Nanaimo Road Trip

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Nanaimo Road Trip

Postby Graham » 27 Jan 2006, 20:24

While not our normal sort of video, this trip was a lot of fun, and we thought, well why not.

The festival was great fun, and the journey (especially that bit in Chemainus) was pretty funny. At least we thought so. Hope that comes across.

Check out the festival site here for more fun info.
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Postby Friv » 27 Jan 2006, 20:30

Kick ass on winning three awards, guys! :)
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Postby Lavos » 27 Jan 2006, 20:47

i dont know what's happening anymore
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Postby Lavos » 27 Jan 2006, 20:55

If ass was presented we would probably kick it. classic
i dont know what's happening anymore
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You spelled my name wrong

Postby Lissette Arevalo » 27 Jan 2006, 20:56

You spelled my name wrong in the video under "Team Rental," however, inthe credits you didn't. What's up Graham? Huh, dropping the ball?

It turned out really well. I am kinda glad that half the footage couldn't fit, cause most of it while fun, was a little how we say...unattractive.

It was really fun, we need to do one when we go to Leskiti!
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Postby JesterJ. » 27 Jan 2006, 21:05

Wow, very nice, worth the extra 8-hour wait. That's the kinda thing I'm gonna do when I get a car...and go on a road some point. I liked the Chemainus bit, with the tie and all, the picture you showed at the end with you and the tie was great. Looked like fun, grats on winning three awards!

PS: I laughed hard at the "Moose on the road kill more people per year than smoking and drugs, combined." That's gotta be my favorite line from you guys hahaha
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Postby Lavos » 27 Jan 2006, 21:06

The flash at the end was also very humourus. XD
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Postby dill » 27 Jan 2006, 21:09

one of your best videos yet:D
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Postby Lord Chrusher » 27 Jan 2006, 21:12

The most interesting trip to Nanaimo I have herd of or seen.

Moose are a plague on the Island Highway. You have only a one in three chance of making it all the way to Campbell River with out hitting one. The number of collisions have thinned the numbers south of Nanaimo so your odds on the strech of road in the video are about 50 50. One must watch for the pengins on the Malahat, which while rare can be much more distructive.
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Postby sofaeater » 27 Jan 2006, 21:28

"Flamercoon?" = best moment. You guys are a crazy bunch. You people are entertaining.
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Postby dark_realm » 27 Jan 2006, 21:29

raod trips that are documented are the best, and i must say again, that the moose thing was awesome! how long did the trip go for?
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Postby umbrellaless » 27 Jan 2006, 22:44

It seems to me that there WAS a lot of ass (bare...naked...ass...) presented in this film.

And very little kicking of it.

tsk tsk.

Still, fun was had and laughter ensued. Good job as always.
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Postby Armand » 27 Jan 2006, 23:28

I'm so proud . . . *tear*
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Postby Tapir12 » 28 Jan 2006, 00:00

Oooh, I was very excited when I saw the title for this one, being from Nanaimo myself. Turns out there was little Nanaimo (though I did recognize several locations) and much hilarity instead! The Bohemiam Rhapsody part was gold. And the tie.

And congrats on the awards!!!!

Of course the people in nanaimo have good taste! That's why I'm here :wink:
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Postby Andy » 28 Jan 2006, 00:07

Oh man!
Now I REALLY wish I could have made the trip.

Anyway, great video! :D
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Postby dill » 28 Jan 2006, 01:49

Andy wrote:Oh man!
Now I REALLY wish I could have made the trip.

Anyway, great video! :D

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Postby AmazingPjotrMan » 28 Jan 2006, 02:58

That was cool, makes me want to get a drivers license... and a car. But my friends are far too annoying to have a roadtrip with. What am I saying? I don't have any friends!
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Postby DP » 28 Jan 2006, 03:36

It's nice when it's unscripted... a lot of the heart shines through. Otherwise, I'd think you were all just a bunch of line-memorizing robots.
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Postby matthewm » 28 Jan 2006, 05:45

I loved the split screen bits, but I wish you'd had like four cars so you could have gone mario kart or something at one bit. that would have been fun.

sadly the roadtrips my friends make (or will make when it gets warm again) involve motorbikes. and i'm far too scared to ride a motorbike.
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Postby Unimatsuriku » 28 Jan 2006, 07:11

Exelent work as usual :) loved the bohemian rhapsody :D kick ass guys!

What flash?
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Funny vid

Postby islandan » 28 Jan 2006, 09:54

Hey guys, good video.
The Chemainus part was great...I went to high school there! hehe Ya, it's a funny little town.
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N. A. N. A. I. M. O.

Postby johnny » 28 Jan 2006, 09:56

Great video guys, we had tons of fun (metric tons, not those lame-ass imperial ones) at the festival and after. We will have to come up with a good reason to get you guys back to Nanaimo again. Well at the very least I guess we'll see you at next years festival. Congratulations again guys.
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Postby Rhynome » 28 Jan 2006, 10:04

I came a little when you guys got to the bit where Bohemian Rhapsody picked up. I have now forgotten about the rest of the video and am entirely focused on that.
I love you guys, *huggles*.

(But that tie was... HIDEOUS, I want to know who buys that? Hell, who makes that sort of tie?)
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Postby Tensen01 » 28 Jan 2006, 14:54

Excellent stuff guys, My fav was the "Kick-assing" bit, very good.

And Congrats everyone, you deserve all the kudos you can get. Keep on Kick-assing for a long time to come!!!
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Postby Mjcool » 28 Jan 2006, 15:31

Graham, are you sure you aren't my evil Canadian twin?

Seriously, road trips are among the coolest activities possible.

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