whaddaya do?”


“Ouch! Sorry to hear that! I test transline tracks for proper electrification.”

You don’t have long to chat with Bjorn-R before a speaker in your room blares to life with a mission notification.

“Blake-R, you are hereby assigned as Equipment Officer for a new troubleshooter team. Report to Commissary EAA/PLC-04b to collect your team’s assigned gear!”

“Yes, Friend Computer!”

Bjorn-R looks at you sympathetically as you run off.

On your way there you receive a message from Nunzio-Y-JNL-6, your secret society contact: “Blake-R, I have been given to understand that you will be utilizing some of the large empty space in the former food factory during your next mission. I recommend you figure out a way we can use some of that space for ourselves. Trick your teammates into helping brainstorm if you can. That’s more of a long-term project, though. In the meantime, there are some bio-hazard markers in locker
EAA-07/054 at TransBot station EAA-07. Pick them up then designate a location inside the old factory as biologically contaminated so that we can use that space for our own purposes. You’ll have to get your team’s Science Officer to sign off on that. Try not to promise too much in exchange.”

There’s an INFRARED citizen at the commissary. Your HUD identifies her as Alouisa-EAA-2. She looks at you vacantly as you walk in, staring at your wings.

“Hello Alouisa, I’m here to pick up the mission equipment for the troubleshooters.”

“Yeah? For which team?”

“I… wasn’t told.”

“Oh. Well, that’s okay.”

She rummages around, looks at some forms, then pulls out four red reflec-armour one-size-fits-all jumpsuits, four red laser pistols, a red reflective backpack with the label “Alertness Officer,” a large brown and black urn with the label “safety officer,” and a grey wheelbarrow with red handles and the label “mobility officer.”

“Okay, now sign here saying you take responsibility for all gear and promising to return all of it in pristine condition.”

You don’t seem to have any other option, so you sign. Happily, you manage to pile everything into the wheelbarrow and make it to troubleshooter headquarters without too dire a spill.

Ira-R-TUV-1 Intro (August 5)

The war on Level Q has caused a lot of problems for the TUV troubleshooters, who seemed to have ended up with jurisdiction. Something sppears to have happened though, and all of a sudden many of you are being reassigned. You seem to have been one of the luckiest, since you’re going to the brand new troubleshooter station in Sector EAA.

The trip up takes several hours, but you get there and find your new dorm room. It isn’t long before the Computer gives you your first assignment: “Ira-R-TUV-1, you are hereby assigned to the troubleshooter team leaving the office in seventeen minutes. Report in and take on the duties and responsibilities of Science Officer. Your Equipment Officer will have your science kit for you.”

Getting there in seventeen minutes could be tight, especially since there seems to be a lot of construction nearby. At least running will help fight off the cold that seems to be even worse here than back home.

You pull up short when a citizen in an orange jumpsuit steps directly in front of you. Your HUD identifies her as Janet-O-EBA-3. She holds a finger to her lips, takes your arm, and pulls you into an alcove.

“Ira-R, don’t say anything. I’m your new contact here in Sector EAA. I’ve read your upcoming troubleshooter mission, and I have a slight modification to make. Do whatever you need to do to keep the troubleshooter team away from pump station EAA/rho-niner. We’re counting on you, Ira-R.”

She lets go of your arm, and you run off to try to make it to work on time. You’re out of breath, but you manage it.

Jordan-R-EAA-1 Intro (August 5)

“Jordan-R-EAA-1, report to troubleshooter headquarters for immediately assignment as Happiness Officer. Your team’s Equipment Officer will give you your happiness kit.”

This is it! Your first assignment as a troubleshooter! You’ve seen the occasional episode of “Shooters” (the vid show all about how awesome troubleshooters are) and know that the Happiness Officer is responsible for making sure that fellow troubleshooters are completely happy at all times. Happiness is, after all, mandatory!

You hurriedly make your way toward troubleshooter headquarters, but are interrupted by an encrypted text message from Maisie-O-FDB-4, your secret society contact. You hastily decrypt it and hope that Friend Computer isn’t currently monitoring your iBalls.

“Jordan-R, I have dire news. Our group is wracked with treachery, and it seems Nelson-G-HCB-6 has staged a coup for his own purposes. Go find Jim-EAA-1 and Arno-EAA-1 and teach them that siding with bad guys is a terrible idea.”

You’re not entirely sure what to make of this, but you hurry on toward troubleshooter HQ. If you make good time you can still be early. You’re getting close when you see a citizen in a yellow jumpsuit wave you over. Though nervous about the time, you still decide it’s best to do as the high-ranking citizen tells you to do. Your HUD displays the name Marvin-Y-GAH-5.

“Jordan-R, I’ve been waiting for you. Here, have some Hot Fun.”

He hands you an empty red cup then pours some steaming fluid in from his orange cup, giving you a wink. It tastes zesty and delicious.

“I’m afraid our group is having some problems. I work for Nelson-G-HCB-6, and he wants to make sure that he can count on your support. While you’re out on your mission today, please set fire to apartment EAA/Y04-17. He’ll make it worth your while. You’ll find firestarting equipment in locker number EAA-07/051 at TransBot station EAA-07.”

Kennedy-R-NHL-1 Intro (August 5)

Something odd has been going on in Sector NFL, and the troubleshooters based out of Sector NGL have been shaken up. There seem to be some politics involved, but you’re avoiding all of it due to a transfer to another office.

The move from Sector NGL to Sector EAA takes more time than the Computer had allotted, so you don’t have time to get properly settled before your HUD directs you to the local troubleshooter office for a mission briefing.

A citizen in yellow is waiting for you. According to your HUD this is Ben-Y-EZJ-6.

“Hello, Kennedy-R. You are going to be leading this office’s first troubleshooter team, designated team ee-ay-ay-dash-aught-one. If your team acquires a nickname you are obliged to register it, and I can provide you with the appropriate forms. Your mission today is to go to pump station EAA/rho-niner and make sure that it is operating optimally. First, however, Housing Preservation and Development & Mind Control has something for you. Take your team to HPD&MC office EAA/942 before you do anything else. This mission is an important one to prove that our office can handle assignments quickly, efficiently, and most importantly successfully, so I’m glad that your first mission is such an easy one. I have written some Mission Achievements for you and your team so that you can earn some extra XP points on the side.”

