Bright Ideas

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Bright Ideas

Postby Kathleen » 02 May 2011, 11:08

I wrote a video! ... ight-Ideas

Fun fact: the original script called for a heart shaped frame that said 'best friends forever' but we couldn't find one.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Vigafre » 02 May 2011, 11:37

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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Keab42 » 02 May 2011, 11:38

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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby MowDownJoe » 02 May 2011, 11:56


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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Ottoman » 02 May 2011, 12:00

Keab42 wrote:Wes!

Kathleen, you were really good in this one. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there was something different about your performance. Maybe because you wrote it, too?

Great video all around.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby GreigKM » 02 May 2011, 13:17

Fantastic, and defiantly an effective poet deterrent. I mean, I'd be deterred by it. :roll:
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Yaxley » 02 May 2011, 13:19

Like Chekhov said, if you have a gun in the first minute of your comedy sketch, it had better go off in the third. Or something like that.

Also, 3:50 is Kathleen's "I'm gon kill you" face.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby therockdemon » 02 May 2011, 13:51

this video was the best in a while, the only problem is i dont know why there is just somthing about it, it might be the acting the script or the way it was shoot and edited or even just a mix of it all, the only thing i know for sure is i loved it.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby ecks » 02 May 2011, 14:19

Was it just me or did something weird happen to the audio when he talks about his skinny kitty technology? Seemed like something changed but I can't quite put my finger on what exactly. (On further listens: different acoustics maybe, did you have to re-record that later or was the mic just in a different spot?)
Not a big deal in any case, was slightly distracting for me but I still enjoyed it; just curious mostly.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Wolfenbarg » 02 May 2011, 14:19

I love this video. I called it being a gun, but I still laughed and cheered a little when it was revealed to be one. Jer should be a salesman for real.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Trymantha » 02 May 2011, 14:33

im getting to the stage where i can guess the writer 90% of the time now.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby ThrashJazzAssassin » 02 May 2011, 14:46

We love you, Wes.

Oh, yeah, right, the video. *ahem* The gun was easy enough to predict, but the overall variety of crazy ideas made up for that. Also, great out-of-touch-with-reality... ness... from Jer. Previous nutbar inventors in LRR videos have tended to be ridiculously over-enthusiastic versions of whoever's playing them, but this guy felt like a really distinct character.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Serisothikos » 02 May 2011, 15:02

I saw the video and thought, "This must've been what Charles Babbage's life was like, except switch out poets for organ grinders."
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby phlip » 02 May 2011, 15:17

So, is this how the world in Crime and Punishment got started?
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but how about watch phone?

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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby JustAName » 02 May 2011, 15:35

Dammit, Kathleen! That floor isn't scotch-guarded! Why do we have a killing room if you're not going to use it?
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Luft » 02 May 2011, 16:36

Brilliant video. Jer's performance was excellent and Kathleen's expression when the "Skinny Kitty" was revealed was priceless.
By the way, I would totally by a Smithe, Smithe, Thwimp, and Pastlewait (or at least that is what it sounded like) t-shirt.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby the_lone_bard » 02 May 2011, 16:38

I'm gunna say that the boom ran outa power or something simmilar and nobody noticed, which is why th audio returns to normal when the camera shot changes.
Speaking of which, You guys have a nice habbit of re-shooting stuff without a mic, How many takes did you do to get it right to just say "Fuck it, we won't do it live!"

And as for the video, god damned hilarious. And kathleen is just like "OMG GUY! I CAN ACT!" And then jer is like "But wait! I can act as well!" And kathleens like "No fuck you, i'm better!" And jers like "Nooooooooo!"
...I may have got a bit distracted there, but yes. Kathleen appears to have Become a better actor in that video. (Not that she wasn't great before, but that vid just seemed... better.)

And yeah, well written as well, personally i'd like to see more unfiltered kathleen on the escapist, re-watching the archives i think it could do with a little more of her insanity.

Also: GOD DAMN! sudden block 'o text, i must be tired.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby WeirdBlueOne » 02 May 2011, 20:17

Good video. I agree that Jer's character was very well played.
For some reason I really like the belt interaction bit. That made me laugh a lot. Also, when Jer's describing his other inventions as he's being pushed out the door. THAT was cool.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby VanSlick » 02 May 2011, 20:48

All I have to say is - your spot was meanly placed. Completely unfair - didn't notice it the first time through.

Excellent work. Will we get to see some pictures of the paper drawings in full so we can marvel at the detail?

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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby AlexanderDitto » 02 May 2011, 21:18

Poets coming up to me and trying to get me to listen to their free-form verse! Ugh! It's a huge problem. I want me a poet-be-gone!

This was fantastic. Loved the writing, Kathleen; dialog was exquisitely snappy. The kitty picture was a nice touch, and you made for a wonderful confused/terrified patent lawyer.

Also, why is Jer so damn good at being so damn crazy? It's wonderful. Probably from DMing so much. Ach, I'd love to be in a game with him as DM...

Anyway. Loved it!
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Robert Merlow » 02 May 2011, 21:39

The performance in the video was spot-on, and how out of touch Jer's character was was comedy gold when he started rattling off the plethora of ideas he produced. That kitty picture was amazing as well. It is certainly a mark of yours, Kathleen. Crazy cat ladies bringing their obsession to the writing of videos! Love it.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Phenonemis » 03 May 2011, 10:28

Was the cat picture already within your possession, or was it taken for the video?
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Graham » 03 May 2011, 11:40

Phenonemis wrote:Was the cat picture already within your possession, or was it taken for the video?
That was taken for the video. Kathleen doesn't actually have photos of her cats around the house.
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby nicholasmc1 » 03 May 2011, 19:06

Brilliant as alwats
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Re: Bright Ideas

Postby Matt » 04 May 2011, 11:19

Graham wrote:
Phenonemis wrote:Was the cat picture already within your possession, or was it taken for the video?
That was taken for the video. Kathleen doesn't actually have photos of her cats around the house.


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