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The Rant- Scenesters & Snobbery

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 12:36
by Graham
Another early update this week. Paul's still out of town, and I'm busy all evening, so there you are.

I'm coming down from a bit of a cold... can't tell can you?

I must say, I do dislike that whole attitude of holier-than-thou music fans. I'm more of a jerk in my rants than I am in real life, but I do hate those pricks.

Also, check out my most rock-assinest Advent Children action figures in the backround there.


Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 12:58
by CheeseGrater
They deveop a personal bond with the band in highschool, but when they get to... highschool, where the campus plays them 24-7, they're crushed. O.o

Let's carefully examine that sentence, shall we? :P

^_^ I always enjoy hearing Graham rant (or at least recite lines in a rant-type way). But I -can- tell you've just been sick - get well soon! (Or perish!)

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 14:07
by Johnny_Lunchbox
Ahh, yeah. I like that "It does mean you're a bigger freak than them, but it doesn't mean that you're any more a fan of their music."

Or something like that. I can't remember it word-for-word. Nor can I remember the date, my name, or where exactly the hell I am right now.

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 16:22
by Kathleen
I wrote that bit actually.
I am the influence for most of that I think, as I am a giant indie snob.

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 16:47
by Kathleen
Also, Graham looks smokin' hot. Even his indie snob act was hot.
In conclusion: Back off bitches!

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 16:50
by Mike, the fr3shmaker
That scene can be a little insular at times. My favorite example: A few years ago, I took some friends with me to this skid-row-indie-rocker soccer deal that they used to have at Vic High. Don't get me wrong: soccer is great fun, more fun with idiotic tomfoolery and beers in a non-competitive environment--but the people in that scene did consistently snob anyone else who I took along. They went out of their way to do so. Afterwards there was a Twin Peaks watching posse that commenced, and it was often the same thing then. One time, one of the young ladies took the time out to tell another young girl--whom I had brought, and who happened to have dreadlocks--that she hated hippies. Ironically enough, the girl who said this was wearing a "down with emo snobbery" tee. The funny thing is that the scene developed its attitude as a reaction to the snobbery and bullying of other groups in high school. Yet, it has ended up becoming--in some circles--cliqueish and demeaning, very much the same as those other groups. I suppose this is a tendancy among reactionary groups.
The conformity is also ironic, I've had some friends in the same scene who honestly told me that my pants were too baggy, and so I looked like a "stad" (short for "status points" Breakfast Club fans read: prep or jock).
With all that said, I can see the appeal, it's nice to hang out with people who have similar interests, and from experience, a Frog Eyes (for example) show does tend to be less of a meatmarket, and have less of a potential for people being jerks to me than say, a generic fratboy mainstream rock show. Then again, the same could be said of a nice jazz show, although jazz snobs can be just as cold as--if less popular right now than--indie kids.

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 17:09
by DP
Altogether very well done, Graham.. you've hit the nail on the head. As for myself, I do enjoy music, and am somewhat of a collector, but I met enough music snobs as a teen hanging out at the Little Fernwood and other all ages venues... I don't know many any more, thankfully.

In summary:

I do like Frog Eyes (and other bands YOU'VE never heard of)

...but I do dislike scenesters, strongly.

I have mixed feelings about Jay Watts.

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 23:43
by Tensen01
I have to admit, I used to be a major Music Snob... but I've gotten over it.

I used to be, and this an exact quote!!! "Well, as far as I'm concerned I'm right and you're shit." now, in my defence, I really hated this guy I said it to... but also in my defence, he called Green Day posers.

Now I'm more "You're never heard of Soul Coughing? Oh wow... you should really check them out. I have all their albums if you wanna borrow one."

p.s. if you haven't, check out Soul Coughing. Fully Retractable, Rare Star Ball, St. Louise is Listening, and Circles are some of their best.(those are the song names, btw)

p.p.s. Graham, I checked out The Arcade Fire... Not bad, but you're right... merely decent. And their songs are too long. And would it kill the singer to speak up?

Posted: 24 Sep 2005, 10:16
by Mike, the fr3shmaker
Beep beep boop:
Oh, I've never met Jay. The only member of Ghosts that I have spoken with is Brad, and he seems like a pretty nice guy.

Green Day: I don't know whether they're posers or not, but whenever a new song comes out I feel like I've already heard it in their catalogue before. I suppose that's because they've been in the spotlight for so long though, so after endless supermarket line-up/mall/anywhere-with-a-radio repetitions of their songs, they've lost their charm.
Arcade Fire: Pretty enjoyable. I like them more than the generic indie-ish rock, like the Killers, Bloc Party and Franz Ferdinand, but they'll never take the place of any of my favorite bands in my playlist. Then again, this is always changing: it's September so the old stand-bys like Elliott Smith are being pulled out again, with some Mirah/Microphones and Nick Drake.

Posted: 25 Sep 2005, 15:27
by Graham
CheeseGrater wrote:They deveop a personal bond with the band in highschool, but when they get to... highschool, where the campus plays them 24-7, they're crushed. O.o

I know... I realized that far too late to fix.
Makes me sad.

Glad it went well otherwise though.


Posted: 25 Sep 2005, 16:42
by Dana
Hehe..."It's not FOR you!"

Posted: 30 Sep 2005, 12:49
by Rinamin
"This video has been brought to you by the number : Sophomore"

Oh man, I started laughing rather loudly and hystericly when that emerged on the video. Freeking awsome guys.

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 14:51
by Under13
I know I'm late to the show on this one, but I just watched it and basked in the awesomeness.

Graham, if I had the ability to pull a "Being John Malkovitch," right now I would take control of Kathleen's body and come fuck you with it. Long and hard, until you got me pregnant.

Sorry, Kathleen.


Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 15:12
by Graham
I'm desperately hoping that "Under13" is just a username.


Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 15:20
by Dana
Hehehe....And I am equally hoping that it isn't ^_^

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 15:56
by Morgan
seconded. i also hope under13 is a guy.

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 18:56
by Under13
If I wasn't a guy, why would I need to borrow Kathleen's body for awesome Graham lovin'?

Male. 26. Tends to post first, proofread for content later. You'll probably hate me at first, and then tone back the hatred into general ambivalence for my presence over time. Eventually, in rare cases, I even am accepted into Internet communities!

And I still get a laugh out of "Question 1: Are you cool? Question 2: Did you answer the above question ironically?"

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 19:15
by Morgan
you'd have to borrow her body to get g to bone you because he wouldn't bone someone who wasn't kathleen. that was my assumption as to your meaning. plus, i rarely get things.

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 19:34
by Dana
I thought the same thing as Morgan, mainly cause it's true.

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 20:08
by Kathleen
I know that neither of those dudes dig docking.

Also, I will do plenty of boning Graham. I'll be doing it for you, Under_13.

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 21:07
by Morgan
i think you've made a critical error with regards to who is doing the boning...

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 23:50
by Dana
You don't know Kathleen very well, do you?

Posted: 25 Oct 2005, 06:26
by Under13
Kathleen wrote:Also, I will do plenty of boning Graham. I'll be doing it for you, Under_13.


Posted: 04 Nov 2005, 13:51
by Patty McPat
HA HA HA...LOL...I just watched this you said what I've been saying for years...I also liked the Deuchebags remark at the end...very nice...cudos to you man.


Posted: 04 Nov 2005, 17:05
by AmazingPjotrMan
I know plenty of that kin. I would be one if I knew what music I actually liked and didn't like, most sounds good. Except for that stinking hippity skip hop flop... mo dizzle, whatever.