Fight the Future 14 - Insurgent

Dan and Paul take an in-depth look at the worlds portrayed Young Adult dystopian fiction.
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Fight the Future 14 - Insurgent

Postby Paul » 28 Sep 2015, 09:45

What if your post-apocalyptic world was all just a big social experiment? Join us as we once again look at a city divided in nerds, jocks, wimps, squares and stoners (aka Erudite, Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor and Amity) with Volume 2 of the Divergent series: Insurgent!
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Re: Fight the Future 14 - Insurgent

Postby Penthesilea180 » 02 Oct 2015, 11:30

Are Amity more colorful Amish, or clean hippies? Also, I should go change the combination on my luggage.

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