Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Kathleen and Graham guide you through 1980s action awesomeness.
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Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby Kathleen » 23 Jun 2015, 08:48

Magnum must help a Soviet track star defect, even though the KGB is watching her every move. Meanwhile, Higgins' ability to be boring is weaponized, and Kathleen goes deep into the trivia mines.
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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby Lord Chrusher » 23 Jun 2015, 17:11

Major is an army rank (and in some air forces including the US Air Force) not a Navy rank. Its naval equivalent is lieutenant-commander. If it was a naval air station, you would expect an admiral rather than a general to be the commanding officer.
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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby DaMage » 23 Jun 2015, 17:49

I hate to admit, I've seen too many episode of Murder She Wrote, as last year it was on like every day in daytime TV over here in Australia. This year they seem to have moved to Midsummer Murders with two different networks showing old episodes. When all the networks moved to digital broadcasting a few years ago they all started showing 3 channels each which mainly showed reruns of old british and american shows.

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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby Nima55 » 24 Jun 2015, 13:21

Uggg Old timey transphobia... goody =_=
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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby Trisha Lynn » 24 Jun 2015, 14:37

Yeah, it's so hard to watch media which features "jokes" like that these days. Found one in an episode of Twin Peaks, too, and I was like, "Ughhhh..."

Also, judging from a tweet I saw in Graham's person feed, I'm both happy and sad that you're going on hiatus for a while. Happy because it seems like you're going to be on vacation, and that's good! Sad because I really like this podcast. But I can wait.
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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby 7SecondsLeft » 24 Jun 2015, 22:31

It's amazing how cheap old dvd box sets are now - I recently bought complete sets of Knight Rider, A Team, Xena and Quantum Leap for approx £30 ($60 CDN) each! No idea when I'll have time to watch them all, but it's great to know I can dip into the sets when I want to.

Unfortunately they never did a complete Magnum set here, so I have to pick up the individual season sets for around £10 / $20CDN per season...
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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby theycallmejokke » 26 Jun 2015, 09:37

I know I'm a little late to the party here, but I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus in praising this podcast.
Never seen a episode of Magnum, but it is always a highpoint to find a new episode of this podcast up.
It will be hard to wait so "long" for next one.

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Re: Magnum Rewatch Ep 21 - From Moscow to Maui

Postby RoboNixon » 27 Jun 2015, 06:55

So I decided to check out the Magnum Mania episode ratings (bored at work and love trivia myself). Found the lowest scoring episode is "Two Birds of a Feather". Turns out Don Bellasario wrote this 6.8. Curious to see that one. Season 3 episode 20 :)
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