Friday Nights: The Long Road

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Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby Kathleen » 15 Aug 2015, 10:47

Paul's journey has been building up to this: Pro Tour Magic Origins!
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby The Martini » 15 Aug 2015, 11:26

So, with the "won your past x games", does that imply that Paul beast LSV?

I'm glad they didn't lose Cam to dehydration and heat-stroke from the packaging gillysuit. Super-awesome, though. Hope it makes it in the Loading Time :D

The video ended with a few random frames of the feature match area - I didn't see anything hidden, funny, or hinting at anything - did these just sneak in on accident, or am I missing something?
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby Booster » 15 Aug 2015, 11:36

Cam's costume was amazing, I really want to know how long that took to put together (I feel like Tally was involved)
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby HummingbirdJames » 15 Aug 2015, 11:43

The ticker at the bottom of the Marshall scene at the end was hilarious. I'm gonna go ahead and assume it was Graham who snuck in a certain Mr. Austin's record there.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby theycallmejokke » 15 Aug 2015, 12:16

I thought Marshell knew Friday Nights James, other than that teeny tiny nit pick, such a fun episode.
Just love how many guest appearances you guys managed to cram into this one episode.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby KyrieEleison » 15 Aug 2015, 19:39

Cam's suit was brilliant. Kind of hard to be stealthy in it, though... wrappers crinkle.

The live match that Cam snuck through - was that staged, or did that really happen?
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby susu.exp » 15 Aug 2015, 21:57

EFro had a feature match in Round 4, but not against Brad Nelson.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby My pseudonym is Ix » 16 Aug 2015, 00:14

That was genuinely wonderful. Great job guys
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby RedFeather » 16 Aug 2015, 11:14

How come Marshall says he's never met James before? Didn't James shanghai Marshall into filling out a draft with him in an earlier video?
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby mikeyjh » 16 Aug 2015, 14:31

If he, Marshall, acted like he knew James(in real life or not) then the scene or the skit wouldn't be funny.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby steric hindrance » 16 Aug 2015, 15:23

Can we safely assume that Paul went 3-0 in draft and ended up 0-5 in Constructed due to everyone else's help in deck construction and scouting?
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby phlip » 16 Aug 2015, 15:44

I think the implied timeline is:
Rounds 1-3: Draft happens; Paul gets slowplay warning while distracted by Cam
Round 4: Kathleen does scouting now that we're in the constructed portion, reports findings to Paul; Paul risks disqualification by lying to a judge.
At this point Paul is 1-3, though we don't know in what order.
Round 5: Loses to LSV, because (a) LSV, (b) Graham.
Rounds 6-7: Wins without incident off-camera
Round 8: Loses to the one rogue deck he refused to have a sideboard plan for.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby chetoos » 16 Aug 2015, 16:40

Also, all of those decks that were being used against Paul to test? Could have been killed by a playset of artisan's sorrow. Everything but Kathleen's could have been defeated by a naturalize/reclimation sage. Here's why it's good to put artifact/enchantment hate in your green deck's sideboard, kiddies.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby MowDownJoe » 19 Aug 2015, 04:53

Hell, Unravel the AEther would've worked. That was used in the actual Pro Tour against the Ensoul Artifact decks.
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby Imat » 19 Aug 2015, 09:41

This episode was amazing. One of the best Friday Nights I think they've had in awhile, and Cam was a(n) huge part of that.

You guys keep stepping up your game in these Friday Nights, and I won't be able to stop watching them...Ever...
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Re: Friday Nights: The Long Road

Postby BenMarc » 19 Aug 2015, 17:10

I'm pretty sure that FridayNights-verse Paul needs to find himself some new friends.

Also, real-life Jer might be able to trust his house with the real-life LRR crew, but FridayNights-verse Jer took a massive risk there by just handing over his keys.
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