sWs Ep22 - Elimination Chamber 2017

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sWs Ep22 - Elimination Chamber 2017

Postby Graham » 27 Feb 2017, 22:38

The power of wrestling positivity returns as Graham & Adam look at WWE Elimination Chamber 2017, and the Smackdown stories that lead to it.
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Re: sWs Ep22 - Elimination Chamber 2017

Postby Ckiva » 28 Feb 2017, 14:04

Apollo Crews more like Apollo Snooze amirite? I don't think you guys made this joke already.

Also I made this comment on youtube but I'll repost it here because I lack shame:

Thanks for another great episode. I have a suggestion; how about a short jingle and/or title between the different matches you talk about? I find myself binge-watching the whole show in one sitting whether I want to or not. Thanks :)

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