Discuss your favourite LRR streams!
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Postby James » 24 Oct 2015, 22:07

Feel free to let us know what games you'd like to see us play on our newest show!
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Postby theycallmejokke » 25 Oct 2015, 02:02

I really really enjoyed your Conspiracy draft, but any of mtg's multiplayer formats would be fun to watch.

As for none-magic stuff eveyone can enjoy Arkham Horror is such a fun game, and I feel it would suit the AFK format very well.
In the same vain Betrayal at house on the hill could also work I think.

I know Jer is super busy but I would give someone else's right arm (I need my own) for another series of roleplaying session from you guys.
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Postby Jeezy » 25 Oct 2015, 08:35

Good call on Arkham Horror!
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Postby CaptainFalafel » 25 Oct 2015, 08:44

I would love to see you play any of these games:

Star Wars: Imperial Assault
Dead of Winter
Eldritch Horror (I find it much better than Arkham Horror)
Battlestar Galactica
Sheriff of Nottingham
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Postby Jenelmo » 25 Oct 2015, 08:58

Any warhammer variant, i believe Cam have talked about it
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Postby hacofo » 25 Oct 2015, 09:32

Well, the paper Magic streams are always fun.

For the non Magic content,
The Heroes Quest Streams are great.

As for Suggestions:
Warhammer (40k / Fantasy)
Some shorter/or longer D&D campaigns.
Risk (I'm not taking the blame if that ends friendships or LRR :D)

Dixit or something like Trivial Pursuit might be fun to watch too.
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Postby mtvcdm » 25 Oct 2015, 10:07

I durdled on BoardGameGeek a bit and came up with Chaos in the Old World.
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Postby Arclight_Dynamo » 25 Oct 2015, 10:56

I suggested it on Twitter, but I'll mention it again here: Fiasco.

One game would last just about as long as the stream slot, the game kind of encourages the dark sort of humour that Kathleen and Cameron like, and it draws heavily on improv/acting skills. Plus it's just fun as heck to watch.
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Postby SAJewers » 25 Oct 2015, 12:23

Suggested this on twitter, but since there are a number Trivia buffs in the LRR Crew, a trivia game like TriBond might be fun.
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Postby Kaorti » 25 Oct 2015, 12:27

Space Alert is uproariously fun, features a campaign mode kind of like Hero Quest, and plays quickly enough to fit a bunch of games into one stream slot. It also gives you plenty of chances for hilarious failure and nick-of-time success.
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Postby My pseudonym is Ix » 25 Oct 2015, 12:34

I can second Space Alert as being both a fun and excellent game, but be warned- it is also INCREDIBLY fast-paced and not a little stressful. It will also require good use of overhead cameras, as the board state (such as it is) tends to move rather quickly and there won't be much room to explain things to chat.
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Postby FutureGazer » 25 Oct 2015, 12:38

In addition to seconding the suggestions of Dixit, Pandemic, and Fiasco; I would suggest...

"The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen" - A preeminent storytelling/bragging game.
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Postby Our_O'Boros » 25 Oct 2015, 12:53

In addition to the basically already confirmed Commander game I would like to suggest "Betrayal at House on the Hill".
You explore the titular mansion, building the map as you play, collecting items and such until the threat -and the traitor- reveal itself.
The ingenious part: the threat is randomly chosen, as well as the traitor, becoming anything from a Werewolf to demonically possessed to aliens or whatever else b-movies have to offer.
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Postby Arclight_Dynamo » 25 Oct 2015, 13:14

Ooh, I can get behind Baron Munchausen.

Edit: Also, Kingdom. It's a game that's about creating a gameworld rather than playing in it. I know Beej has said he'd be interested in trying something along those lines.
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Postby The Martini » 25 Oct 2015, 15:37

Betrayal at House on the Hill is great, and hey, Halloween next weekend!

Fiasco - YES. And now that Arclight Dynamo brought it up, Kathleen and Cam have totally the right sense of humor for this.

Arkham Horror takes too darn long :/ But I could be wrong.

Dread is another good one for a 3-ish hour session. Horror gaming + Jenga!
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Postby Antitonic » 25 Oct 2015, 16:54

I could see some of the more freeform games being good, like Machine Of Death, or Superfight.

But for something a little more traditional, what about Munchkin?
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Postby MammonAzrael » 25 Oct 2015, 17:30

Last night's Hero Quest was quite entertaining, and I look forward to seeing more of that!

