Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

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Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby Graham » 01 Dec 2015, 23:31

The emergency bi-election for new county Aldersm'n is well underway, no matter how disruptive it may be.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby jkefka » 02 Dec 2015, 05:17

Each episode more amazing than the last, and some shred of continuity!

Question: Are we going to see an absence of Kathleen's characters for a bit, or is she still going to have time for some recording sessions? I'd miss her characters, but of course there are some competing priorities.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby RytelCSF » 02 Dec 2015, 05:34

From what I've gathered, they actually have several future episodes already recorded, so I think their plan is to just run through their buffer while she's on maternity leave.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby Kapol » 02 Dec 2015, 09:04

Who was that before Happy spoke? The hippy obsessed with love? I couldn't place the voice.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby Bratmon » 02 Dec 2015, 11:34

Another great episode.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby MagisterMystax » 02 Dec 2015, 13:27

Kapol wrote:Who was that before Happy spoke? The hippy obsessed with love? I couldn't place the voice.

It took me a while to recognise him too, but I'm pretty sure it's Graham's voice modulated an octave or two up. Once I recognised the Jonny speech-patterns, it was suddenly very obvious to me.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby mikeyjh » 02 Dec 2015, 16:55


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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby silver_swift » 03 Dec 2015, 04:09

So what are the odds Derek actually has a ghost living inside him?
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby Paviel » 03 Dec 2015, 18:11

I don't know why I get such a big kick out of Ball Hinkley in particular, but I'm glad that he got some... air time? ...in this episode.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby hacofo » 05 Dec 2015, 01:19

So in addition to the Skeleton, he now also has a Ghost inside him.
Poor Kid.

Great episode. :D
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Re: Qwerpline Ep07 - Debatable

Postby Drendar » 07 Jul 2016, 19:54

Why is there the allowed "chucklefucks" in this episode but it's bleeped out of every other instance?

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