The Whole Story: Batteries

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Re: The Whole Story: Batteries

Postby WAYF » 27 Aug 2013, 01:07

Oh my god, I just realized that behind Nigel F-B during the Whole Story titles sequence, when he's taking the two very large books out of storage, there's a sign that says:

"CAUTION. Move ONE [book?] at a time to avoid damaging the volumes."

Never noticed that before.
It's the little things that make LRR that much greater. :D
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Re: The Whole Story: Batteries

Postby phlip » 27 Aug 2013, 03:47

The sign says "Caution: Move ONE unit at a time to avoid damaging the system", and I'm pretty sure it's referring to those fancy movable shelves (which you see in action in the previous shot).

It's easier to read with the Pub Club slightly-higher-def video.
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