Desert Bus Opening Titles

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Re: Desert Bus Opening Titles

Postby AdmiralMemo » 31 Oct 2015, 15:49

I'd say hold off on DB7 until DB9 is done. :-)
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Re: Desert Bus Opening Titles

Postby asistradition » 01 Nov 2015, 02:50

I think I can manage that but... must... not... give in... to......

Anyway, took the week off, have a stopwatch ready to measure my actual time-wasting, my spreadsheet ready, moral-support-through-chat lined up, pencil-sharpener too (but only for my sense of humor since I didn't put any points in my creative skill), a metric busload of coffee and food in stock. This one believes it is ready to bus.

Anything else I need? Would love some protips!

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