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Re: Trapped

Postby tak197 » 25 Oct 2010, 13:44

With the number of Creepy Dolls in the video, does this mean they will be available at some point?
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Re: Trapped

Postby Whitmore » 25 Oct 2010, 14:09

A well deserved roasting of these forums, I reckon.

Nice job, guys.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Murakami » 25 Oct 2010, 14:30

C'est le awesome!

Good laughs in this one guys, great concepts, nice twist, great Alex, great James, great Graham, great Jer.

It's great how Graham says the video they're shooting is really meta when Jer is on the phone with Tally.

Cus it was!!!!
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Re: Trapped

Postby Keab42 » 25 Oct 2010, 14:30

Emperor Gum wrote:Four videos in one day? I think I just had LRRgasm.

Four? Have I missed one?
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Re: Trapped

Postby gcninja » 25 Oct 2010, 14:44

LMAO. I knew the stinger was coming but I didn't expect ASSHOLES. I LOL'd. Also, it was creepy as I just caught the tail end of matts cloak in the kitchen scene I was like "HOLY HELL"

Unskippable and
Crapshot (havent seen it)
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Re: Trapped

Postby Nanosauromo » 25 Oct 2010, 14:59

That. Was. AMAZING. The best LRR video I can remember. It had me laughing all the way through.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Keab42 » 25 Oct 2010, 15:05

gcninja wrote:LRR
Unskippable and
Crapshot (havent seen it)

No Crapshot yet and it's now Tuesday...
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Re: Trapped

Postby Wolfenbarg » 25 Oct 2010, 15:53

Loved this video! Just the beginning where he was dragging the axe and it turned out to be a blooper had me in stitches.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Chuckles » 25 Oct 2010, 16:02

tak197 wrote:With the number of Creepy Dolls in the video, does this mean they will be available at some point?

Pretty sure.

In a one of the cHustle video threads, Kathleen asked if anyone would be willing to donate to Desert Bus for them.

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Re: Trapped

Postby Mighty Magnus » 25 Oct 2010, 16:23

An excellent video, ladies and gents of the LRR-iverce.

I do so like these videos that come across as 'actual people just being themselves' but with enough of your own silly twists.
To me they seem to give a more personal view of what your up to, allowing me to feel more part of the film.
I still do enjoy the madness and hilarity of all your other vid's, but I do like to feel emotionally attached to what I'm watching.

Hmm, if that all comes across as too 'sappy', then go huff a dong :D, it's just how I roll.

Thanks again all involved, keep up the good filming.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Zombaholic » 25 Oct 2010, 17:16

I always love the fact that the cH crew is more incompetent then the actual crew. Yet have the same amount of fame they do now.

Is there a cut when the crew exits the house?
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Re: Trapped

Postby Dr.Ninja » 25 Oct 2010, 18:09

When the cellphone interference started I though "Oh hell this is gonna be some Slenderman shit," and it kinda was. Hilarious, especially Graham's reaction to the creepydolls.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Jack » 25 Oct 2010, 18:34

I really liked this video. It really felt like a Hustle and I enjoyed it all the more for it. I was sort of expecting the stinger to be like the basement videos, having Jer waking up with blood on his head and then being really confused when he sees himself asking why he brought himself there. The actual stinger was nice, though.
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Re: Trapped

Postby JackSlack » 25 Oct 2010, 18:38

Nice. Liked this a lot.

So is this a Commodore Hustle video or not? Will it be included on a Commodore Hustle DVD, for instance?

Personally, given what Jer's said, I think it should count as one.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Kyogissun » 25 Oct 2010, 18:40

James wrote:We talked about whether it should be a hustle video or not but in the end we decided not to.

But don't fret, a honest to goodness hustle is in the works.

Good to hear. :mrgreen:
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Re: Trapped

Postby It's My Delorean » 25 Oct 2010, 20:17

You know, it was lucky Jer was taken out, just so we could avoid the possiblity of the perp being Old Man Petter.
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I'm so down with that plan.

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Re: Trapped

Postby Dubious_wolf » 25 Oct 2010, 20:27

Sooooo awesome! this just replaced Bagel Time as my favorite video. Well no that's not true....
Paul wasn't there and therefore it is not as good however. It was extremely close. It instead replaced my next favorite video, Failure... wait no that's the same problem...
Ok Ok It is my new favorite behind the scenes type video, which isn't specifically a cHustle.
(all rambling aside. It was really good you guys. Best one in a while.)

Oh I just figured out my favorite video ever. Skeletor's Dick, this runs close second.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Graham » 25 Oct 2010, 20:44

JackSlack wrote:So is this a Commodore Hustle video or not? Will it be included on a Commodore Hustle DVD, for instance?
Anything beyond the first season of cH, we're planning on including on the normal season DVDs, so this will be on a normal DVD like all the other videos.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Metcarfre » 25 Oct 2010, 21:38

Pretty good. Great lighting and camerawork. Subtle edits, too.
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Re: Trapped

Postby the amativeness » 25 Oct 2010, 21:43

rpg1203 wrote:that was totaly awsome :)

what was graham going to write on matts forhead before he found out where the marker came from ?

He actually DID write "HACK". See 6:30
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Re: Trapped

Postby DewMan001 » 25 Oct 2010, 22:54

Excellent work guys. Great mood and atmosphere. I've never seen any of the Saw movies (And never will), so the "You must complete some challenges" bit reminded me of Portal.

I didn't pick this as Hustle, thought it as one of those Us Playing Us videos like Son of A Bitch and Moving Out.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Slack Mesa » 25 Oct 2010, 23:24

Halfway through the video, I thought, "if it weren't for you meddling kids." Thus I smiled at the stinger, but I stopped smiling at the last word. I don't have any objection to profanity in general, but in this case it seemed forced.

If Tim had said, "you meddling hacks," now that would have made me laugh aloud.

Overall, the video reminded me of a Homestar Runner Halloween episode. LRR should do one of these every Octoberween.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Myrph » 25 Oct 2010, 23:28

It's My Delorean wrote:You know, it was lucky Jer was taken out, just so we could avoid the possiblity of the perp being Old Man Petter.

Before I had worked out that it was Matt, I thought it might've been Jer's Dad, since its his basement and that would've been even more hilariously bizarre, because you gotta be fairly forgiving to let these guys back into your basement this many times to film ;p
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Re: Trapped

Postby Lisra » 26 Oct 2010, 01:47

Edit: This should have been in the llrcast thread.. I got confused with the tabs. ^^

The aside about fitness was nice. As a (becoming) professional I wish people would look after themselves more like some of you do.
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Re: Trapped

Postby Christopher » 26 Oct 2010, 04:49


I love how you wrote yourself into the part that required learning the fewest number of lines (except maybe for Taly). You knew what you were doing when you wrote this one, didn't you? [insert wink here]

Great vid. It's fitting that it ties in with Son of a Bitch, one of the best videos yet.

By the way, Canon isn't sponsoring the group, is it? Why specify the brand of camera the memory card was found in? Now I'm just going to wonder which model it was you used to film this, and whether I should have bought that one instead of the HF200 I have. Sigh. Buyer's remorse...

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