“Ben-Y-EZJ-6, one of the achievements that you wrote is treasonous. Here is a treason star. Do not write treasonous achievements in the future. Kennedy-R, you must not allow your team to be led by treasonous achievements into committing treason.”

“Yes, Friend Computer. Thank-you, Friend Computer,” you say in unison. Ben-Y does indeed have a golden treason star floating above his head now.

“Well, don’t do that one then,” he says miserably, and leaves you to wait for your team.

This gives you time to decrypt a message you’d received from Elena-Y-MAR-4, your secret society contact: “Kennedy-R, we have read about your mission. Go to TransBot station EAA-07 and find locker EAA-07/052. It will open to your tongueprint. Take the incendiary devices from there, and then set fire to the pump station.”
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Re: Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

Postby tbug » 08 Aug 2019, 14:02

Blake-R-LWW-2 Aftermath (August 5)

You wake up back in Sector LWW’s clone vats. It’s been a while since you were here. A vat tech (Marrey-R-LWW-1, according to your HUD) is there to help you out of your clone tank. Your back is really uncomfortable, and your balance is off. You reach a hand out to steady yourself and it isn’t blue! You take a moment to adjust to the fact that you really have lost the mutation that has been with you for so long.

Marrey-R hands you so black sweat pants, a grey t-shirt that says Sector LWW on the back, and some brown moccasins. These are woefully insufficient, and you feel extremely cold.

“Blake-R-LWW-2, report to Sector EAA troubleshooter headquarters immediately for mission debriefing.”

You say goodbye to Marrey-R and start on your way. You’re partway there when you get a message from Nunzio-Y (your secret society contact): “Blake-R, I was sorry to hear about the unfortunateness of your demise. I hope that your new life is a pleasant and lengthy one. It seems to us that the situation of your mission accomplishment was rather complicated by the collapse of the construction area and the explosion that followed. Given that my current location is far enough away to render me unable to determine our next step on site, I am going to transfer you to a new handler. Expect to hear from Lucrezia-O-EBA-3 soon.”

You get to Sector EAA and head to HQ. You’re greeted there by Ben-Y-EZJ-6. He gestures you to a chair. Once you’re seated he has you scooch over a few cm so that you’re directly under a lit hemisphere in the ceiling.

“Blake-R, please remain silent throughout your post-mission evaluation. Overall your team did well, but your performance was not all that it could have been. I am here to help you with that.”

You nod.

“As Equipment Officer you were required to return all of the equipment assigned to team EAA-01. You returned none of it personally, but all of it was returned in pristine condition by Troubleshooter Team EAA-02 except for the pink lab coat from the science officer’s kit, which was badly stained, and all of the weapons, which were missing. For this failure you are fined 75 XP points.”

You nod again.

“Also, as Equipment Officer you were responsible for the Computer’s property, which includes KM-807. By allowing the robot to be destroyed in the explosion, you deprived the Computer of one of its possessions. For this you are fined 100 XP points.”

This seems less fair to you, but you hold your tongue.

“Finally, there was a new problem that developed while your team delayed servicing the pump station. The water in the pipe leading to the station froze, causing damage to a brand new pipe. For this you are fined 50 XP points.”

You suppress a sigh.

“On the other hand, none of your team members complained to the Computer about their equipment, and you didn’t requisition anything at all from the Commissary, which is exemplary. Well done. For this you receive a bonus of 83 XP points.”

You didn’t know that requisitioning additional equipment was a possibility. That’s a good thing to learn.

“Also, the broken pump is now working again. In fact, it’s better than it was before your assignment. For this exemplary work you receive 350 XP points.”

You manage a smile.

“Finally, your episode of Shooters was spectacular, and HPD&MC has decided to classify it as a premium video cast instead of a standard one. You have a new permanent achievement from them. Every time you convince someone to purchase your episode you will receive 5 XP points. Congratulations.”

Ben-Y nods, gives you your post-mission paperwork to fill out, and leaves the meeting room.

After work you run into Lucrezia-O, apparently coincidentally. She slips you an orange laser pistol hidden in a red holster.

“Nice job. I look forward to working with you.”

Ira-R-TUV-2 Aftermath (August 5)

You wake up in the clone vats in Sector TUV. Your home Sector is a little warmer than Sector EAA, but it’s still really cold.

A clone vat tech (Bruce-R-TUV-1) helps you out of your tube and hands you a towel. He’s sorting through a bin of old clothes that look to be in pretty terrible shape and finally settles on a pair of enormous brown coveralls with a variety of grey and black patches. He hands them to you and goes in search of shoes. He returns empty-handed.

“Got nothing for your feet, mate, but we can’t send you out like that or you’ll lose your toes. I’ll grab another towel and we’ll wrap ’em up.”

He is as good as his word, and soon your feet are wrapped in thick grey towels. He claps you on your back and sends you on your way. Your HUD indicates that you need to return immediately to Sector EAA, so you start the long journey.

Once you reach your destination inside Troubleshooter Headquarters, you are joined in a meeting room by Ben-Y-EZJ-6. He motions you to a chair.

“Ira-R, please remain silent throughout the debriefing. You did relatively well, but there are some ways you can improve. Let me help you with those.”

You nod.

“First, as Science Officer you neither approved nor declined the biohazard declaration in the construction zone. Your input in such matters is critical, and for neglecting this duty you are fined 35 XP points.”

It takes you a moment to remember that several biohazard markers flew out of Blake-R’s jumpsuit and adhered to the surrounding area. That must be the incident in question. Ben-Y has already moved on to the next point.

“Also, while your team was delaying work on the pump station, the water in the new pipe leading into it froze, creating further problems. For this delay you are fined 50 XP points.”

That seems fair.

“On the other hand, MW-334 had been waiting to be insulated from the cold and was in danger of damage, which you prevented. For your quick work in improvising the protective covering you are awarded 100 XP points. Well done.”

You beam.

