Shut Up And Take My Money Judging

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Shut Up And Take My Money Judging

Postby Graham » 02 Apr 2015, 10:37

Today, a bunch of people from the game industry play a game that makes fun of the game industry. Paul creates a historical post-apocalyptic MMORPG about the hipster resistance, Annalisa breeds special werewolves, and Luke still has a sword.
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Re: Tabletop Deathmatch s02e14: Shut Up And Take My Money

Postby Lord Chrusher » 05 Apr 2015, 11:07

Kickstarter Inception
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Re: Shut Up And Take My Money Judging

Postby MinuteWalt » 30 Apr 2015, 18:36

" would stand up without the super-contemporary pop culture references," says the guy from Cards Against Humanity.
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Re: Shut Up And Take My Money Judging

Postby Master Gunner » 30 Apr 2015, 18:42

In CaH's defense, the number of expansions they produce means that they can discontinue/phase out pop culture-specific cards and expansions over time without significant impact. However, this game's name is a contemporary pop culture reference, which is harder to work around.
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