Loading Time Digest - January 2016

Talk about our latest behind the scenes videos.
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Loading Time Digest - January 2016

Postby Graham » 02 Mar 2016, 18:49

Behind the scenes of our January, here are Moonbase Delta.
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Re: Loading Time Digest - January 2016

Postby The Martini » 03 Mar 2016, 10:09

Ian "Booming From Beyond The Grave" Horner. I'm actually surprised he didn't cross over after skating on those mini-dolly things.

Somehow Calex was even funnier with the behind-the-scenes.

Have you had that Chandra skateboard deck since Strip Search?

"Trim, Crop, and Ken Burns" :D I don't think it was called that, but iPhoto did the same thing automatically for quite some time. Sounds like Apple finally gave up trying to have any pretense that it wasn't Ken Burns that they were going for.

Electrical engineering/electrician facts! The receptacle with the "T"-looking slot is a NEMA 5-20R. NEMA is the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and their plug/socket standards are used in North America (Canada, US, Mexico, and a few other places). the 5- means 2-pole with grounding, 20 is a 20 Amp circuit, and R is receptacle (P would be plug). The T configuration lets you plug in a 15 Amp plug (a 'normal' plug) or a 20 A plug (has one of the blades at 90 degrees to the other, so you can't plug it into a 15 Amp 'normal' receptacle). The More You Know!

When looking for gray hair spray - if the costume storage is Mt. Costume, did the other prop room get a name?

I knew about Ian's "It's Ben!" ringtone and it STILL killed me. Do we need a LRRCast where he shows off all his custom rings?

Vengeant CoriBanana run is the best. And The Replacements might be super in-jokey, but man is it the funniest Crapshot I've seen in a while.
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Re: Loading Time Digest - January 2016

Postby Bergie » 03 Mar 2016, 18:10

I assume that Alex has an instinctual distaste for Barenaked Ladies, or at least One Week?
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Re: Loading Time Digest - January 2016

Postby reptile » 05 Mar 2016, 18:00

FYI, the Friday Nights episode you covered isn't on your site, or in the playlist on your Youtube channel--I didn't know it was online until I asked the Desert Bus chat, since I generally go through your site to get all LRR content.

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