“Finally, your team’s excellent work in the pump station has not only got it fully up and running again, but it is the most efficient it has ever been. Nice job! For this you are awarded 350 XP points.”

You try to look modest.

“Finally, your episode of Shooters was such a good product that it’s being released as a premium video cast, and you have a new permanent achievement. Each time you convince someone to buy your episode you will receive 5 XP points. Congratulations.”

He gives you your post-mission paperwork forms and leaves the briefing room.

After work you start home and are met by Janet-O, who looks very happy.

“Ira-R, that was beautifully done! Our operative got into the pump station and did what she does best. I don’t think anyone suspects a thing.”

She gives you a red glittery bedazzled vest.

Once you get back to dorm room EAA-187 you’re ready to crash, but your roommate Chaz-R-ECA-2 is feeling chatty.

“Hey, have you noticed anything weird about this Sector? Like how nobody talks about the fact that there are so many…”

He is interrupted by the door opening and someone walking in.

“Hello, I am Brenda-R-EAA-22. I’m your new roommate.”

Chaz-R looks chagrined.

Jordan-R-EAA-2 Aftermath (August 5)

virus detected. antivirus protocol overridden. newclone ready.

You wake up and feel horrible and bloated. Your body is all wrong. As soon as you stumble out of the cloning vat you look at your claws and only see fingers. You ignore the towel that Brenda-EAA-17 is holding out to you and watch with fascination as the fingers move in the same way you’re trying to move your claws.

Brenda somehow gets you into a beige jumpsuit and double-thick black socks, and you stumble out into the corridors. You turn to go back to your dorm room and immediately smash your head into a pipe that should never have been able to hurt you. Everything around you looks small.

“Jordan-R-EAA-2, report to troubleshooter headquarters for debriefing.”

You blink at the loudspeaker and don’t immediately start to move. Brenda-NHL-14 notices this and nudges you to get going. You bemusedly follow the arrow in your HUD into a meeting room. You’re joined there by Ben-Y-EZJ-6, who motions you to sit.

“Jordan-R, you did fairly well in your very first troubleshooter mission, but there were a couple of mistakes. Let’s review them.”

He tries to catch your eye, but you’ve gone back to looking at the fingers.

“As Happiness Officer you were responsible for keeping all of the people around you happy. It seems that not only were you yourself unhappy on more than one occasion, but when you encountered some very unhappy terrorists in a construction zone you didn’t attempt so much as a single singsong of jolly tunes. Happiness has been found to reduce hostilities by up to 1.7%. For your failure in this regard you are fined 55 XP points.”

It’s weird sitting on a chair this way. Not only does it feel really small, but you keep expecting to be squishing your tail when you sit in this position. You end up squirming a lot.

“Also, while you delayed your arrival at the pump station the water in the newly-laid pipe leading to it froze. For this you are fined 50 XP points.”

You can feel the floor through your feet even though you’re on a chair. It’s bizarre.

“On the other hand, the pump station is now not only fully-functional but it has improved its efficiency over factory settings. Well done! For this success you are awarded 350 XP points.”

You start to wonder whether the XP points can buy your body back, but get distracted by the discovery that the itchiness on your scalp is caused by actual hair. As far as you can tell your crest has completely vanished.

“Also, the decorated wheelbarrow has brought joy to many INFRARED citizens who rode it up and down the TransBot tracks illegally. They have been punished, but for the happiness you gave them you receive 43 XP points.”

The arms seem to reach out forever. Being able to reach behind your body nearly gives you a panic attack.

“Finally, your episode of Shooters was so phenomenal that the producers have decided to market it as a premium video cast instead of a standard one. You have a new permanent achievement. Any time you convince someone to purchase your episode you will receive 5 XP points.”

This at last makes you smile a little. Ben-Y leaves you with your post-mission paperwork and heads out.

You receive a couple of encrypted messages while you’re working through the documents, but you see no reason to reply to either. The first is from Maisie-O, expressing her disappointment with your lack of resourcefulness—didn’t they give you a gun? The second message is from Marvin-Y, also expressing disappointment with your lack of resourcefulness, particularly since you used up the resources assigned to you. Marvin-Y suggests that you’ll need to work extra hard not to end up on Nelson-G’s “bad list.”

Kennedy-R-NHL-2 Aftermath (August 5)

virus detected. antivirus protocol overridden. newclone ready.

You wake up in the clone vats of Sector NHL. You remember this area from your earliest days, but most of the lights are out and it’s very cold. A six-legged robot skitters over to you with a pair of brown towels. You dry off as quickly as you can, then struggle into the black jumpsuit it hands you. There’s a box of black socks nearby, and you put three on each foot then nab an oversized pair of grey slippers. It’s still pretty cold, so you wrap the brown towels around you and look for the door.

“Kennedy-R,” says the robot, “the doors were all sealed when this Sector was closed. We recommend that you relocate your clones. In the meantime, the only way out is the high-speed clone delivery system.”

It helps you into a tight-fitting capsule, and as soon as the lid closes you experience sudden high g-forces. In an astonishingly short amount of time you are back in Sector EAA. Your HUD directs you to troubleshooter headquarters, where you are joined in a meeting room by Ben-Y-EZJ-6.

“Kennedy-R, please have a seat and refrain from speaking during the post-mission performance analysis.”

You cock an eyebrow at him but do as requested.

“Your team did fairly well over all, but there were some imperfections in your personal behaviour. Let’s go over them.”

You keep your silence.

“First, you are fined 35 XP points for littering. The wheelbarrow and its contents came into the possession of several INFRARED citizens who have already been punished for unauthorized use of the TransBot tunnel.”

So that’s who took the wheelbarrow!

“Second, you were not authorized to take refuse from the bin near the vendbots and transport it to the construction site. The remains of the Hot Fun cup have been dealt with, but for inappropriate transfer of trash you are fined 1 XP point.”

You manage not to roll your eyes.

“Finally, while your team was delaying its arrival at the pump station, the water in some freshly-laid pipe leading to it froze, causing further damage. For this delay you are fined 50 XP points.”

That actually seems legitimate.

“On the other hand, your team’s work in the pump station was exceptional. The pump is now performing well beyond factory specifications. For your great work at pump station EAA/rho-niner you are awarded 350 XP points.”

