G-Draft - EMN Draft League

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G-Draft - EMN Draft League

Postby Graham » 24 Sep 2016, 23:58

Graham talks through a replay of an Eldritch Moon 6-2-2-2 MTGO draft league.
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Re: G-Draft - EMN Draft League

Postby theycallmejokke » 25 Sep 2016, 10:16

It went a little fast for me a couple of place, but over all I'm really pleased with the (maybe?) return of G-Drafts.
That last battle though, wow! So so cool.
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Re: G-Draft - EMN Draft League

Postby VanSlick » 25 Sep 2016, 14:09

I liked the speed that the draft was going, but I've played a lot on MTGO and can follow the interface really easily. It might be a little fast for people a little unfamiliar with knowing exactly where to look to see what is about to happen (triggers, cards moving zones, etc). The draft replay overall was very well done, including skipping the early first turns.

Gameplay wise, I love the fact that you ran Startled Awake in this deck too. It's so much fun to watch that card being played.
An alternate line you could have taken in R2G2 (19:17) - You went Emerge Scuttler from Mage, getting Alchemist Fire, then into Startled Awake over your next couple of turns; instead you could have also done Startled Awake, Emerge Scuttler from Geist, getting Startled Awake back for an untap and win (since there was no real pressure on the board).

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Re: G-Draft - EMN Draft League

Postby Jonci » 27 Sep 2016, 10:19

I liked the pace. Description with action is nice, no "in the tank" moments. A nice technical play-thru.

Do miss the Graham/James interaction, though.
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Re: G-Draft - EMN Draft League

Postby hacofo » 28 Sep 2016, 06:10

It is somewhat fast paced but that is not a bad thing.
The format fits into my lunch break.
So I definitely want more of that format.

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