ROAD TRIP: Leg Shaving

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Feito Com Fruta
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Postby tak197 » 10 Aug 2007, 13:17

korri wrote:better challenge... waxing your legs...

for one point: shave legs
for two points: wax legs
for three points: brazilian wax?
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Postby CaesarMagnus » 10 Aug 2007, 21:57

So who won the points contest? Or does that play out over the coming weeks?
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Postby Triangular » 11 Aug 2007, 10:46

The one video I almost didn't watch intentionally
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Postby opalsky » 12 Aug 2007, 03:49

tak197 wrote:
korri wrote:better challenge... waxing your legs...

for two points: wax legs

Even more points if you wax with duct tape! :wink:

(says the member who found LRR because of duct tape;
see "My Intro"; July 19, 2007)
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Postby WaffleIronMan » 14 Aug 2007, 14:53

i would give 4points if you used flypaper
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Postby emma » 16 Aug 2007, 07:16

korri wrote:better challenge... waxing your legs...

It huuuuuuurts! Don't do it!

I shaved my legs last night, and they're already prickly. :(
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Bryy M. Miller
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Postby Bryy M. Miller » 26 Aug 2007, 23:13

Did you guys.... stay at the Premiere Inn?
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Postby Graham » 26 Aug 2007, 23:27

Nope, that was at a Comfort Inn at Williams, CA
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Postby Yukikaze » 01 Sep 2007, 15:14

I just noticed this, what's this with girls named "Emma" being so entertainingly funny somehow? That's 2 for 2 that I've seen, and I'm sure if I could find the 3rd who I know of, she'd be just as bizarre as you and the other one.

Cake wrote:You think that's manly? I shaved my.... well that's not important, it just hurts like a bitch when it grows back.

yeah, but I mind that slightly less than having the hairs get stuck in odd places.

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