You aren’t sure what he’s talking about, but you’re happy to stay silent and get paid.

“And finally, I’m told that your episode of Shooters dramatically exceeded expectations, to the point that the producers have decided to market it as a premium video cast. Also, you are receiving four free vouchers for the episode and a new permanent achievement: every time you convince someone to purchase this episode you receive 5 XP points.”

Ben-Y leaves you with your post-mission paperwork.

After work you receive a curt message from Elena-Y: “You took the stuff but you didn’t do the job. Make this right.”
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Re: Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

Postby tbug » 12 Aug 2019, 15:34

Blake-R-LWW-2 Intro (August 12)

“Blake-R-LWW-2, report to troubleshooter headquarters and assume leadership of troubleshooter team ee-ay-ay-dash-aught-four.”

You’re nearly back at dorm room EAA-192 after a hard day’s work, but clearly trouble needs to get shot at any time of day. Lucky for you a TaxiBot is just dropping someone off nearby, so you hail it and get to headquarters in good time. Your HUD directs you into a meeting room where a citizen dressed all in black except for a yellow visor is lounging in a chair near a table. Your HUD identifies her as Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4.

“Hey. I’m Midnight.”

You stand there respectfully and wait for her to say something. She doesn’t. Eventually the Computer does.

“Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4, you are required to give the mission briefing now.”

“Or what? Am I fired?”

“No. You will be given extra duties.”

“Sigh. Fine.”

She gives you a look.

“There’s a crack in some wall. Your HUD will take you there. Fix it. I gave you mission achievements. Do all of them.”

“Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4, your mission achievements are inappropriate.”

“Am I fired?”



Midnight waves you away, so you walk uncertainly into the office foyer to wait for your team. During your wait you receive an encrypted message from Lucrezia-O-EBA-3: “Blake-R, we understand you’re sealing a break in Alpha Complex’s outer wall. Please instead install a door. Once you’re ready for it, send me the message “Alpha Complex is fun” and I’ll have the door delivered.

Ira-R-TUV-2 (Intro August 12)

You’ve been sleeping poorly lately. Your new roommates aren’t significantly worse than others you’ve had, but it might be your new hand. You keep having what must surely be phantom sensations from your cybernetic hand. Anyway, it’s been a tough day at work and you’re hopeful that you’re tired enough to just sleep tonight.

You catch up with Chaz-R as you’re both walking back toward your room.

“Hey Chaz, did you have any more thoughts about all the Brendas?”

“Oh, yeah, Brenda’s nice.”

“No, I mean we were talking about how weird it is that there are so many of them in this Sector and nobody seems to notice.”

“Brenda bought me some Hot Fun at lunch time. Hey, does this Sector have a FunBall team?”

You try to decide if he’s attempting subtlety, but as far as you can tell he’s just no longer interested in discussing it.

“Ira-R-TUV-2,” blasts a nearby loudspeaker, “report immediately to troubleshooter headquarters for assignment as Public Relations Officer. You will be responsible for every aspect of the public’s perception of you, your fellow team members, and troubleshooters generally.”

“Tough break, buddy,” says Chaz-R as you turn around and head back the way you came.

On your way back to work you get a message from Janet-O-EBA-3: “Ira-R, you’re going to be asked to patch a crack in a wall. The damage is too extensive for that to be meaningfully effective. Try to destroy the whole wall so that they’ll be forced to rebuild it from scratch.”

Jordan-R-EAA-2 (Intro August 12)

“Jordan-R-EAA-2,” booms the Computer’s voice. “Report immediately to troubleshooter headquarters to take up the role and responsibilities of Combat Officer. For this mission your team’s Equipment Officer will be issuing you with an enhanced spear for use in protecting your team. This sphere will respond only to your DNA for the purposes of activating its special abilities. You must protect this spear for the duration of the mission. Failure to return the sphere in pristine condition will result in penalization.”

You heave yourself to your feet, swaying a little and unable to compensate with a tail, and start toward HQ. It’s already been a really long day. You don’t make very good time, and at one point the Computer reminds you to walk quickly and efficiently.

You receive a text when you’re partway there. It’s from Marvin-Y-GAH-5: “Jordan-R, we’ve heard that things are a little tough for you right now. If you need anything, or if we can help in any way, please let us know.”

Kennedy-R-NHL-2 (Intro August 12)

Your day started particularly early today, and you’re feeling it. Happily, you managed to get in a double-length shower and now you’re enjoying an evening bowl of red-flavour gruel.

“Kennedy-R, report to troubleshooter headquarters and assume the role of Fitness Officer.”

You’ve never even heard of a Fitness Officer role before. You take a big swig of the gruel from your bowl and head toward headquarters.

Elena-Y-MAR-4 sends you an encrypted message. Decrypting while walking is tricky, but eventually you manage it: “Kennedy-R, we don’t want to believe that you are not dedicated to the cause. Please give us some showy display of allegiance during your upcoming mission. The more spectacular the better.”
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Re: Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

Postby tbug » 15 Aug 2019, 20:18

Blake-R-LWW-2 Aftermath (August 12)

You receive a call in the middle of the night to return to troubleshooter headquarters for a debriefing with Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4. She’s sitting at a table looking at a tall, untouched stack of paperwork. The top form is labelled “URGENT! THIRD ATTEMPT!” Elizabeth-Y looks up at you with undisguised disgust as you walk in.

“Did I tell you to succeed at your mission? Did I ask you to get me commendations for a job well done? Don’t answer that. In fact, don’t talk to me at all. You’re fined 150 XP points. Go away.”

Your current XP point balance is 1036.

As you are leaving troubleshooter headquarters the computer fills your HUD with text: “Blake-R, you failed to bring two of the three traitors to justice. Frank-EAA-1 and Lorraine-EAA-1 were your responsibility. They are being punished for inappropriate behaviour later this morning, and you will supervise them. Meet them at sewer junction EAA/9c4 at 0600 hours.”

This turned out to be just as horrible an experience as it sounds. Happily, your in-depth knowledge of Alpha Complex not only let you make the job easier (and thus shorter), but actually significantly impressed the two INFRAREDs.

