Charm City Blues Judging

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Charm City Blues Judging

Postby Graham » 19 Mar 2015, 13:14

The judges play Charm City Blues! Annalisa is intrigued by the noire genre, but Mike thinks the turns aren't exciting enough. All the judges agree that The Wire is a great show, and for some reason Luke has a sword.
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Re: Charm City Blues Judging

Postby Bergie » 19 Mar 2015, 13:46

I am kind of glad that the Judges are being more harsh on these games than it seemed the playtesters did. Because of the different format in the previous season there wasn't a strong "this game is very developed" feeling beyond the judges saying so (ie: thing we can judge for ourselves). This season the games just look so much more unfinished rules-wise, which is echoed so far by the judges. I really hope to see one which the judges like, though!
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Re: Charm City Blues Judging

Postby 7SecondsLeft » 20 Mar 2015, 03:32

As a fan of both co-op games (Pandemic rulez!) and everything crime/noir, this is the game that interests me the most. I just hope that they can refine it into something more strategic than "can you roll a 5 or 6?", because the Dice Deity put me on their naughty list a long time ago, and constantly failing would suck any joy out of the theme for me.
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Re: Charm City Blues Judging

Postby Master Gunner » 20 Mar 2015, 04:26

I think the creator does need to go back and take a close look at Arkham Horror/Mansions of Madness type games to really suss out what makes those games work, mechanics-wise. The concept was definitely interesting, and I could see the game work, but I agree with the judges that the current mechanics are just not there.
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Re: Charm City Blues Judging

Postby MinuteWalt » 20 Mar 2015, 06:07

I know I'm chiming in a little late here, but Bradley Rains has nailed the music once more. He somehow (again!) has pulled off the 1-2 combo of being both thematically appropriate and also giving an eargasm to listeners.

How he keeps on doing this like a boss, I'll never know. Thank god for that one slightly drunken email that helped to bring Bradley and LRR together.

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