LoadingReadyRun Draft #67: Marduneblast

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LoadingReadyRun Draft #67: Marduneblast

Postby James » 04 Jan 2015, 14:29

Graham catches up on Khans and finds help from a Khan himself.
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Re: LoadingReadyRun Draft #67: Marduneblast

Postby Lord Hosk » 09 Jan 2015, 19:05

OK Graham you draft a Zirgo and a end hostilities and at least one of them most often both show up in every one of your games.

I draft 2 stabby chiefs, 1 shield chief, and two Trample Warrior Lords. In 8 games see 1 Stabby chief in a hand I had to mull and 1 trample lord way too late to save me.

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Re: LoadingReadyRun Draft #67: Marduneblast

Postby Kapol » 12 Jan 2015, 00:04

I'm sure this has been pointed out already, but it's something I've noticed happen a couple of times. The thing about damage and Highland Game is that, if you kill them at the same time you kill the Game, then it's ability doesn't matter. The death ability is a triggered ability. So damage goes through, the game dies, and it's ability triggers. But since they're at 0, SBA say they're dead before it resolves. Unless it dies on First-strike or something.

It's just something that I noticed and was relevant. Given they had one more card in hand at that point, it's hard to say if attacking would have been the right play. But Highland Game isn't the reason attacking would have been the wrong play. Although in the end it's... kind of sort of the reason you won, even if the win was in such a weird way.

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