Lucrezia-O contacts you later, disappointed that you didn’t install the door. She admits that she was amused at where the thieves eventually took it, given that she has the remote control that opens and closes it, but declines to give any further details.

When you eventually manage to convince her to come on a field trip with you, she is stunned by what you show her. Neither you nor she can actually open the blue door, but the knowledge of what lays behind it clearly impresses her. She divulges a secret to you: your secret society has discovered a way of transferring XP points—something thought impossible. For this phenomenal discovery she awards you 1000 XP points. Your current balance is 2036.

She is very interested in the intelligence you divulge concerning Sector ZZA, and thanks you profusely for your work.

Ira-R-TUV-2 Aftermath (August 12)

You’re just hitting the shower after your mission when you’re summoned to troubleshooter headquarters for a meeting with Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4. She’s lounging in a meeting room, still dressed almost entirely in black.

“So Liam-B was here,” she says without preamble. “He yelled at me because your team sucks at whatever you were in charge of. That was fun. I’m giving you 800 XP points for irritating him. Go buy yourself a Hot Fun.”

She shoos you out of the room. Your new XP point balance is 2088. You aren’t sure if the Hot Fun is mandatory, but you decide to take no chances—you find a vendbot and make a purchase, making your XP point balance 2086.

The next morning you have a message waiting from Janet-O. Decrypted, it reads: “We were disappointed not to hear reports of a smashed wall.” You ask her for a meeting, and she agrees to see you after work.

When you lead her to the purported empty section of P4RA-DI5E she is amazed by what’s there. As you reveal what you have learned she gets more and more excited until you mention Sector ZZA.

“Wait, the Underplex is real? And that’s what connects to ZZA? We… need to address this. Thank-you, Ira-R.”

She rushes off, but later that day your dorm room’s heating unit arrives, which no one expected to happen for months. After installation is complete, you discover that a clothes press has also been installed in your room, with a note reading “Thanks, Ira-R!”

Your roommate Brian-R-GDB-3 has been unimpressed with you so far, what with your keeping irregular hours and having seemingly a different job every day, but the arrival of the clothes press has him nearly in tears. He carefully presses his jumpsuit, then presses his spare jumpsuit, then offers to press all his other roommates’ clothes, then goes out and buys more clothes and presses them. You may have made a friend.

Jordan-R-EAA-3 Aftermath (August 12)

You are almost immediately summoned back to troubleshooter headquarters for an after-action meeting with Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4. When you walk into her office there’s a huge stack of forms that are awaiting filling in. She’s ignoring them.

“Hey, you did a mission. Woo. How does a reward of 4 XP points sound? Too few? Too few. Maybe a thousand? Let’s do a thousand. Go away.”

Bewildered, you turn around and leave. Your current XP point balance is 1918. It’s really late, and you’re exhausted. You head back to dorm EAA-192 and try to get some sleep, but it’s a restless night for you. Eventually you drop off, but when it’s time to get up you feel rather fatigued.

You’re having some morning gruel when you get a message that perks you right up. It’s from Marvin-Y: “Meet me at transbot station EAA/03 in twenty minutes.” You have so much to tell him! You head straight there, and pace.

When Marvin-Y shows up he’s holding a large parcel. He silences you and jerks his head toward the lockers, where he has you lick one open. He puts the parcel inside and locks it.

“Okay, one thing a Combat Officer needs is a good gun. Another thing is skill. If you think tactically enough, this might help out.”

He presses a small green sphere against the back of your neck. You gain a new skill.

“It’s not really a Combat Officer type skill, but that’s really not our thing. Sorry. Are you doing okay?”

You’ve been waiting for a chance to tell him everything, which you do in a flood of information so rapid and excited that he has to ask you a couple of times to slow down and repeat yourself. Somewhat to your disappointment he is much more excited about your news concerning Sector ZZA than about the cloning tubes, but before he leaves the transbot station you actually witness him dispatch techs to repurpose said tubes. He says it’ll take a week or two, but he’s confident he’ll be able to get it to work.

Later that morning you also get a note from Maisie-O: “This isn’t over.”

After work you are approached by Mia-O-ECA-2. You have no idea who she is, except that she’s ORANGE and clearly walking toward you.

“Jordan-R, we spent some resources lately that ended up benefiting you. Those resources were somewhat valuable, as I hope you can appreciate. I recognize that you didn’t ask for this, but there’s no question that it’s going to be advantageous to you. We’ll be in touch.”

She doesn’t even give you a chance to respond before walking off.

That was weird.

Kennedy-R-NHL-2 Aftermath (August 12)

The morning after the mission, you’re summoned to troubleshooter headquarters for a meeting with Elisabeth-Y-EZJ-4. She’s not there. You wait for nearly an hour before she stumbles in, gestures to you to follow, then leaves. The two of you walk wordlessly to a Hot Fun vendbot. She buys something steaming and delicious-smelling in a yellow cup then steps back, sipping it. You just look at her.

“Have a Hot Fun.”

You shrug and buy a Hot Fun. Your current XP point balance is 1581. Finally she finishes her beverage and looks at you.

“This is pointless. It’s all pointless. Do you like the number seven? I hate it less than some other numbers. Have seven seventy-seven XP points for your mission. I suggest you use it to buy your way back down the ranks, then tell me how you did it. Now go away.”

You blink a little at the abrupt dismissal, then leave. Your current XP point balance is 2358.

As you’re walking away you are stopped by Sama-Y-GRA-4. You don’t recognize her.

“Kennedy-R, I work for Liam-B. According to our video records you were away from the rest of Troubleshooter Team EAA-04 when an anomaly occurred relating to my boss. Do you know anything about that?”

You tell her very convincingly that you have no idea what she’s talking about, and she believes you. She even agrees that Evangelista-Y was indeed very distracting.

Later that day you receive an encrypted message from Elena-Y, expressing disappointment in your lack of an impressive display of loyalty. You don’t have the ability to send an encrypted message back, but you ask her to hang out and she agrees to meet you after work.

