Christmas Carolling on Halloween

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Postby Under13 » 14 Nov 2005, 08:35

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Re: Christmas Carolling on Halloween

Postby demonthedog » 01 Nov 2009, 13:38

I was going around trick or treating with my friends when i suggested this idea, your video going on in the back of my mind, and we did get lots more candy, probably double what we would've. i got 1 bag of candy for each hour i was out. my candy was double the amount of 4 other kids who had split off earlier before we started caroling... combined!
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Re: Christmas Carolling on Halloween

Postby King Kool » 02 Nov 2009, 11:27

I showed this one to my bro on Halloween. I was thinking about it for some reason, and it's still hilarious.
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Re: Christmas Carolling on Halloween

Postby iamafish » 02 Nov 2009, 11:33

i suggested it to some friends on the night of halloween... maybe next year
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