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Postby Matt » 01 Feb 2010, 08:22

Apple announces the latest in vegetative technology.

http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/ ... 30-iPotato


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Re: iPotato

Postby Theremin » 01 Feb 2010, 08:31

Didn't do much for me, I don't follow technology that closely, but you can't help but admire the construction.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Askwho » 01 Feb 2010, 08:52

Its nice to see apple target the Irish demographic.

and in other news Google released an update to Donut that makes it corporeal, and tasty.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Master Gunner » 01 Feb 2010, 08:53

Eh, didn't do a lot for me, though I did like the "Liberal Arts majors failed math" joke.
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Re: iPotato

Postby masamune » 01 Feb 2010, 08:59

i've have enough iPad and apple jokes to last me three lifetimes in the past few weeks, so i wasn't feeling it.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Keab42 » 01 Feb 2010, 09:09

From the initial description of the video I was expecting something like Joystiq, I wasn't disappointed. Funny in places, but as Masamune says there's a lot of Ipad jokes out right now. I'm sure if I watch it in a week or two it'll be funnier. Still, it's one of the funniest takes on it so far.

Given the Liberal Arts joke, I assume this was written and filmed very quickly rather than being one of your buffer videos.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Lawman » 01 Feb 2010, 09:16

Having seen the keynote, and also having heard nothing but tampon jokes for the past few days, I thought this video was nicely original, and very well done. Good job on making it look like the real keynote.

It's kinda cool that you're making up for lack of large elaborate sets with awesome CG.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Metcarfre » 01 Feb 2010, 09:18

OK. I don't particularly like the one-trick-pony videos, so not my thing.

Did I spot Kathleen's double-baked potato recipe in the iPotato store, though?
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Re: iPotato

Postby Timetravellingmonkey » 01 Feb 2010, 09:21

Askwho wrote:Its nice to see apple target the Irish demographic.

No, there would have to be a Guinness flavour app for us to really go for an iPotato.

Great video all the same.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Canonfoder » 01 Feb 2010, 09:25

I was afraid from the title that this was going to be another iPhone Alternative video because that video did quite well. Thankfully it was not. Another LRR video through and through.
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Re: iPotato

Postby AmazingZoidberg » 01 Feb 2010, 09:25

What horrors hath the Escapist wrought? A LRR update before 10AM EST it's like we're living in crazyworld, population: everyone.

I thought this was a great parody of an Apple keynote with plenty of good jokes. Unfortunately the pacing felt incredibly slow, but I guess that is the price you pay for spot on parody.

On the whole I really enjoyed it, Steve Jobs feeling hurt that people didn't believe him was a classic moment.
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Re: iPotato

Postby A Model Worker » 01 Feb 2010, 09:29

I liked the video (I'll get into that later perhaps), but something LRR-related I saw getting to the video seemed more pressing.


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Re: iPotato

Postby Feltic » 01 Feb 2010, 10:01

That was a pretty good Jobs, got the mentality spot on from what I've seen.

I laughed most of the way through, always love seeing keynotes poked at, always too serious.

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Re: iPotato

Postby xe2k7 » 01 Feb 2010, 10:05

Paul's beard is coming back! All Hail the Return of the BEARD!!!

Anyway, this vid was pretty good, just not my thing, although the iPotato Store was a touch of brilliance and the fact that Apple is introducing a Potato. I also liked the optional iPotato Knife, and that 'Liberal Arts students failed math' line. I think ya'll might have missed an opportunity with mentioning the price, but good nonetheless.

Off topic, the date of the iPotato presser was my b-day! Not that it matters, but I feel that anything with my b-day on it is special.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Yaxley » 01 Feb 2010, 10:20

And all this potato-y goodness for only $499.
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Re: iPotato

Postby xe2k7 » 01 Feb 2010, 10:43

Yaxley wrote:And all this potato-y goodness for only $499.

Could have been funny if it was $4.99.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Evil Jim » 01 Feb 2010, 11:13

I'm afraid this is the first ever LRR video that I didn't find funny at all. :( One joke padded out past five minutes just obliterated it completely. It would have been better as a short gag in a Rapidfire sketch but even then, elsewhere on the Internet there have already been funnier ways to say "We are disappointed in the I-Pad."
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Re: iPotato

Postby CygnusX1 » 01 Feb 2010, 12:01

This video was not my cup of tea. I have seen this kind of joke carried out so many times, so it wasn't original at all. Like some others have said, its basically one joke stretched out for 5 mins.
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Re: iPotato

Postby Machalllewis » 01 Feb 2010, 12:16

Theremin wrote:Didn't do much for me, I don't follow technology that closely, but you can't help but admire the construction.

Nothing to see here.
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Re: iPotato

Postby HeroOfTheNorth » 01 Feb 2010, 12:30

I liked this video - The iPotato recipe store bit was GOLD.

One thing that would have made the video better is if the video's name wasn't "iPotato", since we knew before even watching the video the main joke of it.
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Re: iPotato

Postby J. Edwards » 01 Feb 2010, 13:05

I thought this weeks video was good, I laughed quite a bit. I thought Graham's delivery was terrific, and Kathleen's and Tim's faces when reacting to his answers were excellent as well.

P.S. I had to rewind the video to make sure that I saw what I thought I saw, Paul's Beard is returning!
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Re: iPotato

Postby Keith K » 01 Feb 2010, 13:19

4% larger and 400% more expensive! Pomme de terre
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Re: iPotato

Postby Curt » 01 Feb 2010, 13:30

Yeah, sorry guys, but this was painful to watch. The whole "i(Noun)" gag is really old and played out, and is about as funny now as "LOL MARIO'S ON DRUGS/GETS FED UP WITH SAVING THE PRINCESS" kinds of videos. :(
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Re: iPotato

Postby Mechamancer » 01 Feb 2010, 13:38

"redefine a completely new market segment"? I didn't know you could redefine something that hasn't even been designed yet.

And as a former fine arts major who is now in engineering I appreciate the joke about fine arts majors failing math. Cause its true.
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Re: iPotato

Postby King Kool » 01 Feb 2010, 13:52

This seems like trodden territory already, but...

I never thought I would hope a video was more like Buttstallation, but I was REALLY expecting this one to just break down and get ridiculous. I was just sitting here waiting for anything to land other than the audacity of promoting a potato (which, sure, that's kinda funny, but potato is one of those words like monkey and rutabagah that's like comedic cruise control).

Maybe this is a dead-on parody of the announcement of the iTablet or whatever... but here's the thing: I don't give a toss about the iVagina. I didn't watch the announcement, and after a solid WEEK of people joking about tampons, I was pretty well sick of even thinking about it.

Was the legume supposed to be a joke about things that grow in "pods," like iPods? Or am I thinking of this in the way a shipwrecked man dreams of scrambled eggs?

Also, was I the only one who noticed Paul's beard last week? I just didn't say anything because, in all likelihood, this means more Warriors of Darkness. But if we talk about it, the waveform might collaspe and he'll be unbearded again.
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