While you’re eating lunch a woman in orange sits down opposite you. It’s unusual to see someone of higher clearance in a red cafeteria, but she puts an object on the table between you and presses a button on it. At first the device looks black, but closer inspection reveals that it’s actually green, just badly stained. Your HUD, which had just identified her as Amelia-O-DAB-3, goes dark (the way it did in the dead zone).

“Kennedy-R, I’m glad Evangelista-Y was able to help with things yesterday. She likes making these appearances on camera, but it’s still not cheap. Please don’t worry though, because I’m sure we can work something out. After all, life is beautiful!”

She turns off the device, picks it up, and leaves. You’re not entirely sure what that was all about, but you’re sure you’ll be hearing more.

True to her word, Elena-Y meets with you later in the day. Though disappointed in your recent lack of advancing the cause, she consents to follow you into the unused section of P4RA-DI5E. When you show her the dead zone she is thrilled, and when you tell her that it contains an illicit cloning facility she can hardly contain herself. She rushes off with barely a word, but you know that she’s pleased with you because during the night the skill your society had previously installed inside you increases to +5.
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Re: Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

Postby tbug » 19 Aug 2019, 14:12

Blake-R-LWW-2 (Intro August 19)

You have regained five moxie points.

In the time since you discovered the Brenda tubes, Friend Computer has declared all of the Brendas to be traitors to Alpha Complex. Many citizens have earned XP points by bringing them to justice, and the Brendas can perhaps be considered responsible for the ensuing promotions.

“Blake-R-LWW-2, report immediately to secure station ZZA-2c31 and take up the duties and responsibilities of Combat Officer.”

Sector ZZA! That’s a long trip! Fortunately you think you know a shortcut via a lift down to Sector IAA and on from there. You grab your stuff and get started.

On the way there you receive an encrypted message from Lucrezia-O-EBA-3, your secret society contact: “I understand you might be meeting creatures who aren’t part of Alpha Complex. Above all, you must find out what kinds of exchanges we can make with them. If they have needs we can meet then learn what those are.”

Your team’s Equipment Officer is waiting for you when you arrive. Your HUD identifies him as Boris-O-SBA-6.

“Greetings, comrade! I have for you this combat kit.”

He hands you an enormous overstuffed backpack with a grey-and-black camo pattern. It’s rather heavy.

“Be careful of zipper. Is broken. I have talked with PLC, and they have changed laser pistols to laser rifles, so is better for all of us. Also, I have made purchases with my own XP points for benefit of team. Is how things should be. Here! Take!”

He hands you a Cheeroxin moxie stim pack and a grenade.

Ira-R-TUV-2 (Intro August 19)

You have regained five moxie points.

After Troubleshooter Team EAA-04 discovered the Brenda tubes, Friend Computer seems to have learned at least part of what was going on. All of the Brendas have been declared traitors to Alpha Complex, and there has been a frenzy of XP point earning as people have been jumping at the chance to bring them to justice. A number of people have even earned promotions this way. Overall, Sector EAA seems like a happy place to be at the moment.

“Ira-R-TUV-2, you are ordered to travel immediately to Sector ZZA. Meet the rest of your team at secure station ZZA-2c31 and take up the role of Hygiene Officer.”

You’re still in the process of calculating the most efficient route to the lowest level of Alpha Complex when Janet-O-EBA-3 pulls up in a TaxiBot.

“Hop in!”

You join her, and the TaxiBot speeds off, apparently already aware of your destination.

“Ira-R, the revelation that the Underplex is behind the illicit clone facility in Sector EAA is concerning, particularly in light of its connection to ZZA. We’ve been aware of the descending stairs from there, of course, but we had assumed it was just hazardous materials storage or, at most, some sort of risky laboratory. If there are actual humans living down there then there’s no telling what sort of squalid conditions might prevail. Are they living in our filth? Are they diseased? How much do they resent us? Is their technology poor and undermaintained? We are very concerned. Please bring back all of the information that you can.”

Janet-O leaves the TaxiBot long before you reach ZZA. When you arrive you can see Blake-R, Jordan-R, and someone named Boris-O-SBA-6, who smiles when he sees you. As the TaxiBot turns and leaves, Boris-O grabs a large cart and starts wheeling it over to you.

“Comrade Ira-R! Salutations on this glorious day! I am Equipment Officer for troubleshooter team, and I have for you hygiene kit! I had talk with commissary, and soap bottle is now two litres instead of one litre. Is more hygienic! Also I have made purchase with own XP points for good of team. Is proper.”

He gives you a Cheeroxin moxie stim pack and a grenade.

Jordan-R-EAA-3 (Intro August 19)

In the time since you discovered the tubes full of Brendas their situation has changed in Sector EAA. Friend Computer has declared them all to be traitors, and a lot of citizens have received a great many XP points in a hurry by bringing them to justice. For the first time since you can remember, Sector EAA’s economy is booming.

You’ve been pestering Marvin-Y about your new body, and he has assured you that it’s almost ready. These tubes apparently take about a week to grow a body, but one tube is completely dedicated to you and will start making a new dinobody every time one is decanted.

“Jordan-R, you are ordered to travel immediately to Sector ZZA. Meet your team at secure station ZZA-2c31. Your role in this team is Bait.”

Sector ZZA is a long way off, so you head straight for the TransBot station. The TransBot is about to pull away but you shout out that you’re on troubleshooter business and it delays just long enough for you to leap aboard.

The lengthy journey gives you lots of time to catch up on messages. You’re taking care of routine form filling when an encrypted note comes in from Marvin-Y: “Jordan-R, this mission is a very exciting one! Sector ZZA is supposed to be on the same level as every other Z** Sector, but technically it’s the lowest point in all of Alpha Complex, and we don’t know why. If ever there’s a chance to achieve our society’s prime objective it’s now. We’re counting on you!”

You also get a message from Enid-Y-EAA-3. You haven’t heard from her since you were INFRAREDs together working in the yeast-growing facility. The message is encrypted, which seems weird, but you decrypt it and read what she has to say. “Jordan-R, remember those ancient texts I told you about with squids and krakens and the other cool stuff? It’s all true, of course, but there’s no proof. I hear you’re leaving Alpha Complex for a mission, and I really, really, really want a picture of them. Also, if you can tell me how to transform into one then I’ll be happy with you forever!”

