The Hero We Deserve

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The Hero We Deserve

Postby Graham » 20 Oct 2013, 23:56

Look on in awe at the amazing adventures of Guy with a Cell Phone Man!
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Kapol » 21 Oct 2013, 01:12

When I got my first smart phone, it did kinda feel like a super power. "I can go online anywhere!? I have the sum of human knowledge everywhere I go now! (barring signal strength, offer may not be valid in all areas, void where prohibited)." But I still like the idea of just butting into random situations like that.

Also, the end of Cam's bit was an excellent touch.

What's with the early uploads though? Or is this just the first time I've been awake and noticed them? Not that I'm complaining either way.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Lord Chrusher » 21 Oct 2013, 01:31

It is actually online on Monday in Australia!

I quite enjoyed this video especially the scene between Paul and Missie.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby RedNightmare » 21 Oct 2013, 01:40

I was kind of hoping to see Questionably Legal Man show up, but it was funny none the less. Especially Missie did a great job as an '80 comic book villian.

And yay for early upload, it's Monday here right now!
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Omnicrat » 21 Oct 2013, 01:44

I'm guessing the early upload comes from PA wanting Checkpoint up ASAP on mondays, and since they have the video ready anyway, why not upload to youtube this weeks sketch at the same time?

Also, why will there not be a next time, I wanna see more of this! Perhaps some cross-over with questionably legal man in the founding of the Averagers or something?

edti: Alternate more likely theory, they're using youtube's scheduled updates feature to automatically make videos public at a certain time, and have set up a similar function on the site.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Don Reba » 21 Oct 2013, 02:02

Missie was brilliant in this!
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby WAYF » 21 Oct 2013, 02:59

It was like Questionably Legal Man, but morally unambiguous and actually helpful! Such is the power of the Cellphone! :D
(How did you make Paul's superhero costume? Are there places that sell T-shirts with random retro technology prints on them?)

And then MISSIE. Just out of nowhere. I was like "woooaahh, it's Missie! And she's playing the villain! This is awesome!" And then I wasn't sure who I wanted to win.
This was actually pretty well done. And I really really liked the "Stay tuned" bit at the end. The only problem with it, now that you've mentioned the next time or lack thereof, is that I really want there to be a next time. Not necessarily a full video, it's the kind of thing that could work in either Crapshots or Rapidfire, but... damnit.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Merrymaker_Mortalis » 21 Oct 2013, 03:04

Trust the first video I sneakily watched at college was a hilarious one... You challenged my stoneface abilities.

Missie *killed it.

*In the positive way of killing.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Amake » 21 Oct 2013, 03:16

I wish my city had a hero like Guy-with-a-cellphone-man. Then I would never miss not having Internet on my phone, instead of not missing it at all 99% of the time and missing it a little bit the rest of the time.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Rubberbandninja » 21 Oct 2013, 03:25

I really wanted him to have trouble trying to report Questionably Legal Man to the police...
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby pokute » 21 Oct 2013, 03:36

This was brilliantly funny. I like how the double-edged nature of technology is showcased. Part of me thinks Lady Landline should've been more bondage themed though...
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby phlip » 21 Oct 2013, 04:06

I was expecting the stinger to involve Guy With A Cellphone Man tripping over Lady Landline's telephone cord and ripping it out of its socket... Pulling out the yellow pages was definitely funnier, though. Add another vote for Team Missie, she really stole this one.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby jello » 21 Oct 2013, 04:40

At first I was like "Nice idea, making fun of the 'There's an App for that!!!111eleven™' mentality", then Lady Landline showed up and it was bound to be an epic video. :D
Loved the über-comic-esque alliterations.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Yaxley » 21 Oct 2013, 06:35

Okay. Please tell me I'm not the only one who mentally completed Paul's line, "AT&T? But they're an American company! If they own all the cellphone towers, then..." with "I must be roaming like a motherfucker!"
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Prospero101 » 21 Oct 2013, 06:36

Tune in next time, same cell phone time, same cell phone channel!
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby thatlaurachick » 21 Oct 2013, 06:37

@yaxley - being a former AT&T customer, I completed with "... then I'll never have service or receive calls!"

Seriously, AT&T sends calls straight to voicemail, even on 5 bars of service. Also, they have shitty coverage.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby kade_zero » 21 Oct 2013, 07:40

Hmm, these “cellular telephone mechanisms” look useful. I may have to get one.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Foxmar » 21 Oct 2013, 07:42

Awesome video guys, Missie was awesome as a villain!
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Bebop Man » 21 Oct 2013, 08:18

... but not the one we need?
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby VanSlick » 21 Oct 2013, 08:26

Best classic villian ever! Beautiful work everyone, but especially Missie.
Also, whipping out the phonebook was amazing.

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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Lord Hosk » 21 Oct 2013, 09:10

I have to agree Paul was great, but Missi was absolutely amazing.

I was so excited when it teased "next time" and very disappointed when it said "there wont be a next time"

I would love for this concept to be revisited where we find out that Guy with a Cell Phone Man and Lady Landline dated their first year at university and but she broke up with him after he got a cell phone because he was being annoying calling her and being like "oh man you will never believe this, im on top of the student union building and I can call you!" The names were even part of the break up.
Cynthia: "Listen, guy, we need to talk"
Guy: "we can talk any time now that I have this cell phone, we dont even have to be tied to a single location! do you want me to go somewhere and call you?"
Cynthia: "well you see thats part of the problem honey, we are right next to each other and you just want to run off and talk to me on your cell phone"
Guy: "But its such a great invention!"
Cynthia: "Guy, you arent listening, there is never something so desperate that you cant wait to get to a pay phone, or one of the free student phones they have all over campus"
Guy (looking confused and hurt) :but you just dont understand you want to just stick to your ludite ways, this is the future!

a couple of weeks later Cynthia's parents where driving to Edmonton to visit her moms brother Albert, they had purchased a cell phone just in case, but they had no coverage when they skidded into a snow bank and froze to death. She received a sizable insurance pay out which her uncle albert made some crazy investments with, but somehow they all panned out. She suffered a mental break down and spent some time in hospital, taking on the persona of Land Line Lady as a coping mecanism. Guy tried to comfort her and be a friend but the break up was too fresh, he took on the persona of Guy with a cell phone guy as a joke one time when visiting her to try to cheer her up but the break up was too fresh combined with her state of mental instability from the tragedy of loosing her parents she lashed out and hit him in the head with a phone knocking him unconscious and turning to a life of pseudo villainy and feeling responsible as well as being slightly unstable himself he took up the mantel of guy with a cell phone guy to try to stop her.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby AlexanderDitto » 21 Oct 2013, 10:16

Missie STOLE this sketch. Oh my goodness. Lady Landline's outfit, the hair, the demeanor... absolutely perfect. She was a really convincing comic book villain! And then the awkward yellow pages wranglinghHad me in stitches.

It was a good sketch, and then Missie made it an AMAZING sketch. Brava, darling.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Pimpin J » 21 Oct 2013, 10:38

Missi was awesome!

I also loved Nick Alexander's Facebook page.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Ascorbius » 21 Oct 2013, 11:00

Loved the video - but a question...

Surely an old phone is dialed, not pushed.. Was it a stylized old phone with push buttons or a deeper joke in that even Lady Land Line didn't know how to use the older tech phone?

Just a thought.
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Re: The Hero We Deserve

Postby Graham » 21 Oct 2013, 11:18

It was a rotary-style touch phone, yes.

Still a landline :)

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