Annette, Internet Receptionist

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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby Yaxley » 21 Sep 2011, 12:02

ecks wrote:Ummm... Did something happen to the video since it was first posted or did I just somehow not notice it looking like a low bitrate real player video from 2004 :shock: (I'm referring to the supposedly HQ pub club video)
If anyone who saw it soon after posting could verify my sanity or lack thereof I'd appreciate it.

[edit]I thought maybe the escapist had edited it to remove the Russ Pitts bit from the credits, but that is still there.

I watched it on my iPad the first time, so I can't say if it has changed, but it certainly looks bad on a normal monitor.
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby Dibria » 22 Sep 2011, 00:25

Only thing it was missing was 'are you...? Are you masturbating?' - because if it's online, someone is.
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby Fenrir » 22 Sep 2011, 01:04

Dibria wrote:Only thing it was missing was 'are you...? Are you masturbating?' - because if it's online, someone is.

......... *facepalm* :P :D

Gotta admit this amused me greatly though I will say I did cringe a teeeeeeeeeny tiny bit at the two girls one cup part XD
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby Drinnik » 22 Sep 2011, 06:09

I loved this vid, It's going on the list of "Videos to Show People Who've Never Seen LRR."
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby Peacehammer » 25 Sep 2011, 01:20

I am with the 'loved it' group all the way. Also with the '2g1c was a downer for it'.

I am really fond of this kind of this kind of quickfire commenting humour.

I don't normally like ranking things in best ever order, but I have difficulty thinking of one I like better.

Thanks guys.
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby pokute » 25 Sep 2011, 10:28

This was amazing. Seriously. You guys are on a roll.

Kathleen's reading and delivery were perfect, just as professionally restrained as it needed to be (unrelated white turtleneck swoon~), setting everything up for Andy's woochie-coochie baby-talk, then topping it all off with the schadenfreude zinger.
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby SilPho » 30 Sep 2011, 13:12

Evil Jim wrote:.... changed his browser home page to hot male .com.

Oooooooh, that's why that joke is funny. I admit I didn't get that one at first.

I'm mildly curious, has someone in the crew actually seen 2G1C in order to write the script to have the descriptions of the video's happenings in the right order? (Assuming they are in the right order, you couldn't pay me to watch it).
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Re: Annette, Internet Receptionist

Postby alchmstlva » 13 Jan 2012, 18:31

Definitely one of my all-time LRR favorites. Is it just me, or does this particular video deserve a sequel?
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