Your final encrypted message of the trip is from Mia-O: “Jordan-R, the artificial reality being pumped into your consciousness is telling you that you are exiting it today, but you are not. Find the real way into the actual reality, and your debt is paid.”

You have no idea what she’s talking about.

You’re the third to arrive at the secure station; Blake-R is there, as is someone named Boris-O-SBA-6. The latter walks over to you pushing a very squeaky trolley cart loaded with stuff.

“Comrade Jordan-R, is good to meet you! I am Equipment Officer for this mission. Here is bait kit. Almost everything is there, but sadly I must report that I seem to have lost large spray can of Fart Spray. I will pay heavy fine for this later. Also, I have spent my own XP points to help team, because resources should be given where they are needed instead of hoarded by elite bourgeoisie. Here for you is Cheeroxin moxie stim pack, and also one grenade.”

Kennedy-R-NHL-2 (Intro August 19)

You have regained five moxie points.

In the days since you and your teammates discovered the Underplex’s illicit cloning facility, Friend Computer has declared all of the Brendas to be traitors. A frenzy of XP point chasing ensued as people raced to bring the Brendas to justice. This seems to have mostly calmed down now. You didn’t really take a lot of notice, anyway.

“Kennedy-R-NHL-2, report at once to secure station ZZA-2c31 in Sector ZZA. You are assigned as Loyalty Officer, and are required to ensure the full loyalty of all of your teammates and report anything suspicious.”

Sector ZZA is a long way off. You nab your stuff and head to the TransBot station, avoiding anything so inelegant as sprinting to catch one. You have a bit of a wait, but one shows up eventually and takes you on the long trek down.

Amelia-O-DAB-3 boards the TransBot soon after you do. She sits next to you and speaks softly.

“Kennedy-R, we’ve heard that you might be going into the Underplex to meet with whoever lives there. We had an encounter with them once, over a century ago. We urgently want to know more about them, so please bring back any art or other cultural artifacts you can steal. This might help.”

Before you know what she’s doing, she presses a green sphere against the back of your neck. You feel disoriented and are glad that you’re already sitting down. You now know the Underplex language. Amelia-O disembarks at the next stop. You’re still not entirely sure who she is.

You’re partway there when you receive an encrypted message from Elena-Y-MAR-4, your secret society contact: “Kennedy-R, we have heard that you might be making contact with beings from outside Alpha Complex, possibly including other humans. Our cause would be very interested in an alliance against our enemies. Please do what you can to facilitate this, ideally arranging a meeting.”

When you finally reach your destination you see that Blake-R, Ira-R, Jordan-R, and someone you don’t know named Boris-O-SBA-6 are all standing there waiting. When he sees you, Boris-O smiles and starts toward you, carrying a large red attaché case.

“Comrade Kennedy-R! Is good to meet you! I am serving in role of Equipment Officer, and I have equipment for you! Is loyalty kit, which is good because all troubleshooters are loyal! I don’t know what’s inside because it will only open for you. But, I have other bits here! I have made purchases with XP points that are my own, because the resources of the people should be shared among the people!”

He gives you the attaché case, a Cheeroxin moxie stim pack, and a grenade.
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Re: Trouble In P4RA-DI5E

Postby tbug » 22 Aug 2019, 16:06

(Aftermath: August 19, 2019)

You are summoned to the troubleshooter offices the day after your mission is over. Your HUD directs you into a meeting room where Ben-Y-EZJ-6 is waiting for you. He gestures to a chair.

“Blake-R, please remain silent during this interview. Its purpose is to help you improve as a troubleshooter, but we’re at a disadvantage because we haven’t had a chance to review footage from your mission. At some point a decision might be made to download your memories of the events in the Underplex, but for reasons I don’t understand that hasn’t been done yet.”

He carefully keeps his face neutral while saying that last bit.

“In any case, due to your mission taking place in an area without a connection to the rest of Alpha Complex you had no chance for any achievements. In compensation you are being given a flat 400 XP point bonus.”

You smile politely. You expect that worse is to follow.

“As Combat Officer it was your duty to safeguard the rest of your team. Given that the first group of clones of Troubleshooter Team EAA-09 didn’t make it out alive we can only assume that you failed in your mission. For this you are fined 225 XP points.”

You were right. You maintain your smile.

“The preliminary reports submitted by your team have all been immediately filed in a green directory, so I can’t evaluate you beyond that at this point. I suppose I may eventually be forced to seek them out in order to properly assist you in your quest to become the best troubleshooter that you can be. And, of course, if you ever feel that you need to volunteer details about the nature of the Underplex I would be willing to listen to those details and help you in whatever way I can.”

You continue to hold your polite smile.

“Well, in any case, you are awarded an additional 400 XP points for whatever it was you did on your mission, which has not been shared with me. There’s a green envelope in that caddy on the wall. The envelope contains the after-action reports I’m supposed to collect from you. Good luck.”

He leaves. You look at the envelope for a bit, then also leave.

Later in the day you receive an encrypted note from Lucrezia-O-EBA-3: “Blake-R, thank-you for all of the information about the Underplex. It sounds like we’ll need to be careful how we approach them, but news about the lift down is very valuable to us. Thank-you for that. We are also quite interested in acquiring the language data from you, but we’re concerned that ##### ### #### ## ##### ###.”

You are completely uninterested in whatever the last part of her message was. What is of interest, however, is that she gives you 750 XP points.

(Aftermath: August 19, 2019)

After dropping off your stuff in the dead zone that Jordan-R showed you, it feels like time to head back to your dorm. To your surprise, all of your stuff has been moved out of EAA-187. You pull up directions to “home” in your HUD, and are led to quad EAA-72b. A quad consists of two dorm rooms (each for two ORANGE citizens) connected by a shared washroom. Your stuff has already been deposited on one of the beds. You have the most comfortable sleep of your life.

You receive a call the next morning to report to troubleshooter headquarters. Waiting for you there is Ben-Y-EZJ-6. He motions you to have a seat.

