Conan's Witnesses

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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby Nevrmore » 30 Jun 2010, 10:43

tak197 wrote:
HIGHFIVEMAN wrote:Paul's sunshiney little "Hi!" at the end there was immaculate.

I'm guessing Hell just upgraded to Super Mario/Duck Hunt or something, because he seems a lot happier about his life.

Then again, Paul always was the more chipper of the Staanists, I always thought.

Well, yeah, that's why the bit is funny. Paul and Graham are just so damn cheery to be serving the Dark Lord.
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby ThrashJazzAssassin » 02 Jul 2010, 04:01

Well, there are people who are genuinely cheery about belonging to relatively strict Christian sects; by comparison, Satanism is probably quite fun.
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby Niko88 » 02 Jul 2010, 14:25

That was the best Jer performance I have ever seen. Props to you good sir!
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby Machalllewis » 02 Jul 2010, 14:30

I found Jers performance to be a bit dis-jointed in this one. It was funny like but I dunno, just something a bit off in my head. It reminded me of the reporter Jer from ENN. Like when he gets super pissed off about 3D. That same kind of basic character after he finishes up at the office and gets home and then has to deal with these goddamn religious types.
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby ZanasoBayncuh » 03 Jul 2010, 12:09

I don't normally log on to do this... but... were the LRR crew involved in this video before me, and wearing rings, I would kiss their rings. This was a fantastic video... both humorous and very clever. I LOVE the intellectual side of this, the comedic timing was priceless, the feasible absurdities were well conceived... Jer, Kathleen, and Matt meshed together extremely well... I don't think there was one thing lacking from this video.
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby Sorrowex » 03 Jul 2010, 15:26

I love the line just before the stinger, where Jeremy goes inside and calls neighborhood watch, i thought he was going to call the guy who they were talking about killing. Additionally, PAUL + GRAHAM + DOOR TO DOOR REFERENCE = AMAZING!!!!!!
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby Strave » 04 Jul 2010, 10:24

Wow, that was fantastic. Amazing timing all throughout. And thank goodness for the Door to Door reference; I was thinking about that the whole time and hoping for some kind of callback, and that last bit worked perfectly!

I do have to say, Jer's "Maple Sugar Pie" line has to be my favorite part. That had me cracking up. Though, I'm not sure "Diet Crack" would be the right term, would it? Seems like it would have a buttload of sugar... Not that there's anything wrong with that!
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby wartjr2373 » 06 Jul 2010, 08:03

A rather lol-some video. I agree that a reference to RapidFire would have been hilarious as well, but alas there can be but one stinger. I don't know if I'd like RapidFire to return though, as I believe Crapshots to be doing an adequate job of the sort of comedic style RF aimed for.
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Re: Conan's Witnesses

Postby JackSlack » 04 Nov 2010, 18:40

Just watched this video for the first time (yes, I'm late) and really was surprised. I expected it to be about asking Conan O'Brien to be your lord and saviour.

Which would actually make for a fun sequel.

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