Skiptrace Judging

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Skiptrace Judging

Postby Graham » 07 Apr 2015, 14:28

Today on Tabletop Deathmatch, the judges meet Skiptrace. They discuss the realism of being paid to tickle someone, and Luke role-plays as a librarian. It is the quietest he has ever been, and will ever be.
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Re: Skiptrace Judging

Postby Solomon-Kain » 08 Apr 2015, 07:13

Someone ought to suggest to the creators that they turn it into a Spy Game. No second jobs, rather they have a Cover Job/Identity so you can keep those cards and if they have any bonuses associated with them then you character obviously has those due to his extensive experience with whatever the cover job is. The Judge is the Ops Director and chooses which agent to activate based on their mission plan for accomplishing whatever.
If Burn Notice taught us anything it's that there are a lot of ways to accomplish the goal other than just Kill/Capture so it wouldn't be limited to that like Bounty Hunting was.

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