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Re: Friends and Family

Postby Under_Score » 30 May 2012, 06:32

Hmm... Actually, I seem to remember something (one of the commentaries?) about Rogers Wireless actually using "neighborhood" in their marketing? Or maybe it was just a nickname... Shoot, I don't remember well enough...
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Re: Friends and Family

Postby phlip » 30 May 2012, 06:49

I don't remember anything like that... just that it was a joke based on Mr Rogers' Neighbourhood.
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Re: Friends and Family

Postby Dominic Appleguard » 30 May 2012, 11:09

I've added that callback to the wiki. It takes place in Graham's conversation with James in "Red".
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Re: Friends and Family

Postby The Tortured Soul » 30 May 2012, 17:07

Oh yeah I remember Customer Servicing thanks! I just didn't remember the company name (again bad memory).
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Re: Friends and Family

Postby TorachiKatashi » 01 Jun 2012, 18:17

This video was great. Kathleen makes the best customer service person in all those types of videos.

However - and I have absolutely no clue why I'm saying this because I don't think Matt is even going to care even if he did read it, but the dog trainer part of me is going to cry herself to sleep if I don't - watching the Loading Time for this video, I was cringing listening to all that "Stay... Stay... Stay..." nonsense.

Firstly, the cue "stay" or "wait" is redundant. We don't give a dog a sit cue with the clause that they are free to bounce out of the sit the second their butt hits the ground simply because we didn't tell them to "stay," that's silly. Sit, even for a house pet who isn't involved in any type of sport, means "sit until I tell you otherwise," not "sit until you decide not to." The same goes for any control position.

That having been said, there are still some older handlers who have been using the "stay" and "wait" cues for so many years that they're simply too superstitious to drop it, even though the cue is purely for their own benefit. But you still never give a cue more than once. If one "stay" means to remain in place, then two "stays" means, "Oh, I wasn't actually serious when I said it the first time, so don't worry about ever doing something on the first cue since I'll just give in and cue you a second time," and so on for every additional cue. Sometimes is always to a dog. If your first "stay" cue isn't for keeps, then neither is your first sit cue, or your first down cue, or your first recall which may someday save her from running into the street and being struck down.

As far as sports go, I would highly recommend one. Retrievers, any breed of retriever, need a job to do (and no, running laps around the yard, chasing the same one tennis ball, bouncing off of house guests are not jobs to do.) Agility and Obedience are the "main" go-to sports, but there are closer to thirty different types of dog sports, and a Golden would excel at most or all of them.
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Re: Friends and Family

Postby JustAName » 02 Jun 2012, 12:13

I think this goes in the Bonus Videos thread? >.>
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