Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

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Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby Graham » 18 Feb 2016, 00:41

The Secret Pipesmen are trying to take Alex to task, and Graham needs backup in the studio. Richter is fine though... broadly speaking.

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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby theycallmejokke » 18 Feb 2016, 01:32

Those books titles was on point, and the madest of props to Feather weight for managed all those cover.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby The Martini » 18 Feb 2016, 12:22

It took me a second look, but I love how many of the cover characters are LRR people. Graham and Cam are sure getting into trouble at the Spit Roast, and even Paul is recognizable at the computer. Watch out for that goat going for your back door, Paul!
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby ritchards » 18 Feb 2016, 21:14

I quite like Tugger Nutts In The Big Hole, but it's nothing compared to Tugger Nutts Enters The Crack.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby Yorick » 23 Feb 2016, 13:40

I must say I don't agree with The Martini about the Tuggernuts book covers. They look exactly like children’s book cover from the old times to me, complete without any of the lrr crew in caricature.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby Booster » 25 Feb 2016, 17:47

I didn't realize until I saw the comments that Alex was Richard Therpston the third. I listened to the episode twice, the second time specifically listening to see if Alex was in the episode, and I couldn't here him. Even now that I know its Alex, and having listened to it a third time with that knowledge, I still think it sounds like Ian
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby RytelCSF » 25 Feb 2016, 21:00

Yeah, I thought RT3 was Ian as well, and thus the scene was just Beej talking to two Ian characters.

I suppose it's a compliment to Alex's range that I didn't at all recognize his voice, if a rather backhanded one.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby Drendar » 02 Mar 2016, 06:52

Any chance we are going to get more female voices that aren't done by Kathleen? Don't get me wrong, she's great, but we've got four male voices doing a cast of roughly 16 characters between them and then we have Kathleen doing something like 10 on her own (i know I'm exaggerating), at a certain point it's going to become difficult to maintain character vocal diversity.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby PunkRockZoologist » 08 Mar 2016, 00:41

So, is the whole Tugger Nuts thing a reference to something else? It's still really funny just at face value, but I feel like I'm missing something.
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Re: Qwerpline Ep11 - Contract & Release

Postby Defenestar » 09 Mar 2016, 01:07

Well it looks like sort of Hardy Boys, except with a goat and a near-critical mass of dick jokes.

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