Brain Transplants Made Easy

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Postby tak197 » 19 Jun 2007, 22:04

According to that, being born in 85, I am the end of the MTV generation and the beginning of the Echo Boom generation.

EDIT: And now they decided that it is Generation Y. Ugh...
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Postby SrCarteira » 16 Nov 2007, 10:16

I think I speak for every TG fan of that you guys should do a part 2. Visit our forum to get some ideas if you want to:

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Re: Brain Transplants Made Easy

Postby meur1234 » 12 May 2009, 14:27

Very Funny! Bill does the best impression of Gibb I have ever seen.
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Re: Brain Transplants Made Easy

Postby Zivlok » 17 May 2009, 02:08


But, yeah, this is a very good video. I particularly loved Graham stroking Paul's beard.
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Re: Brain Transplants Made Easy

Postby Will-Mun » 03 Dec 2009, 23:25

-Deep inhale and blows all the dust off the thread.- Alright I know I'm bringing back a thread long since dead (and apparently once attempted resurrection)... But I have a pertinent question!

How did you guys prep in order to act like each other? I keep imagining you guys filmed it once with everyone in their self roles, and then everyone would pantomime their body swaps...

I only ask because each time I watch this video (it's one of my favorites) I always imagine the proper cast member speaking the lines, and always seems rather genuine.
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