“Please do not speak during this interview, Ira-O. We are meeting to evaluate your performance as Hygiene Officer during the recent excursion into the Underplex. Unfortunately, Shooters declined to send a second logbot down with you, and I have been unable to secure permission to view your sensory logs. I am at a bit of a disadvantage as a result. If you decide at any point that you would like to volunteer details about your mission I would be willing to listen to them.”

You file away this information for future pondering.

“In the meantime, you are awarded 400 XP points to compensate for the lack of available achievements during your last mission, and you are also awarded 400 XP points for your preliminary report, which incidentally was classified green the moment you submitted it and so I have been unable to see it. The forms for your full after-action report are in a green envelope in that far receptacle. Good luck.”

Ben-Y leaves the room. You wander over and look at the green envelope for a moment, then decide that you need to think about it before deciding how to proceed.

You’re still considering options when you receive an encrypted message from Janet-O-EBA-3: “Ira-O, congratulations on your promotion! This can only be good for all of us! We were very intrigued by what you had to say about the Underplex technology, and I think that the best thing for everyone is for us to start recruiting them into our secret society. If you have any opportunities to pursue this then please do so. We’re intrigued by the fact that you have the language in your Cerebral CoreTech, and we might want to retrieve it at some point. First, though, we need to be very sure that ## ##### #### ######## ## # #####.”

You have no interest at all in the last part of her message. You are delighted, however, when your quad’s shower that has been pending installation since these rooms were built gets mysteriously installed, particularly since it works perfectly.

(Aftermath: August 19, 2019)

The morning after you return from the Underplex, a message arrives in your inbox summoning you to troubleshooter headquarters. You arrive to find Ben-Y-EZJ-6 waiting for you in a meeting room.

“Jordan-R, sit there. Do not speak during this interview.”

The chair isn’t made for your dinobody, but you manage it anyway.

“I’m always suspicious when troubleshooters assigned as Bait don’t die when someone else on the team does, so well done. You get 400 XP points for your work as Bait and an additional 400 XP points as compensation for the lack of achievement access while you were in the Underplex.”

He hesitates for a moment, then continues.

“So, I haven’t been granted approval to view any of the team memories from your time in the Underplex, and the preliminary reports you submitted were all instantly restricted to GREEN clearance and above. I’m very interested, though, so if you ever decide you want to talk to someone about your experiences there I’d be happy to listen.”

“Ben-Y-EZJ-6,” booms the Computer’s voice, “you are not cleared for that information. Have a treason star.”

He looks chagrined.

“There are forms for you to fill out with the other details of your mission. The forms are in the green envelope in that receptacle.”

He leaves. You glance at the green envelope, see no way of reaching inside it without touching it, and follow him out.

Not long afterward you receive an encrypted message from Nelson-G-HCB-6: “Jordan-R, you’ve done it! We have accomplished our society’s primary purpose! Congratulations! We are now completely shifting our focus. From here on out, our only goal is to destroy the Underplex. At that point we’ll have been completely successful! We owe it all to you, Jordan-R, so expect big things in your future!”

That’s a little ominous. You’re pondering that when you catch sight of Maisie-O-FDB-4. She approaching cautiously, making sure that you can see that her hands are empty. Given that your last interaction with her involved having a RED and two INFRAREDs try to ambush you, you are wary.

“Jordan-R, I think it’s time to bury the hatchet. I’ll stop trying to punish you for the way you flagrantly ignored the society’s instructions, and you’ll start working for us again?”

You’re not about to agree to anything out of hand.

“I’m listening.”

“Good. Nelson-G has gotten really excited about something today, and he’s trying to pull society resources away from the true leadership. We don’t know what’s going on, but if you can find anything out then we can be grateful.”

“I’ll keep my eyes open, then.”

Maisie-O nods.

“Thank-you, Jordan-R.”

She leaves. You must about the fact that she’s only on clone four, so there’s really no point in shooting her in the back as she walks away.

You start heading back to dorm EAA-192, and get a message from Mia-O demanding a report. You still don’t understand her.

Waiting for you on your bed in your dorm room is a gift basket from your old friend Enid-Y-EAA-3. It’s full of things you’ve never seen before: seven strawberries, six muffins, a small bar of chocolate, and a packet of powder labelled “instant coffee—just add hot water.” There’s a card: “From the brand new Enid-G! Thanks for helping me prove I was right all along!”

(Aftermath: August 19, 2019)

Your HUD summons you to the troubleshooter offices the next day. Ben-Y-EZJ-6 is waiting for you in one of the meeting rooms. He motions toward a chair.

“Sit there, Kennedy-R. Please remain silent during this evaluation. You were assigned as Loyalty Officer during this mission, and in my experience a Loyalty Officer is almost always logging many reports throughout the assignment about possible instances of disloyalty. I regret to inform you that my attempts to secure access to your memories and those of your fellow troubleshooters have so far failed, and so I am unable to process any of these reports. I will continue my efforts to serve Alpha Complex, but in the meantime I will award you 400 XP points for your service as Loyalty Officer. I will also award you a further 400 XP points as compensation for your lack of access to mission achievements while you were in the Underplex.”

He points across the room.

“That receptacle contains a green envelope. Inside it are your forms for completing your report on this mission.”

Ben-Y leaves. You wander over to the receptacle. That envelope certainly is green. You can’t see any way of opening it without touching it, so you don’t.

You have an encrypted message waiting for you from Amelia-O-DAB-3. You’ve reported to her about what you did and saw, but haven’t had any in-person contact since getting back, nor have you told her yet about what you recovered. “Kennedy-R, we’re so excited about what you wrote about the Underplex! Can you remember anything at all about the part of the museum commemorating the collision, or did you just spend your time in the gift shop and loo? Who collided? When did this happen? Might it have been restricted to the Underplex colliding with Alpha Complex, or was that just a side element? Why was there a collision in the first place? Was it intentional? Alpha Complex must surely be too big not to notice!”

Amelia-O seems excitable.

The message from Elena-Y, on the other hand, is a little more cryptic: “Contact is established, so good job. This seems complicated, but if nothing else we’re learning a lot.”

You have stored some things in the dead zone that Jordan-R revealed to you, including a pine cone, some dried flowers, a white washcloth, and a six-hundred-year-old waterlogged clothing design journal.

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