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Postby WaffleIronMan » 06 Jul 2007, 16:15

Great job on this one! I thought that this joke was so old it was impossible to make funny anymore, but it seems I was wrong. :P
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Postby Stephen_S » 06 Jul 2007, 16:21

Great job on a classic joke. I enjoyed this one.
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Postby Kipher » 06 Jul 2007, 16:23

That was hilarious!!! :lol: It made more way more confused then when i first saw the original sketch, which makes it even better when I show this to all my retard friends.

I loved the LRR twist with involving the crazy named players into the conversation. It makes things worse for poor Graham and Paul, but oh so much funnier!

billyjr82 wrote:Very nice take on the classic sketch guys! I think saying "shutup" kinda killed it a little bit, but it was still very funny.

I disagree that saying "shut up" killed the mood. I mean what's there to say when you have an off screen person scream "Yah?" when you're trying to explain something.
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Postby Kate! » 06 Jul 2007, 16:37

lulz @ Lil Jon.

[ps. Lil Jon in high school.]


What a babe.
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Postby NBPharmacy » 06 Jul 2007, 16:50

I agree, it's an excellent take on one of the greatest sketches of all time. Another favorite of mine is Victor Borge's phonetic punctuation.
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Postby Captain_Anarchy » 06 Jul 2007, 16:52

Wow that was awesome. That is all.
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Postby Ash » 06 Jul 2007, 17:27

I was a little weirded out when you guys left the house to do this sketch cuz I thought it'd been paradied into the ground, but I enjoyed it... especially the outake at the end ^^ looooove you.
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Postby meisbored » 06 Jul 2007, 17:44

I really thought it was going to be just a repeat of the original for a while, but it turned out to be way more awesomer xD

And I don't care that awesomer isn't word. It should be.
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Tea Mandy
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Postby Tea Mandy » 06 Jul 2007, 17:48

I found that so hilarious, and actually did break out laughing more than a few times.

Truly loved the breaking from the original skit and talking to the players, especially this one:

Matt: "Why are we doing this again?"
Graham: "Because"
James: "Yeah"
Graham: "Tell them why we're doing this again"

That one really got me :). Also liked how the videos opening music mixed with the theme music. At first almost thought Revver was screwing something up, but ended up being great!

Also found the yelling at Bill to be very appropriate for the sketch, and glad you did it.
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Postby Lavos » 06 Jul 2007, 18:01

Bill was hilarious!
He plays an awesome annoying dude.
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Postby Yukikaze » 06 Jul 2007, 18:12

That was almost as good as the original. I think it might lose something when both parties have an idea what(2nd base) the players' names are.

anotherearth wrote:Brilliant guys!
((if you've never heard of the sketch ever before, you are far too young!))

I wrote a parody, which my dad and I performed to promote nametags for our church members.

One of my friends missed the sermon because he kept giggling at the skit.
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Postby Fumbles » 06 Jul 2007, 19:00

Lavos wrote:Bill was hilarious!
He plays an awesome annoying dude.

2nd. Did bill even go out or just record his line/s into a mike?
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Postby The Pious Flea » 06 Jul 2007, 19:14

Fumbles wrote:2nd. Did bill even go out or just record his line/s into a mike?

I think that's Bill in the snapshot for this video - the one tossing the ball.
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Postby The_Russ » 06 Jul 2007, 19:40

Brilliant as always! Paul always seems to make the none-sence clips even funnyer.

"What is his name!"
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Alex Steacy
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Postby Alex Steacy » 06 Jul 2007, 21:13

Excellent work, guys!

It's spooky because I was thinking to myself just this very day how the "Who's on first" sketch is one of the most finely crafted jokes ever.

An oldie and still a goodie!
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Postby Pretzelcoatl » 06 Jul 2007, 21:58

Classic, I loved it.

You guys know your roots. Now let's see some Marx Brothers!
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Postby greenlante3rn » 06 Jul 2007, 22:42

I liked the video, but a classic is a classic for a reason.
So to use the baseball analagy, a swing and a good line drive; not a home run and not an strike out. Ending bit was the best.
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Postby Faye » 06 Jul 2007, 23:22

AWESOME!!! Great job! I love Who's on First!!!! You guys all did a great job with that.
The end was the best!! "WHAT? YEEAAHHH OHKAAYYY!" lol, that was so popular when I was in high school.

You guys continue to rock my socks!!

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Postby JesterJ. » 06 Jul 2007, 23:28 was good, but I still think the last few weeks have been lackluster compared to others.

Don't get me wrong, you did a great job with it. I just think the Abbot and Costello one is such a solid piece of comedy it's hard to really do anything with it well. Also, the fast talking is one of the things that really makes the original shine, and there wasn't any in yours, which was disappointing. The other part about Who's On First which was great was the "Naturally" bit, which I think would have been a great addition to your sketch.

PS: The end was great ;)
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Postby Shroin » 06 Jul 2007, 23:30

Last 5 seconds made it for me.
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Postby Tapir12 » 06 Jul 2007, 23:43

As a ball player, I approve. I love the original and I am glad it wasn't just a straight repeat.

Where was that ball park? I'm just curious.

Also, for the record.... fastball>baseball :D
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Postby tak197 » 07 Jul 2007, 00:27

And in our next episode Kathleen will enter the local club and do the Elaine while Morgan complains about not wanting to be a pirate and Alex plays an oddball who gets busted for being racist in a comedy club, yadda yadda...

Bringin the funny is always good. This didn't disappoint. Great job y'all.

By the way, does victoria or vancouver or British columbia have a minor league baseball team like the State College Spikes or the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees?
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Postby Lord Chrusher » 07 Jul 2007, 00:42

Carnarvon Park I think was were it was filmed.
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Postby Allen! » 07 Jul 2007, 00:48

James and Matt's exchange, with James finish of "I don't know." made me laugh so hard.

Also, I kept thinking James was being played by Adam, for some reason.
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Postby Cake » 07 Jul 2007, 02:30

Allen!, can you give me a link of the video that is your avatar? I've heard things about it, but cannot find it.
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