Sidewalk Slam Ep8 - Extreme Rules & RAWs

Discussion of our pro wrestling pod/vidcast Sidewalk Slam, and pro wrestling in general.
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Sidewalk Slam Ep8 - Extreme Rules & RAWs

Postby Paul » 10 Jun 2016, 18:30

Graham & Adam cover the three episodes of RAW since Payback, and the Extreme Rules PPV special.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam Ep8 - Extreme Rules & RAWs

Postby Eric the Orange » 10 Jun 2016, 18:38

So the What Culture wrestling guys started doing this thing where before a PPV they predict the outcome of each match. And whoever gets more right is the WCPW champion (no title change on ties).

Now I know Adam said he didn't like making predictions but I think this could be a fun thing to do on the Non-PPV shows. You don't have to do any of the other stipulations they do but I'd enjoy it.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam Ep8 - Extreme Rules & RAWs

Postby theycallmejokke » 10 Jun 2016, 23:54

Just wanted to pop in, and say how glad I am you guys finally got sWs sorted out (Youtube is butt) it was well worth the wait.
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Re: Sidewalk Slam Ep8 - Extreme Rules & RAWs

Postby MagisterMystax » 11 Jun 2016, 00:39

My headkayfabe of the 'No, we don't do local jobbers any more' thing is that the Shining Stars are a pair of tour guides who sneaked into the arena and beat up a couple of randos who also happened to be there while everyone was on break.
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