Game ideas

    Dixit - Like Cards Against Humanity, no one really cares who wins.
    Gloom - This storytelling game is ripe for hilarity.
    Arena of the Planeswalkers - I would love to see LRR's take on WotC's newest offering. And a 5 person melee sounds full of fun. Then maybe sequels exploring the expansions as they come out!
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Postby Trippzen » 26 Oct 2015, 07:05

Shadowrun? I haven't played the tabletop game so I don't know if it would be too long.
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Postby Aztren Skrimish » 26 Oct 2015, 10:14

I'd love to see you guys play a game like Werewolf. I think the back and forth will be fun to watch and be a part of
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Postby Necabo » 26 Oct 2015, 10:23

Antitonic wrote:I could see some of the more freeform games being good, like Machine Of Death, or Superfight.

But for something a little more traditional, what about Munchkin?

Munchkin could be fun with the right expansions, and it can involve major trolling of other players :)

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Postby Jormungandr » 26 Oct 2015, 11:40

Just chiming in to agree with a lot of the suggestions already made :

1. Fiasco - basically improv prompts, which seem like they'd be a great fit for LRR, and good viewing.

2. MtG - not a surprise; multiplayer magic is fun to watch. Should be a good fit for the setup they have already. It would be nice to either have random game chatter at the table or a "booth" for commentators like they did for an earlier in person magic stream (Conspiracy maybe?). (The one with Alex calling a deck a ham sandwich)

3. Skiptrace & Shut up and take my money - both of these games (from tabletop death match season 2) seem like they'd lend themselves to creative and fun play ideal for a stream. And it'd be cool to see LRR playing some of the games that they did a show about.

4. Cards Against Humanity - They've done a great stream playing this already, and I feel like this is also a pretty solid win. Not much more to say about this one except that it would probably be possible to overdo this one, but we're definitely not at that point yet.

5. Hero Quest - Proven fun for people involved, as well as a good stream. I suspect that once the novelty wears off a bit and the optimal play style starts to become prevalent it might lose its luster a bit, but in that case you can always bring in Beej. :)
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Postby Bergie » 26 Oct 2015, 16:48

Unpopular opinion: For those of us who aren't huge fans of the game, maybe no MTG for a few weeks to try out other things? :P

A few suggestions:

1) Eldritch Horror - Like Arkham Horror, but way better and way shorter. Still has a few of the problems, but between the two I'd play EH instead of AH.

2) Twilight Imperium 3rd - Probably not feasible, but it is a super visual game due to many small ships and such. My last game we did a 4 player game with a few of the expansions in 5.5 hours or so.

3) Eclipse/Exodus: Proxima Centauri - The shorter and less involved TI3, but still pretty visual. Has a lot of depth from a personal play angle, but little politics beyond "Hey, don't you dare do that!" for Eclipse, and EPC apparently has more (I haven't played that one. . . yet).

4) Archipelago - A semi-cooperative game which means there'll be a lot of interaction. Everyone has their own secret objectives, but they all have to keep the island(s) from exploding so there is a lot of horse trading.

5) Dead of Winter - As much as I like Battlestar Galactica, this game is superior AND fits a Halloween theme.

6) Pretty much any RPG - D&D, Shadowrun, Arcanis, Eclipse Phase, the GoT RPG, Call of Cthulhu, etc. I love watching RPGs!
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Postby Kapol » 26 Oct 2015, 20:38

Bergie wrote:Unpopular opinion: For those of us who aren't huge fans of the game, maybe no MTG for a few weeks to try out other things? :P

While I like Magic, I personally agree with this. I'd rather see more variety and using the possibilities for unique streaming with it. More stuff like CAH rather than Magic, at least at first.
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Postby Jeezy » 27 Oct 2015, 03:24

I'd like them to go with less Magic, but we'll wait and see what the survey said - if loads of people want to see more Magic then that's fine too. I'm sure they'll have a good mix of stuff for everyone!

I totally forgot about Munchkin, that'd be great to see! And of course another CAH stream at some point - the last one was awesome!
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Postby Booster » 27 Oct 2015, 07:51

I love magic and am very excited for the live magic but I agree they should try a large variety of things. Although I cant wait for a commander game or second conspiracy draft.

As for games to play, more Hero's quest for sure, but maybe mix up the people playing a bit. Getting James, Heather, Cori, Adam, Serge or Ash (Kathleen only omitted due to her forthcoming hiatus) into the game would be excellent. I feel like you don't want the players to get too familiar with the game in order to keep the comedy high.

As for other games, I'll leave those suggestions who have more experience in table top gaming than I :D

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