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Postby Xinran » 01 Mar 2016, 06:32

If there is ever a point when you might want to try another TV series then I would recommend Psycho-Pass. One of the more interesting things about it would be that escaping or defeating the dystopia in the story is actually presented as a bad thing and the series as a whole is more about the struggle to effectively distribute justice in said dystopia rather than completely reforging society.

Sadly my brief check around has found that it is not available on Netflix in Italy but if that does ever change I hope you can check it out.

A synopsis for those who are interested:
It's 2112. In this time, Japan is governed by the Sibyl System. A human's emotions and mental state are measured by a device called the Dominator, which identifies criminal desire in a person's psychological profile and quantifies it into numbers. Anyone found exceeding a certain number is deemed a threat in need of therapy, or in extreme cases, execution. The numbers used to measure a person's emotional and mental state are called "Psycho-Pass".

Edit: Just read that the series is ending sorry...

Hunting down those deemed a threat to society is the Public Safety Bureau. Composed of Enforcers, latent criminals whose Psycho-Pass has exceeded the acceptable level but have been granted permission to go outside to deliver justice on fellow criminals, and Inspectors who supervise them making sure they don't go too far, the pairs make sure latent criminals are not left to roam the streets.

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